What Is Cross Country Running?

Cross Country Running

CC or XC is an acronym for Cross country running, a running event where runners compete against each other on open-air tracks. It is a famous sport that occurs outdoors on rough terrain. In the USA, the sport is organized by different organizations during the fall or winter. Many athletes/participants take advantage of the sport …

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Why Are Some Fat People Fast at Running?

Fat People Fast At Running

Many of us perceive that fat people cannot be fit; hence they can’t run faster. Being healthy, lean, supple, and skinny is necessary, but this isn’t true. Some doctors say that fat people face health issues in the long run, although studies have proved otherwise. They are cardiovascularly healthy and live longer. Being fat does …

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What is the Average Walking Speed for Humans? (Let’s Find Out)!

Average Walking Speed For Humans

Did you know how you walk says a lot about your personality? It turns out that the way you walk or stroll conveys a lot about your character without your knowledge. According to the latest analysis, a quicker pace is associated with increased extraversion, conscientiousness, openness, and reduced neuroticism. According to studies, the average adult …

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Can You Wear Running Shoes Every Day? (Difference Between Running shoes & Other Shoes)

Wear Running Shoes Every Day

Running shoes enable you to run. However, the question as to whether you can wear them every day depends on personal opinion and desire. The design of the running shoes specifically emphasizes making you move forward efficiently when running. The science of shoe manufacturing has come up with different kinds of shoes that serve various …

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