What Are The Biggest Dirt Bikes Of This Decade?

Dirty bikes are similar to motorcycles, but they are designed for a different riding style on different terrains. They are lightweight and are built for speed. They don’t come with headlights or brake lights. Unlike ordinary road bikes, dirt bikes don’t have a mirror. Even though these bikes are speedy and good at pulling stunts, they are lighter, have small engines and small gas, thanks. Their suspension is enhanced to help you ascend over jumps and navigate trails with less impact to your spine and bones.

Are Dirt Bikes Of This Decade Advanced Than The Previous Ones?

Dirt Bikes Of This Decade

Technology has made it possible for the dirt bikes of this decade to be superior compared to previous ones. Today’s bikes are lighter and feature the latest technology, such as electric start. Cushioning is another area where this decade’s dirt bike surpasses the previous ones. Improvement has been afforded to the fork of current dirt bikes by upgrading the mid valve and bottoming to achieve a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. Generally, the new generation of dirt bikes is geared towards improved efficiency and performance.

What Are The Biggest Dirt Bikes Of Today?

Biggest Dirt Bikes Of Today

As technology evolves, manufacturers are also advancing the features of the current dirt bikes to align with today’s requirements. Given below are some of the biggest dirt bikes of this decade;

1. GasGas MC 450F.

2. Honda CRF450R.

3. Husqvarna FC450.

4. Kawasaki KX450

5. KTM 450SX-F

6. Yamaha YZ450F

1. GasGas MC 450F

The GasGas is exceptionally fast and light. It weighs 223 pounds when not fueled, and this is significant for its performance. Its power is extremely smooth when compared to other dirt bikes of the 450 standards. The suspension of GasGas brings a cushier feel, thanks to the rear spring proportion and the improved valve bottoming.

Here below are notable features of the 4-stroke GasGas MC 450F;

a) Electric Start

The bike is fitted with a start switch to facilitate quick switching on, unlike ordinary bikes that require you to kick. This feature saves time, especially at the start of the day when the bike’s motor is cold and towards the end of the race when it is warm.

b) Frame 

The bike’s frame comprises chromium-molybdenum steel, a lightweight material that offers excellent energy absorption, rider feedback, and stability.

c) Front And Rear Suspension

The machine is equipped with upgraded lightweight 48mm WP XACT adjustable forks that deliver superb dumping regardless of how rough the track is. Additionally, the rear comprises WP XACT rear shocks that damp shocks and motivate confidence that kindles fun.

d) Brakes

The bike is fitted with Brembo calipers and control. The front and rear feature 260mm and 220mm solid discs, respectively, to make braking easy and smooth.

e) Motor

The GasGas MC 450 boasts a 62 horsepower motor that weighs 27kg. The engine is positioned strategically to ensure easy bike handling.

f) Wheels And Tires

The MC 450F wheels comprise Silver, a strong rim that features lightweight spokes, and CNC machined hubs that exude the strength to endure beatings associated with dirt bikes.

The tires separating you from the terrain are the Maxxis Maxxcross MX-ST that have superior traction and extended longevity.

2. Honda CRF450R.

The Honda CRF450R is the latest model of a dirt bike from Honda production. Its new head uses a central exhaust that leads to a solitary muffler. 

The CRF450R handling is easy. It exudes light touch responsiveness, enabling you to negotiate corners with a throttle and easily cut inside with less effort.

To get acquainted with the Honda CRF450R, here below are some of its outstanding features;

a) Electric Starter

The CRF450F engine is light, thanks to the eliminated Kickstarter, which is replaced by electric starters featuring Lithium-ion batteries. With the Honda CRF450R, you turn on the button, and the engine comes to life.

b) Light Frame 

The light and narrow frame of the CRF450R means that the chassis is more responsive. With this kind of frame, getting into tight corners is as faster as getting out of them. 

C) Narrow Swingram

The swingram is designed to narrow to conform with the frame design. The swingarm’s lateral rigidity has been matched with the entire chassis. This feature enables riders to experience an integrated approach to the frame’s stiffness, making you negotiate corners faster and smoothly.

d) Hydraulic Clutch

Nissin makes the hydraulic clutch of the CRF450R, and it provides better performance. Although the clutch-lever pull is connected to a stronger 8-plate clutch, it is 10 percent lighter than the previous version.

e) Sealed Airbox and filter

The air filter of the Honda CRF450F doesn’t have a rubber gasket at its border with the intake booth, hence ease of cleaning and servicing.

3. Kawasaki KX450

The Kawasaki KX450 uses a different clutch from its predecessor. The previous hydraulic clutch that used coil spring has been re-engineered using a cupped disc spring. The clutch has an easy pull that is a joy to use.

The weight of the KX450 is 235 pounds when not fueled. The bike’s stability is unmatched by any other 450 standard bikes, and it exudes excellent handling and powering traits.

Here are Kawasaki KX450’s features.’

a) Electric Start

The bike comes with a compact lithium-ion battery, the first in the Kawasaki production, though other manufacturers have used electric start for a long.

b) Hydraulic Clutch

The new hydraulic clutch in the Kawasaki KX450 has a natural feel and offers an easy pull.

c) Change Drum And Shift Fork

The transmission of the bike features a new change drum and shift fork that reduces weight significantly.

The bike also boasts other features like; the slim aluminum frame, a rigid swingram, the showa 49mm coil spring, and the Uni-Trak rear suspension.

Other Dirt Bikes of This Decade Worth Mentioning

The other dirt bikes of this decade worth mentioning are KTM 450SX-F, Yamaha YZ450F, and Suzuki RM-Z450.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Engine Do Dirt Bikes Use?

Dirt Bikes typically use two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

2. What Is A Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike is a faster, lightweight bike that rides on rough surfaces.

3. Are Dirt Bikes Legal On Roads?

No, unlike ordinary bikes, dirt bikes are not allowed to ride on the roads.


Technology has led to the evolution of dirt bikes. The biggest dirt bikes of this decade boast more advanced features than the previous ones. The areas of enhancement include weight, braking system, frames, and suspension systems. Generally, today’s dirt bike is superior compared to the preceding productions.


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