Can You Wear Docs In The Snow? (How To Improve Doc Martens’ Waterproof Abilities)

Yes, you can wear Doc Martens in snow, although they may get your feet cold and wet if you stay for too long. Doc Martens are made of skinny leather, and the boots are not insulated; therefore, the feet may get wet if you stay for too long outside. Preparing for winter is essential as the cold temperature and general snowy weather can become unforgiving. Hence, one of the must-haves in your shoe closet is a pair of boots. Boots are necessary to keep your feet warm and provide sufficient support for mobility. If you have a pair of Doc Martens in your shoe closet, you can wear them but avoid staying outside for too long.

Is It Suitable To Wear Doc Martens In Snow?

Doc Martens are water-resistant, but they are not waterproof. Therefore, if you plan to wear them in the snow, slush, and sleet, you will have to make them waterproof so that water doesn’t seep through. Before you go out with your Doc Martens boots, you must ensure that you wear a pair of woolen socks to keep the feet warm as the boot are not insulated.

Since Doc Martens are water resistant but not waterproof, you will have to treat your boots to make them fully waterproof to ensure no damage to your shoes. You can protect the shoe from water damage by using a shoe protector to avoid getting wet patches.

Although Doc Martens have a unique style, they are not suitable for snow. The thin leather will not insulate as well as thick leather would. Standing in snow for over thirty minutes will make the snowmelt and log the leather, which will seep into the socks. Waterlogging also causes the leather to crack after a while, so even if the winter goes, you will not like how your boots will look in summer.

What Are The Best Socks To Wear With Doc Martens?

Best Socks To Wear With Doc Martens

Wear thick woolen socks with your Doc Martens to protect your feet from cold. The socks will guard the feet and ankles and help stretch the leather while molding to your feet, for instance, around the shoe’s edges.

To maintain your feet’s warmth during winter, choose a different line of Doc Martens known as Warm air, with additional linings of faux fur and fleece. These boots are built to be worn during winter, and their added layers will insulate the feet since they are made with water-resistant leather.

Most people always wonder whether Doc Martens are waterproof. Their main lines of boots are not water-resistant but made of leather. Therefore, the leather can absorb water if you stay in wet conditions for long. Nonetheless, you should know that the leather they use to make these shoes is tough and nearly 75% waterproof. Therefore, you can make them waterproof by using a shoe protector.

Doc Martens has a few pairs of shoes made with water-resistant leather, including Warmwair, Wintergrip, and Drywair. So, if you would like the best protection during winter, you may choose these boots.

Will Snow Ruin My Doc Martens?

If you leave your Doc martens exposed to snow for a long time, the leather will get spoilt. Nonetheless, this will depend on the line of shoes that you choose since water-resistant boots will not get ruined by snow or water. Still, it would help if you took extra care as you use regular boots by utilizing a shoe protector.

Why Are Doc Martens Not Ideal For Snow?

Doc martens are not ideal for snow because they can’t keep the feet warm, and they also can’t stop water from seeping into your feet. Nonetheless, they are comfortable boots, and if you want to make them waterproof, you will have to treat them.

 You may also lack a solid grip on the snow and slip. Moreover, the leather of the boots may also get damaged by ice.

Can You Hike On Snow In Doc Martens?

Yes, you can hike in Doc Martens, but the boots are not designed for hiking and are not suggested for the activity. If you want to go for a long or technical hike, you should get a pair of hiking boots. 

You can go on a simple snow hike, and they should fit well, but for long walks, you may get blisters or cold feet.

Doc Martens have responsive soles, and they may feel comfortable when hiking. However, you may need to switch the stock insoles for custom ones. If you are walking on an easy or moderate difficulty rating trail, the Doc Martens will be perfect for hiking on snow because they have proper traction. But if the snow is deep, you may want to walk in the urban setting.

How To Make Your Doc Martens Waterproof

There are numerous ways to waterproof your Doc Martens boots. However, the best and the most convenient way is to use a waterproof spray. 

The waterproof spray is a much easier treatment compared to traditional wax. The spray will not make your Doc Martens waterproof forever, but it will provide a coating that will last a few years and prevent water from seeping into your shoes when it’s snowing or raining.

There are different waterproof sprays, some suitable for leather while others work best on suede and canvas. So, you must ensure you get the right spray for your Doc Martens material.

 Waterproof sprays don’t cost much and will provide an excellent waterproof layer to your favorite boot as they maintain their shine and durability. You only have to spray the shoes with the waterproofing spray, and it’s done. Your boots will remain dry and clean throughout the day.


Doc Martens are suitable for snow, but you need to treat them with a waterproofing spray or buy a line that can withstand the extreme winter weather. It will help if you consider how severe the weather will be and choose the proper boots. Ultimately, getting the winter collection of Doc Martens will be the best choice for facing the snowy days without a problem.

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