How Can You Carry A Water Bottle While Running?

Keeping your body hydrated while running is an important aspect. The hydration state of the body impacts your performance and general health. If you choose to carry a water bottle for hydration purposes when running, there are several ways you can bring it without compromising performance. You can either choose to hold the water bottle in your hand or on your person. This article discusses different ways you can carry a water bottle while running. However, the best way to accomplish the task is down to individual preference. 

Is It Ideal To Carry Water While Running?

Is It Ideal To Carry Water While Running

Water carrying while running is a great idea. Some people find it awkward to carry extra weight when running. However, when planning for a run, hydration is an important aspect to consider. Suppose you have a prearranged route and dislike carrying water on you, plan to drop bottled water on designated spots. But if you don’t have such a luxury, ensure you have a solid plan for staying hydrated.

Dehydration impacts runners negatively by causing headaches that end up affecting your run or worse still, cause heatstroke.

Now that we have established that keeping your body hydrated while running is essential, let’s explore the available options of how you can carry a water bottle while running without impacting performance. 

Ways To Carry a Water Bottle When Running

Ways To Carry a Water Bottle When Running

1. Handheld Bottles

The handheld water bottles are similar to running water bottles but feature a holder wrapped around the bottle. There is another strap that attaches the bottle to your hand. In essence, you are not carrying the bottle, but it is connected to your hand. This method of carrying a water bottle while on the go is suitable for short runs and can double as weights for exercising the arms. However, its downside is that it strains your arms and distracts you from your run.

Here are examples of handheld water bottles.

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Hydrapak SkyFlask Speed Running Water Bottle

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The Hydapak water bottle is designed for minimalist runners. The lightweight bottle is held by an adjustable hand strap that provides a perfect fit.


Collapsible Water Bottle- The bottle’s material is soft and conforms to the runner’s hands. When drinking from the bottle, it shrinks to minimize movement.

Locking Cap- The bottle comes with a twist locking cap that seals off water from leaking. It also has a high-flow bite valve that opens and closes immediately after every sip. 

Secure Fit- The adjustable strap securely fits different hand sizes.

Nathan Running Handheld Water Bottle With Phone Case.

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The Nathan water bottle comes with a roomy phone case that can also accommodate keys, chapstick. The sleek design permits you to drink without opening the bottle. All you need to do is squeezing the bottle as you run.


Touchscreen Pouch- The touchscreen pouch allows you to use the phone without opening the case.

Perfect fit- The bottle’s strap fits perfectly into different hand sizes, and it doesn’t need gripping while running.

Insulation- Nathan running water bottle has double-wall insulation that keeps water cool for an extended period compared to standard bottles.

2. Waist packs and Hydration Belts

This version of the bottle carrier is capable of carrying either double-bottle or single-bottle. Waist packs offer easy access to the water bottle, but one downside is that they might be bouncy and uncomfortable. 

Below is an example of a waist belt bottle carrier with a brief discussion.

Labeol Running Water Bottle Hydration Belt

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The Labeol is a waterproof running waist belt with a water bottle holder. The strap is adjustable to fit perfectly on waists ranging between 25 to 27 inches. It also features a pocket that fits most phones. The water holder compartment holds a maximum capacity of 750ml/ 27 ounces/ 7cm diameter; however, the belt comes without the bottle, meaning you buy the water bottle separately.


Comfort- The belt has a 45-degree angle bottle holder that minimizes weight on your hip and ensures the bottle doesn’t shake while running. Accessing the bottle is an easy one-hand affair.

Multifunction Pocket- The belt boasts a multipurpose pocket used for phone carrying but accommodates other valuables.

Adjustable- This running belt with a water holder pocket is adjusted to conform to different waist sizes.

3. Vest Packs And Backpacks

Vest packs and backpacks are other options used to carry water while running. Choosing the best for your use requires keenness as you might end up with hiking or cycling gear. The ones designed for running are lightweight compared to the other two.

These water carriers are usually strapped around your back and chest. The carriers enable uniform distribution of weight and allow large storage capacity. However, on the flip side, access to the bottle is tricky, and the baggage can be bulky.

4. Thigh Holsters

The holsters are designed to carry one water bottle per thigh. They are commonly used for short runs. Besides efficiently carrying water bottles while running, they also act as leg weight and are easily accessible. However, chances are they might hinder your running form.

Factors Worthy Consideration When Choosing Water Carrier

Distance- The distance of your run determines the amount of water you carry with you. Knowing the exact distance enables you to bring enough water. Be articulate in estimating how much water you require to cover particular distances.

Comfort- check out and confirm that the water carrier you settle for can’t compromise your comfort. The water carrier doesn’t have to impact your running form at all costs.


How Do I Identify That I Am Dehydrated While Running? 

The initial signs of dehydration are feeling thirsty and tired. If you push on after the initial signs without drinking water, you will experience headaches, muscle cramps, or feel nauseous.

Is it Ideal To Drink Too Much Water While Running?

Drinking too much water while running leads to over-hydration (Hyponatremia). Avoid overdrinking and drink when necessary while running.


Water carrying is an important aspect that determines your performance while running. Identifying the right gear to assist you in carrying your bottle of water enables you to avoid issues such as the impact on running form and discomfort. Go for the suitable kit that affords you sufficient water. 

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