Biker Fashion Trends (Modern-Day Biking Fashion)

What image is imprinted into your mind when you think of a biker’s look? Probably some tattooed guy in a leather jacket, blue jeans, and silver chains with a female pillion who has this rugged denim jacket, leather pants that accentuate her body contours, and stylish boots.

Bikers are stylish people, and they are known for their street cred. Suppose you are a newbie rider who wants to familiarize yourself with the style and the fashion culture of the bikers’ community, feel at home. This article will provide you with all the information on bikers’ fashion. Get your credit card ready; you might need to go cloth shopping at the end of the article! In the bikers’ society, we believe you can buy class and style.

The Evolution Of Biker Fashion

The Evolution Of Biker Fashion

In the earlier days, biking was a reserve for the wealthy in society. This notion dates back to the late 19th century, and most (if not all) bikers were male. Bikes were not a means of transport for them. Instead, they would bike as a luxurious activity. Being the affluent men they were, their style was sophisticated, and even when they took their bikes for that Saturday afternoon spin in the park, they would be donning a tweed jacket.

In the early 20th century, the military came up with the motorcycling uniform. Courtesy of fast-speed bikes invention, there was a need for protective clothing. The soldiers went extra with gauntlet gloves and high boots to protect the skin in case of a fall and keep warm because of the wind.

In 1928 Irving Schott designed the first leather jacket. It was purposely for biking. This creation was out of necessity for protective apparel because bikes had become faster.

 The jacket was named after his favorite cigar, the perfecto. To date, it would be safe to say that the leather jacket is a trademark for riders.

In 1935 the harsh weather in England demanded more warmth than the leather jacket could provide. This led to the creation of a wad cotton jacket that was waterproof. Four pockets characterized the jacket. The pocket on the upper left was meant to hold a map for the riders.

This jacket was a favorite for rider Steve McQueen. 

In 1940, the engineer boot was introduced in the riding community, and it was a protective shoe for riding.

Modern Day Biking Fashion- How To Look Like A Biker

They say fashion is not constant, but style is. This is what the bikers’ community has proved over time. The trends have changed. No biker wears tweed jackets anymore. But one thing is for sure; bikers are still very stylish.

With the women joining the biking community, designers had to up their game and make attires for the chick bikers. Here are the latest feminine biker outfits.

1. The Denim Jacket 

Nothing shouts biker babe louder than a denim jacket. This jacket is a must-have for a biker chic, whether plain blue or rugged denim with leather patches. A denim jacket is not only functional but also ultra-comfy. It is easy to pair it, and it is also not heavy. This means it can be worn all-weather round. 

2. The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is synonymous with most bikers. Fun fact, you can buy a quality one today and pass it on to your grandkid in the future. This jacket never gets out of style. You can get one with zips and buckles to make a more fashion statement. Fashion is in the details of cloth, and plain is boring. However, today’s market is full of fake leather, and you might have to cough more money to get a quality, genuine leather jacket.

3. The Biking Shorts.

Biking shorts are not only sexy but also very convenient for biking during the summer. In summer, every chick wants to show some skin and enjoy the weather; biking shorts give precisely that. Biking shorts have been made more popular by Kim Kardashian, who has been seen wearing them on several occasions in the recent past.

4. The Leather Pants    

Leather leggings are comfortable and easy to style. Most chick riders opt for them because you are set to go with just a t-shirt and a denim jacket on top.

5. Boots

Forget the Instagram pictures of women with heels on bikes; it is just that photography. Chick riders barely wear heels, and when they do, they don’t cycle. Boots are protective of the chick’s feet and legs and very trendy when paired with skinny jeans or leather leggings.

Men have not been left behind in creating a biking style for themselves. No one wants to race around donning a tuxedo. So here are the best dress codes for male riders.

1. The Leather Jacket

The Leather Jacket

A man in a leather jacket stands out as rough, rugged, but yet still refined. That is the perfect image for a male biker.  A leather jacket is aesthetically pleasing, and it gives enough protection to a rider.

Remember to buy a leather jacket that has silver studs. Studs make you look more hardy and unique.

2. Bomber Jackets.

Bomber jackets are a gold standard in this area. Unlike the leather jacket that makes you look hardy, If you are an uncomplicated guy who wants to maintain a relaxed and laidback look, a bomber jacket will be your best bet. Bomber jackets are warm and trendy.

3. Jeans Trousers.

Nothing promotes masculinity more than a pair of well-fitting jeans.

Bikers have made jeans look way more fantastic, and they depict this rugged style that only fits bikers.

However, you should invest in a pair of sturdy jeans and maybe get distressed jeans for a more fantastic look.


Bikers love edgy accessories. These accessories range from sporty watches to spikes and studs, and they embrace the gothic style. Suppose you don’t own a bike yet and want to look like a biker. Just dress the part and be confident enough to exude that badass attitude.


The attires discussed in the article represent the culture of bikers, but they are not the safest to wear when going to race. It is advised that you get the right gear when going to race. That is quality helmets, biking gloves, motorcycle jackets, biking pants, knee caps, and cycling boots.  

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