Why Do Bikers Carry Ball Peen-Hammers? (Is A Ball-Peen Hammer A Biker’s Weapon)?

Some motorcycle club members carry ball-peen hammers with them while riding. It is legal for them to have the peen hammer because it acts as a tool but not a weapon. The ball-peen hammer that bikers carry is synonymous with Hells Angels, and it is used as an effective weapon to defend themselves or protect themselves in fights. Many people in the biker community still associate their ball-peen hammers with Hells Angels.

Why Hells Angels Still Carry Hammers

A ball-peen hammer is a tool that the Angels have been using for a long time, and it is considered their trademark weapon. Also, the pins and patches that display hammers are ancillary to the marquee feature of the jackets that bikers wear: those big patches at the back of the jacket, which bikers call their colors. 27 Bikers carry some lethal weapons, including canes, sticks, brass knuckles, or steel-toed boots. The Hell’s Angels bikers carry the ball peens because there isn’t any law prohibiting people from carrying a hammer. The hammer is meant to protect them in case of danger.

What Other Weapons Do Motorcycle Gangs Carry?

Motorcycle gangs usually carry weapons, especially if they will start a war somewhere or fight their rivals. For instance, the Bandidos motorcycle gang typically have the following weapons:

Glock 27

Motorcycle gangs appreciate Glock pistols. The .40 caliber Glock 27 is appealing to the police hence also attractive to bikers. The pocket pistol has an easily concealable size, and it’s also light, small, and portable. This pistol packs a wallop with a high caliber. Its downside is the recoil, as it diminishes accuracy. Therefore, motorcycle gangs undergo lots of training and adopt a strategy of fighting at close range to use the firearm correctly.

Canick 55 TP9

Recently, bikers have also started using Canick 55 TP9 pistol, and some have been decorating it with a “1 percenter” sticker as a way of describing themselves. The gun has become a favorite because it is ideal for concealment. The weapon is full-sized, but it can only sport a 4-inch barrel. The police love using this pistol since it is reliable, making it attractive to bikers. The gun delivers performance in any harsh condition.

Hi-Point C9

Any discerning biker searching for an ideal weapon to protect themselves may be drawn to a 9mm pistol. These pistols are readily available than all other pistols and are also used by police and military men. The pistol has less recoil and is more accurate than any large-caliber pistol. The pistol’s ammunition is cheaper and easy to find, making practice easy and making the extended clips easy to fill. Since the pistol does not have a firing block safety mechanism, it may not be safe to carry locked and loaded. The pistol is cheap and small in size; hence many bikers can afford it.

Jimenez Arms .22

This pistol can be hidden easily due to its small size. Bikers who value stealth will find this 2-inch barrel quite appealing. It’s also a favorite among bikers as it has an excellent balance of looks, accuracy and is budget-friendly. The gun also kicks very little and indicates when it is cocked. It’s popular among bikers as it is affordable.

Mossberg 12 Gauge Shotgun

A Mossberg 12 Gauge Shotgun is the most common gun in the world. The guns are excellent for hunting, skeet shooting, or protecting oneself. That is why it’s a standard weapon among motorcycle gangs. The gun is made to endure a harsh environment.

.38 Snubnose Revolver

This is one of the most reliable and compact revolvers and has been used by undercover cops for decades. The narcotics and bikers value the gun’s compact size, although the short barrel length leads to an erratic aim and a low muzzle velocity. Its terminal performance is excellent hence what bikers use to cause damage to their targets.

How Dangerous Are Motorcycles Clubs?

How Dangerous Are Motorcycles Clubs

Although outlaw motorcycle gangs consist of 1% of all the MCs in America, the Department of Justice acknowledges over 300 active outlaw motorcycle gangs in active operation. Some of these gangs are just small groups with a few members. The significant gangs are considered the most dangerous gangs globally and have expanded immensely all over the country.

According to the Department of Justice, the Outlaws are pretty dangerous and deeply involved in drug tracking, kidnapping, intimidation, extortion, among others. The members have also been convicted of arson, assault, carrying explosives, money laundering, theft, weapon violation, etc. The gangs are not alone in such undertakings. The Department of Justice acknowledges that the Hells Angels, Mongols, Bandidos, Outlaws, and Sons of Silence also pose a serious national domestic threat. They undertake most criminal activities linked to outlaw motorcycle gangs, mainly drug trafficking-related activities, particularly cross-border drug smuggling. Because all these gangs are in the same business, in case of disagreement, they become rivals, leading to full-blown battles.

There is plenty of crime for every motorcycle club. The Bandidos, for instance, are also allegedly involved in several criminal activities. According to the Department of Justice, in 2018, the former vice president of Bandidos was sentenced for life after he was found guilty of leading, authorizing, approving, and allowing his club members to commit murder and other serious crimes. In 2021, a Bandidos member was found guilty of smuggling nearly 100 undocumented aliens. Other motorcycle gangs named the most dangerous include the Sons of Silence, Pagans, Mongols, and Vagos. All these clubs are involved in numerous criminal activities and are harmful to society.


Motorcycle clubs are present worldwide, although the named ones were all founded in the US. The clubs are dangerous and have been involved in many criminal activities.  The gangs also carry weapons, including guns, hammers, saw, etc., to protect themselves in case of danger or attack from their enemies. Although the ball-peen hammer is just a tool for bikers, some motorcycle gangs may use it as a weapon to cause harm.

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