Can I Get A Fishing License At Meijer?

A fishing license takes almost less than five minutes to obtain in the USA. You can choose to get one online or pop into the Meijer store near you. Meijer is a family-owned grocery chain that operates in the Midwest. They have friendly customer service and are helpful if you have time, we recommend visiting a store.

They have over 200 stores in six states and sell a lot of essentials, including fishing licenses. Most licenses have covered all species, and costs vary depending on whether you are a citizen, resident, or tourist. This article takes you through the nitty-gritty of getting a fishing license from Meijer stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. 

Yes. You can get a fishing license from the sporting goods department of Meijer or buy it online from their website or your State’s DNR website. 

A fishing permit is a regulatory means to monitor fishing by the government and some property owners. It may be imposed for either recreational or commercial fishing from the fisheries management. Provided that certain rules regarding fish size, numbers, and total catch are followed, some states don’t require a license for recreational fishing.

Why Do You Need A Fishing License?

People didn’t need a permit to fish back in the 19th century, and no big government prevailed to coerce them to pay for their natural right to go fishing. The fishermen just took their baits and poles to the nearest water body to fish for bass, walleye, and trout to their contentment. But when the human population increased, the wildlife population decreased as with all all-natural resources, leading to the vast state of wildlife’s insufficiency. Let’s have a look at several reasons why a fishing permit is important:

1. Proceeds from permit sales go towards maintaining the health and number of fish in the water and also fund surveys and research that is beneficial to fish  

2. Fish stockings are done through the money generated from the selling of fishing permits.

3. License sales enhance free workshops and clinics to educate and improve the skills of anglers.

4. Proceeds from licenses also fund the removal of debris and trash that pollute the waterways 

Do All States Require You To Have A Fishing Permit?

In most states, a fishing license is mandatory before fishing anywhere as they help regulate fishing activities. However, most states have different fishing days when you can fish without a license. If you plan to try out fishing for just a day without incurring the cost of licenses, look out for such days in your state. You can also check the state website for license exemptions and see if you qualify. If you plan to take up fishing as a frequent hobby, we recommend getting an annual license since it is cheaper in the long run compared to a one-day license. 

The cost of a fishing license varies depending on where you are fishing and the target species but costs $25 on average for an adult resident and $70 for non-residents. If you are 17 years and older, you are expected to acquire a fishing permit to fish legally. Below is a comparison of the cost of a fishing license in the six states that Meijer operates in:

Status 24-Hour Permit CostAnnual License Cost
Non- resident$10$76
Senior resident $10$11
Residents $9$17
Non resident $9$35
Senior resident$3$3
Senior resident lifetime permit$17
Resident youth lifetime$430.56
Senior residents$10
Non resident $10$ 50

As you can see, license cost varies depending on the state and your resident status. In some states, senior residents ( aged 66 and above) get a license at cheaper prices. There are also exemptions for other groups of individuals such as:

1. A resident who uses a wheelchair permanently with a disability.

2. An honorably discharged veteran of the USA armed forces is a 65-years-old resident or older with a service-connected disability.

3. A visually impaired or blind resident.

4. An honorably discharged veteran of the USA armed forces with a service-connected disability of 30% or more.

Categories Of A Fishing License At Meijer:

You can get different types of fishing permits from this superstore. If you are taking your kid fishing and you might help them with the fishing, you need to get a license for yourself too. In some states, you need an additional warrant to catch species like trout and salmon. Some fishing activities like ice fishing will also require you to have additional permits. 

Combination angling license:This permit has a $1 surcharge and allows married couples to fish individually or together using code. This permit can be used in freshwater and saltwater to fish and harvest seaweed and shellfish.
The mentored youth hunting and fishing licenseIt can be used for both hunting and fishing for persons aged ten and below
Freshwater fishing permitSpecific for fishing only in freshwater and catching freshwater fish species
Salty water fishing permitOnly valid for saltwater fishing.

Factors To Consider When Getting A License:

You can buy your fishing license from Meijer or any other sporting goods store such as Vance’s shooting supplies, Walmart, K-Mart, and Sportsman.: some important considerations to have in mind before buying a license are:

1. You have various options on the validity of the license; you can find 24 hours, one week, one month, or annual licenses depending on the state.

2. Children who are 16 years and below are allowed to fish without a license in almost any state, provided they observe all rules and regulations. If you are accompanying your child, you should also get a license in case you touch any fishing gear

3. You may opt to visit a store or purchase the license online.

Some states and fishing regions have extra requirements apart from having a license. Always ensure you know the rules of where you are going to fish to avoid getting caught on the wrong side of the law. Below are some examples of regulations you need to observe in some states:

1. Illinois: culling is prohibited except for catch-and-release sport fishing; there are daily limits on quantities and sizes that can be caught for specific species

2. Michigan: some fish species are prohibited during certain seasons. If you catch one, cull it immediately 

3. There’s a daily limit on the number of bass and other rare species that you can catch in 24 hours in most other states. In others, you need to have a boat whose Livewell can pump and circulate fresh water to be allowed to cull fish.


Buying a fishing license is a great place to start planning for your next fishing adventure. Since the proceeds of these permits go toward helping and maintaining the fisheries, you should be more motivated to get one. If you plan to be fishing regularly, it makes more sense financially to buy an annual license instead of daily or weekly permits. You can opt to buy your license online or at a store: they are the same as what you’d get at the DNR office or website.

We hope that this article was enlightening, and the next time you go fishing, you will have a permit from the suggested stores. Enjoy your fishing adventures to the fullest and help preserve the population of fish.

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