Can You Bring Backpacks Into Disney World?

Does Disney World allow visitors to bring backpacks to their theme parks? This is the question most people will ask before visiting Disneyland. If you’re going to Disney World, chances are you will need to carry some essentials since the day can be so long there. Long gone are the days that you could bring just about any backpack-style that you wanted into Disney World.

Backpacks are a good option to bring to Disney World. That is because they fit many items and are more convenient to carry around. You will have to toss your essentials like phone chargers, sunscreen, water bottles, and other items into your backpack, and you’re good for Disney World.

What Are The Options For Bringing Your Backpack To Disney World?

Options For Bringing Backpack To Disney World

Although Disney World allows visitors to bring backpacks with them, that doesn’t give you the priority of bringing any size of backpack to the park. They will allow you to bring a moderate-sized backpack. 

Disney World will prohibit you from bringing any backpack, with or without wheels, larger than 24” long by 15” wide by 18” high to their parks. If your backpack exceeds these parameters, they will ask you to leave it at the small lockers present at each of the park’s entrances.

To leave your backpack in the lockers, you have to pay for the lockers according to the size you choose. The biggest lockers in each park cost $15, the medium ones are $12, and the smallest ones are $10. The lockers’ fees are payable with all major credit cards.

Can You Bring Your Backpack To Disney World Rides?

Since you’re not sure whether Disney World will allow you to bring your backpack to the rides, will you have to leave it with someone as they wait for you to ride? What if you’re making a solo trip and you have no one to hold your backpack for you?

After confirming that you can bring your backpack to Disney World, your next question as a visitor will be whether they will allow or prohibit you from bringing your backpack to the rides.

You wouldn’t love to be separated from your backpack, especially when you have your essentials in it. You will be happy to learn that Disney World will not separate you from your backpack because they allow visitors to take their backpacks with them to the rides.

Unlike other parks where you stash all your bags in lockers next to rides and pick them up afterward, the process at Disney is safe and simple. Below are options that you can choose to keep your backpack when you choose to bring it to the Disney rides.

1. Place It In A Locker

Most rides at Disney World do not have dedicated locker zones where you can store your backpack while riding. The only attraction with a locker zone is the Kali River Rapids (animal kingdom). Disney World allows you to bring your backpack to this attraction. 

The lockers in this attraction are available in small and large sizes. The small lockers are free for up to two hours of use, while the large lockers are $4 for up to two hours of use. For the rest of the rides without lockers, you can leave your backpack at lockers at each of the park’s entrances.

2. Keep It In A Reserved Area Near Your Ride

Three attractions at Disney World will offer this method of backpack storage. These attractions are:

a. Mission Space (EPCOT)

b. Soarin’ (EPCOT)

c. Avatar Flight of Passage (Animal Kingdom)

Mission Space and Soarin’ have built-in pouches inside of them suitable for providing storage for your backpack. Although these two vehicles have storage pouches inside them, Soarin’ lacks a floor, and Mission Space has a very small size of passengers’ compartment.

Due to the challenges stated above, carrying your backpack to these vehicles can be problematic. You may opt to leave it in the floor area at the final attraction and not inside the vehicles.

3. Place It On The Seat Next To You/ The Floor In Front Of You

For fully enclosed rides, slow-moving have spacious vehicles, you will be allowed to bring your backpack inside the vehicle. Rides that will offer you this luxury include:

1. Toy Story Midway Mania

2. Spaceship Earth

3. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

4. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

5. Haunted Mansion

6. Journey into Imagination

7. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

8. Harambe Wildlife Express Train

9. TriceraTop Spin

10. Living with the Land

11. Na’vi River Journey

4. Place It In A Pouch Inside The Ride

Rides that move in rapid motion have a pouch inside them that allows you to store your backpack while riding.

In case your backpack is larger than the pouch, you can consider wearing it in front of your body or let it rest on the floor of the vehicle with your feet through its straps. This way, your comfort will be guaranteed.

These rides include:

1. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

2. Dinosaur

3. Expedition Everest 

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Items To Pack In Your Backpack For Disney World

Items To Pack In Your Backpack For Disney World

1. Sunscreen.

2. Wet wipes or tissues.

3. Cell phone.

4. Phone charger.

5. Smartwatch or a fitness band.

6. Autograph book

7. Credit card.

8. Glow sticks.

9. Spare outfit for kids.

10. Extra zip locks.

11. A towel.

12. Pressing coins.

13. Park maps.

14. Park tickets.

15. Folding fans.

16. Sunglasses.

17. An umbrella.


Whether you are a Disney World theme park pro or a first-time visitor, you will choose to bring a backpack of some kind with you for efficiency. Maybe you’re the minimalist who will bring only the essentials. Or, maybe you’re that person who packs everything, including unnecessary items.

Spending quality time at Disney World is so much satisfying. However, you might experience a rough day if you do not carry the right backpack. Make sure to choose the crucial backpack that will fit all your daily supplies.

Follow all the backpack parameters and storage policies to keep you organized while having fun at the park. Lastly, how little or how much you pack in your backpack is highly your personal preference. But please keep it simple by not carrying a bulky backpack to Disney World.

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