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Why Are Hiking Shoes So Ugly

Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are built to prioritize its functionality before fashion. Whenever you are moving or traveling outside, keep at the back of your mind that these hiking boots are designed to secure, protect, and support your feet and ankles, not to look fashionable. Thus, the function is the determining factor in hiking shoe design while form follows. …

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Difference Between Hiking And Walking

Difference Between Hiking And Walking

Walking can simply be explained as a casual activity performed in a more urban environment or probably on a road. Hiking can be better referred by being taken to the trails and staying out to engage yourself more in a natural setting. Thus, hiking is achieved when there is some change of elevation such as …

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Hiking In Running Shoes – Can You Do That?

Hiking In Running Shoes

Yes, you can definitely hike in running shoes. Experienced hikers often recommend that you hike in trail running shoes. Although road running shoes can still work but will not perform excellently as trail running shoes. However if you are considering longer hiking where the terrains are rough; I will advise you go for a proper …

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Mountaineering Vs Rock Climbing | 5 Key Differences You Should Know Today


What Is The Difference Between Mountaineering And Rock Climbing? The basic difference between mountaineering and rock climbing is the one we got from the terms is that Mountaineering is the act of ascending a mountain and reaching a peak, whereas rock climbing refers to a technical sport in which a climber traverses the cliff or …

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Best 6 Person Tent Review And Buying Guide Of 2021

Tent Review

When a group of people go out camping and want to stay together at night, it requires a large tent. The success of a trip depends on the best tents. Having a top-notch tent is a great way to increase the protection, comfort, and enjoyment of backcountry trips. The 6 person tent has enough space …

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The 7 Best Hiking GPS Reviewed In 2021

Hiking GPS

A handheld GPS navigator is an ideal gear for people like hikers, campers, hunters, and those who love spending time in woods and exploring nature. GPS navigator helps people find out the correct route to their camp, best hunting spot, recording a track, or finding the right geocache. Though the smartphone has a GPS system, …

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8 Best Backpacking Tents of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Backpacking Tents

Summer brings joy to outdoor enthusiasts who love backpacking excursions. A successful backpacking trip requires the best backpacking tents. Having a top-notch backpacking tent is a great way to increase the protection, comfort, and enjoyment of backcountry trips. The ideal tent for a backpacking trip is lightweight, spacious, and tough enough to handle any weather …

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Best Hiking Apps of 2021 for iPhone and Android Users

Best Hiking Apps

The best part of doing outdoor activities or hiking is to take a break from the workload and give yourself a treat of nature’s most amazing views. Many people like to turn off their smartphones and want to get away from technology while out in nature. But sometimes smartphone helps improve your time in the …

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10 Best Tactics to Keep Warm When Camping in Winter Season


Camping is a very popular activity during the summer season. But over the years, winter camping has become more popular among people who love different types of challenges and want to enjoy the unique natural beauty of the winter season. Camping in the winter season is different from summer camping and if you don’t prepare …

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Best Hiking Shirts of 2021 – Top 5 Products for Men and Women

Best Hiking Shirts

Don’t mix the hiking shirts with regular shirts. Hiking shirts are different from regular shirts and they have special properties and characteristics which make sure you have an excellent hiking experience. You can wear normal shirts for hiking but most of the professional, regular, and experienced hikers make sure to wear comfortable shirts to keep …

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