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As we grow old, our bodies become deprived of strength, mobility, and stability. Therefore, the best choice of running shoes for the old folk should give much cushioning. Arch support and shock absorption are the core aspects when selecting the shoe that will suit the aged runner.

Wearing the right running shoes for old folks lessens the strain on the lower back, ankles, knees, feet, and calves. In addition, the technology employed to design these quality shoes is responsive and cushioning. Hence, they give excellent protection and comfort.

Experts comprising a team of old folk have gone an extra mile and assessed the running shoes in the market to establish the best shoes the aged will don and run comfortably without causing harm to the body. Concluding has not been an easy task. Several factors had to be considered, tests done and technology analyzed to ensure that the list below stands the test of time.

List of The Best Running Shoes for Old Runners.   








Below Is The Comparison Table Of The Best Running Shoes For Older Runners;

Shoe TypeFeatureWhy I Chose ItTechnology
EVA Foam MidsoleBest OverallGel Technology
DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNABest Breathability3D Fit Print Technology.
Cloth-like Upper mesh Best ComfortMeta-Rocker Technology
X-40 sock linerBest treatedFlyteFoam Technology.
DNA Loft Crash padBest for Flat feetGuide Rails Technology
ACTIVA LITE FoamExcellent SupportABZORB Technology
Compressed Molded FormExcellent for High ImpactCharged Cushioning

Although we don’t have specific shoes for the old runners, you can find a comfortable shoe that matches your needs by following the laid down guidelines. Tight shoes are the best since they have a high level of cushioning.

Why should an aged runner opt for a highly cushioned shoe? Scientists have documented that ligaments of human beings’ feet lose elasticity with age. Hence stretching the ligaments. Hence, a great cushioning shoe will serve the aging feet better by protecting them.

It is common for the aging feet to assume a flat running posture by reducing arch depth. In addition, water loss in the tissue of the aged shortens the Achilles tendon. Resulting in flat feet that over-pronate. To remedy the situation, the right type of shoe should be used.

Growing old comes with numerous challenges. Chief among the challenges is Arthritis. Arthritis affects the ankle bone and can lead to unbearable pain in old runners. Such conditions make it necessary for the old folk to select their running shoes with extra care. 

If you are old and plan to jog or take a walk for a few miles, don’t hesitate. It is perfectly good for your health. But ensure you take a precaution of cushioning your tender body by considering the following shoes;

The 7 Best Running Shoes For Old Runners

1. Best Overall: Asics Gel-Venture 7

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This shoe boasts the best cushioning ability for old runners. It is engineered using Gel technology. It uses the rearfoot Gel cushioning to absorb impact when jogging, making it the ideal shoe for aged runners.

The Gel-Venture 7 has a sturdy upper that is breathable. The breathable mesh in the upper unit and the fabric lining beneath the upper material bring comfort to your feet.

The shoe further cushions the heel by use of EVA Foam in the midsole. This Eva Foam midsole gives reactive drive, an important aspect when fatigue strikes. The reactive response in return stimulates better performance.

The aged folks are afforded further comfort by the insoles that give further protection to the feet. Asics Gel-Venture 7 uses an AHAR rubber outsole that has reversed lugs. The lugs offer unmatched traction on all surfaces, making them ideal running footwear for the aged.

Below are the outstanding features of Asics Gel-Venture 7;

1. AHAR Outsole: AHAR is an acronym for Asics High Abrasion Rubber. This rubber is placed in the outsole to give the incomparable shoe durability.

2. Trail Specific Outsole: The Reversed lugs in the outsole rubber give the shoe optimal traction to enable you to run both uphill and downhill comfortably. The lugs make it possible for you to run or jog in all-terrain.

3. Rearfoot Gel Technology: This technology allows the Gel-Venture 7 to absorb shock on impact permitting smooth transition. Hence elevating comfort and cushioning.

4. Sockliner:  The shoe has an X-40 sock liner that exudes excellent breathability and sweat-wicking abilities. The sock liner that is removable to accommodate orthotic boasts high rebound characteristics.

Advantages Of Asics Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes For Old Runners

1. They have better traction.

2. They have better cushioning.

3. They are responsive rides.

4. They are budget-friendly.

5. They are long-lasting.

Disadvantages Of Asics Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes For Old Runners

1. They have a narrow toe box.

2. They have a poor quality of shoelaces.

2. Best Breathability: Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoe For Old Runners

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Breathability and comfort are afforded to the Ghost 12 by mesh that is engineered to its upper. In addition, the mesh is capable of staving water, thanks to its seamless structure. Hence makes it possible for your feet to stay dry and have plenty of air circulation.

The upper mesh structure is strengthened by the 3D Fit Print overlays that add support without increasing weight to the shoe. In addition, the soft fabric lining ensures comfort to the old runner. .

Optimum protection is provided by the cushioning DNA Loft material that covers the full length of the midsole. In addition, the DNA Loft absorbs shock, hence protecting the foot from pain. Further comfort is achieved from the padded tongue collars.

Like the DNA Loft, the Ghost 12 also has the BioMoGo DNA material covering the midsole to bring extra cushioning by providing extra shock absorption while running. In addition, the DNA imitates your underfoot contours to offer excellent comfort.

Crash pads cushion high-impact spots of the Ghost 12 to protect the aged runner. Traction is achieved by the outsole, which is made of high abrasion rubber. The outsole’s flex grooves allow your feet to move freely.

The Ghost 12 is the shoe to protect the old folks from shocks that inflict pain on their joints, ankle, and muscles.

Here are the features of the Ghost 12;

1. BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft: The Ghost 12’s midsole is entirely covered by both BioMoGo material that provides extra cushion to your feet to afford them comfort.

2. Abrasion Resistant Rubber: This shoe’s outsole is made of abrasion-resistant rubber. The rubber has been designed to ensure optimum traction. In addition, the flex grooves engineered on the rubber allow your feet to move with a natural gait.

3. 3D Fit Print: The 3D Fit Print plays an important role in strengthening the upper structure without adding much weight. It achieves this chore with the aid of synthetic overlays.

4. Engineered Mesh: The shoe’s upper has an engineered mesh that provides breathability and comfort to the old runner’s feet.

Advantages Of Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes For Old People

1. Excellent cushioning.

2. Improved breathability and comfort.

3. It has an anchor for shoelaces.

4. The shoe is lightweight.

Disadvantages Of The Brooks Ghost 12

1. Poor responsive ride

3. Best Comfort: Hoka One One Bondi 6 Running Shoes

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The Hoka One One will offer you a smooth and balanced ride all the way. It is highly cushioned to protect the aged runners optimally. A cloth-like upper mesh supplements breathability to the old runner.

A Lycra frame at the back of the shoe exudes comfort as it ensures that the shoe is conforming to the curves of your heel. In addition, the heel counter in the shoe locks your heel firmly, eliminating rubbing, which might result in blisters.

The Eva Foam in the midsole absorbs all the impact, protecting your feet, ankle bone, and joints. The midsole is engineered using the Meta-Rocker technology. Meta-Rocker allows excellent transition when on the move.

The Bondi 6 is well known for its exceptional outsole. In addition, they have excellent traction, thanks to the Hi-Abrasion rubber material that molds them.

The ability of these shoes to absorb shock, cushion the body, and exude comfort endears it to the older runners.

Below are the features of the Hoka One One Bondi 6;

1. A lycra Frame: This frame is situated at the rear of the trainer. Its purpose is to ensure that the shoe conforms to your heel’s curves.

2. The Heel Counter: the work of the heel counter is to lock your heel in position to avoid wobbling when running.

3. The Eva Foam: This foam is found in the midsole. Its purpose is to absorb impact and safeguard your body from strains when running.

4. Upper Mesh: The cloth-like upper Mesh provides optimum breathability.

5. Hi-Abrasion Rubber Outsole: This increases traction so that you can run on all surfaces.

Advantages Of Hoka One One Bondi 6 Running Shoes

1. They are breathable.

2. They are light.

3. They offer unrivaled protection.

4. They exude a smooth transition.

5. They are comfy.

Disadvantages Of Bondi 6 Running Shoes

1. Parts of the outsole are not durable.

4. Best Treated: Asics Gel-Nimbus 19 Running Shoes

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The Gel-Nimbus 19 is the shoe for older runners to behold. It is engineered using the FlyteFoam to afford comfort to the neutral runners. In addition, the upper mesh has a seamless structure that adds comfort to the aged runners.

If your feet produce an odor after running, you have a reason to smile. The upper of the Gel-Nimbus 19 is engineered with a comfort X-40 sock liner that adds more comfort and is anti-bacterial treated to get rid of the odor.

The FlyteFoam midsole minimizes impact to the joints. It does this task by absorbing shocks on impact. In addition, old athletes enjoy responsive rides from the Gel-Nimbus 19 because the midsole material offers responsive cushioning.

The FluidRide, another material at the midsole, offers protection to the heels and forefoot, improving performance. It assists old runners to land with no pain at all. Old folks on the running tracks should embrace the Nimbus as it has a Guidance Trusstic system to guide the gait effectively.

Given below are some of the Features of the Gel-Nimbus 19;

1. FlyteFoam Midsole Technology: This technology gives excellent spring back and receptiveness regardless of the covered distance.

2. Rearfoot and forefoot protection system: This system absorbs shock on impact and permits motion in several planes as your foot shifts through the gait sequence.

3. Seamless: The Nimbus 19 has neither stitches nor seams. The seamless materials used eliminates friction at a great level.

4. FluidRide: In the Nimbus 19, FluidRide is used both in the midsole and the upper. The midsole offers bounce-back properties and cushioning. It also enhances the durability of the trainer.

The upper joins the multi-directional stretch mesh to stretch supports that conform to the runner’s foot to fit nicely.

5. X-40 sock liner: This provides exceptional moisture control and dependable breathability. It also boasts rebound traits.

Advantages Of The Asics Gel-Nimbus 19

1. Excellent breathability.

2. Exceptional cushioning.

3. Better traction on multiple surfaces.

4. Prevents odor.

5. Perfect fitting

Disadvantages Of Gel-Nimbus 19

1. Small toe box

5. Best for Flat Feet:  Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

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The Adrenaline GTS 20 is the ideal shoe for elderly runners who over-pronate. They offer exceptional arch support to elderly runners with a medium or flat arch. In addition, the Adrenaline GTS 20 ensures that you have stability at every pace. 

The guide Rails technology used to engineer these shoes remedies the shortcomings of old runners. The guide Rails Holistic Support system helps check the movement of knee joints in aged runners, hence protecting the joints and muscles.

Your feet are made to adapt to every footfall, thanks to the DNA Loft system.

The Mesh upper is accompanied by a 3D fit Print that helps your foot fit perfectly in the trainer.

Here below are the features of Adrenaline GTS 20;

1. BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT: This system that is found in the midsole makes it light. It responds effectively to provide cushioning and support.

2. 3D Fit Print: This provides excellent support to your foot. It ensures that the shoe fits precisely.

3. Guide Rails Technology: The technology ensures that it controls the runner’s stride all the way.

Advantages Of Adrenaline GTS 20

1. Exceptional cushioning.

2. Removable insole.

3. Offers excellent stability and support.

4. They are exceptionally breathable.

5. Suitable for over-pronators.

6. Removable insole.

Disadvantages Of Adrenaline GTS 20

1. They are expensive.

6. Excellent Support: New Balance 680v6 Running Shoes

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These are trail running shoes donning an upper that has a pliable mesh that offers breathability. The upper mesh makes the trainers snug and fits into your feet. Extra comfort is afforded by neoprene tongues that hold the shoelaces firmly to avoid slipping.

Impact absorption is achieved in the midsole. The ACTEVA LITE Foam absorbs impact and minimizes heel stress.

Apart from protecting the foot from impacts, the rubber outsole does an excellent job of enhancing traction and providing responsive rides.

The New Balance 680v6 is ideal for old runners due to its unmatched shock absorption capabilities, stability, and responsive ride.

Here are the Features of the New Balance 680v6;

1. Engineered mesh: the upper mesh is designed to offer breathability, comfort, flexibility, and exact fitting.

2. IMEVA (Injected-Molded EVA Foam): This system is engineered in the midsole to offer optimal support, flexibility, and cushioning.

3. Pliable Mesh: The trainers are made breathable by the flexible mesh engineered in the upper of the shoe.

Advantages Of New Balance 680v6

1. They are breathable.

2. They reduce over-pronation.

3. They are exceptionally supportive.

4. They are durable.

5. Outsoles are slip-resistant.

Disadvantages Of New Balance 680v6

1. They feel bulky.

7. Excellent For High Impact: Under Armour Charge Assert 8

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This shoe has a solid sole that is ideal for running in high-impact zones. In addition, it is wider, hence enough room for the toes to provide comfort while you are on the move.

It is ideal for older runners because its midsole has advanced responsiveness due to midsole compressed foam that exudes optimum energy. In addition, the shoe comprises the EVA sock liner that affords the aged excellent comfort and cushioning.

It is not lost that these shoes don a breathable upper that gives the old runners cool familiarity. Bearing in mind that the old runners have no strength to lift heavy legs, the shoe is lightweight to lessen such a burden.

Below are the features of the chase assert 8,

1. EVA Sock Liner:  This sock liner positioned in the midsole is used to offer cushioning and comfort to the old runners.

2. Breathable Mesh Upper: The shoe boasts a breathable mesh upper that gives the runner a cool experience and comfort.

3. Solid Rubber Outsole: This helps to cover high-impact zones. The sole is solid enough to withstand the impact hence its durability.

4. Compressed Molded Foam: This is featured in the midsole, where it offers ultimate cushioning and responsiveness.

Advantages Of The Under Armour Assert 8

1. Lightweight.

2. They are breathable.

3. They are responsive.

4. They are cushioned and protective.

5. They are durable.

Disadvantages Of The Under Armour Assert 8

1. It may become squeaky after a short time.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Running Shoes For Old Runners

Factors To Consider When Choosing Running Shoes For Old Runners

Aged runners have unique requirements when choosing the best footwear to accompany them in their daily running activities. Choosing well is the key to healthy running. Below are some of the factors to consider before choosing which shoe you will use to cover a few miles.

1. Size- Old runners are always advised to buy shoes that fit them well. The right size will give them comfort and flexibility. However, it would help if you took care to avoid buying shoes that will fit tightly.

It is recommended that old runners should go for a size larger than their normal size. This size will make you avoid pointless pressure on your joints, bones, and muscles. Remember, they are weakened by age already. In addition, a larger size creates enough room for your toes. Thus saving you from blisters that are a result of squeezed toes.

2. Sole- To cushion, the sole has to be well padded to support the knee bones and Achilles’ tendons.

3. Breathable- Running shoes for the aged should be sufficiently breathable. Breathability will enhance airflow to the feet so that they can feel comfortable while running.

4. Padding- Aged runners’ shoes need sufficient padding around the heels to support the arch. The extra padding of the aged runners’ trainers will reduce elasticity to their ligaments.

5. Stability- since old runners are not at their best on matters of stability, it will be wise if you choose shoes that are well designed to offer you support. Before buying footwear, understand your foot positioning. Then, in case you pronate, choose the best shoe that will check your movement and offer you stability.

6. Easy Use- The aged runners are advised to opt for shoes with the new lacing technology. These shoes are easy to tie laces since you pull a single string, and it tightens up. It is an important feature since hip and back mobility has decreased in old runners.

7. Terrain- The running surface plays a big role when choosing the type of shoes the aged runner should use. Identify your running terrain, then determine the amount of traction your running shoe requires. Doing this will enable you to go for the right shoe that will cushion your body.


Running is a tremendous task for aged runners. Take the initiative and cushion your body well. Taking running strides is strenuous. Hence take caution and go for the lightest shoe possible. They will do you loads of good by reducing fatigue and make running enjoyable.

Aging doesn’t disqualify you from running. On the contrary, running will improve your health. But ensure that the shoes you will wear have sufficient cushioning.

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