What Do Bikers Think Of Sons Of Anarchy? (How Real Bikers Differ With The Sons Of Anarchy Show)

Sons of Anarchy is a hit drama whose main storyline is a runaway motorcycle gang. Although the production team and the cast did a fantastic job writing and playing the roles of motorcycle club members, real bikers think some elements didn’t mesh with reality. Most bikers respect this series, but they have an issue with how violence and illegal activity are portrayed and what can be considered excellent treatment towards women. Many people still wonder how accurate this drama series is and whether there are real-life Sons of Anarchy in this world somewhere. Below are a few things real bikers don’t agree with when it comes to the Sons of Anarchy show.

Motorcycle Clubs Don’t Kill As Many People As Was Portrayed In The Show

Sons of anarchy is vaguely a factual show. Although motorcycle clubs do get in real wars with each other, and sometimes death may happen, in Sons of Anarchy, JAX Teller kills a total of 46 people. To real bikers, this number seems like a vast exaggeration. The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwoods Original (SAMCRO) kills 153 people. If you include the pre-club killings and the killings carried out by the excommunicated members, the number rises to 175 during the entire period this show ran. In real life, the authorities would probably have noticed this many murders, unlike how it is depicted in the film as if it is a regular thing.

The Film Does Not Show How In-Depth The Initiation Process Is

In Sons of Anarchy, newbies such as Half-Sack Epps and Filthy Phil Russell undergo a probation period and a minor hazing. However, the drama doesn’t fully depict the extent to which motorcycle clubs initiate their prospects and how deep the process is. During the initiation process, the candidates go through plenty of initiation rituals based on the rules of that specific club. Sometimes they may be subjected to beatings, humiliation and in extreme cases, they may be forced to eat human waste.

Matriarchy Is Not Given So Much Power.

Gemma teller, who is a matriarch in Sons of Anarchy, gets away with a lot by bossing the club members, chiming in on club business, and interfering with the cast’s lives. However, in real motorcycle clubs, women don’t have this much power to boss around men. Such display of character would have been corrected in the initial episode in the real world. Failure to learn from the experience would have caused her to get expelled from the club.

Women Don’t Get Much Respect In Real Clubs, Unlike In Sons Of Anarchy Show

Regarding Gemma Teller and her controversial role on the show, women in Sons of Anarchy are much more respected than in real motorcycle clubs. In motorcycle clubs, the women are treated as possessions, and those not married to members are often treated as prostitutes. The motorcycle clubs tolerate a lot of brutality against women. Although there is a scene of domestic violence in Sons of Anarchy when Clay Morroe beats Gemma Teller, the cruelty is much more intense in real life.

Misplaced Violence In Sons Of Anarchy

Sons Of Anarchy displays a lot of violence, and even though in real motorcycle clubs, violence is also prevalent, it is not as excessive as the show had us believe. In this drama series, SAMCRO and other groups use violence to boost the spectacle of high-profile killings. Motorcycle club violence is for minor issues that most people wouldn’t fathom to warrant violence in real life. In the show, these acts of brutality are for entertaining the audience but not for cultural accuracy.

In motorcycle clubs, the bonds are like brotherhoods. Each person must trust one another. In a real MC, members would have stopped following Jax Teller after his manipulative and backstabbing ways over the years. They wouldn’t even trust him after he tried working with the police to become legit. However, they wouldn’t just get rid of the main character for realism in the show. The show had to go on even with the wrong depiction.

SAMCRO Wasn’t All About Motorcycles

Motorcycle gangs exist due to their love for motorcycles. The gang members are hardcore motorcyclists, and they not only use motorcycles as a means of transport and as a way of life. Without the motorcycles, these gangs wouldn’t be gangs. However, in Sons of Anarchy, crews mostly go for runs to escape or carry out a duty. The club isn’t too much into motorcycles. The love of motorcycles in the show seems empty, which is a significant discrepancy in a movie about motorcycle clubs.

Moreover, the biggest star of such gangs is not the leader but the motorcycle. Although gangs can be violent and involved in many illegal activities, they still find the time to tinker with the motorcycles. Sons of Anarchy characters do not do this a lot as they are busy plotting and making deals. In most cases, they only ride their motorcycles and then park them to get involved in emotional turmoil instead of riding their machines the way they are supposed to.

Motorcycle Gangs Are Not Tolerant

Motorcycle Gangs Are Not Tolerant

In Sons of Anarchy, the club allied with different gangs, including the Hispanics, Chinese and African-American gangs to make deals. However, most outlaw gangs do not tolerate people of color and ethnic nationalities. Most of them are Caucasians, and their tattoos could even be seen as hurtful to people of other races. People who join gangs are not average. They live by strict rules and may not care about color, ethnicities, and races as long as they obey the club rules.


Sons Of Anarchy was a great show about motorcycle gangs. However, real bikers think that the show didn’t depict the outlaw biker world quite correctly. Real bikers don’t agree with the violence, illegal activity, and proper treatment of women. However, overall, the show is tremendous and gives fans an insight into how motorcycle gangs operate.

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