Columbia Bikes Review

The Columbia line of bikes represents the best in design, engineering and manufacturing of quality bikes at affordable prices. Developed to satisfy the demands of the casual rider, who expects the feature, quality and confidence in a brand of bikes found in specialty bike shops. Columbia bikes offer a brand that is well recognized by consumers and at the same time offers a different product at a great value! 

Each Columbia Bicycle is the realization of countless hard-working craftsmen, designers, dreamers, and artisans. What began as an idea in the late 1800’s has evolved throughout the last century to become one of the most important and timeless legacies in American history and culture.

In 1950, Columbia releases the News Boy Special. This heavy-duty balloon tire bicycle would be made for 25 years and would lead to the development of both mountain bikes and the modern beach cruiser.

In 1970 Columbia shifts focus as the bicycle industry moved toward the massively popular 10-speed “English Racer” style of bikes. These models would evolve into the Road racing and Hybrid 700c bikes that are popular today.

Being the first bicycle with pneumatic tires to be produced by Columbia, towards bringing comfortable cycling to the masses. Previously, all bicycles had solid tires and were designed with different sized wheels.

Each one of their bicycles carries with it a rich and interesting story told throughout the years in an ongoing tale of innovation, engineering, and design. However, the story doesn’t end as soon as you purchase the bike. That’s when they hand the pen over to you so that you may begin writing your own chapter in this saga!

The Columbia Streamliner 7-Speed Bike

The 700C Retro City Bicycle is manufactured from quality aluminum for long-lasting durability. This authentic 700C Columbia Streamliner 7 design includes an embossed saddle and hand grips along, just like the original. Accessorized with back and front alloy V-brakes (direct-pull rim brakes) and a Shimano 7 speed gear shifter. Featuring upright geometrics both the saddle (seat) and the style of this bicycle are built for comfort and ease. Equipped with 700C aluminum rim wheels, designed to maximize speed and control, allowing the rider to get the most out of their excursion. A sturdy steal rear cargo rack, front and rear fenders, and a kickstand are also included in this model, no plastic here!

These Are The Benefits That Could Be Derived From The Use Of This Bike;

1.) Manufactured from quality aluminum for long-lasting durability; includes a sturdy steal rear cargo rack, front/rear fenders and a kickstand for maximum comfort and stability.

2.) Accessorized with back and front alloy V-brakes (direct-pull rim brakes) and a Shimano 7 speed gear shifter for easy movement and stopping to prevent fall.

3.) It also features an upright geometrics both the saddle (seat) and the style of this bicycle is built for comfort and ease.

4.) Equipped with 700C aluminum rim wheels, designed to maximize speed and control. It helps to enhance balance on wheels.

Columbia Men’s Hampton 7 26″ Bike

Change up your bike ride with the Columbia Hampton 7 Cruiser Bike. This 7-speed cruiser bike is designed with a hi-tensile steel frame for durability and easy to use Shimano tourney shifters. Classic fenders add flare to the bike while a luggage rack provides storage for your belongings during your commute. Experience a smooth and comfortable ride with its 26″ white wall tires and wide Columbia embossed saddle.

It offers an 18″Authentic steel Columbia frame construction, a unicrown design Fork with steel struts, a 7 speed Shimano revo twist shifter, Handbrake levers, Front and rear alloy linear pull. It also have wheels of 36 spoke, 26″ x 2.125″ rims and Classic whitewall balloon tires. A rear luggage rack, steel fenders, steel kickstand, ultra comfortable Columbia logo-embossed leather grips and saddle.

Columbia Women’s Huntington 26″ Bike

This retro-style cruiser is prefect for anyone looking for a basic, cost-effective ride. Stylish and affordable; Sturdy and effortless- this model can be appreciated by bike lovers from all walks of life- from the seasoned pro to the enthusiastic beginner. It has a Vintage Steel Columbia 1937 Cruiser design with twin top tube frame, a Steel taper blade fork, a non-single speed shifter, back-pedal coaster brake and Wheels of Alloy 36H rims, 26 x 2.125 White wall balloon cruiser tires.

Columbia Women’s 1937 Deluxe 26″ Bike

This vintage-style reproduction of the original Columbia 1937 model is the perfect cruiser for the casual rider. You’ll love the original retro features- complete with sturdy steel tank and fenders, handy luggage carrier and classic white-wall balloon tires. But that’s not all- with a durable high-tensile steel twin-top tube frame and steel alloy rims, you can be sure this bike is tough and cute. It has a high tensile steel with twin top tube frame, steel tank and fenders, Steel taper blade fork with chrome struts and a spring front shock. It also have a 21 Speed Shimano ST 3X7 Rapidfire, back pedal coaster brake and Wheels of Alloy 36H rims, 26 x 2.125 White wall balloon cruiser tires. It also features a kickstand, rear carrier, embossed grips, saddle, decorative chain guard and steel struts.

Columbia Cross Train 21-Speed 700C Men’s Hybrid Bicycle

Looking for an easy and comfortable way to get your daily errands done? Want some useful exercise while having casual rides around the city? Well, the Columbia Cross Train 21-Speed, 700C Men’s Hybrid Bicycle has been made for you then. This bicycle has been designed keeping in mind the general requirements of cyclists.

The frame of the Cross train 21-Speed hybrid bike is made of high-quality aluminum that makes it durable and lightweight. The bike has wide tires that provide a comfortable cushion of air, so you smoothly float over the bumpy terrains as well. It makes long rides easier.

This 21-speed hybrid bicycle has straight handlebars and a comfortable saddle that provides an upright body posture to the rider. If you plan on getting a bicycle, you must go for this one because of the number of amazing features it carries such as;

Great Quality And Long-Lasting Durability 

This men’s hybrid bike has high-quality parts including the frame that is made of aluminum which is very lightweight and is not prone to rust which makes aluminum products durable. Also Aluminum provides stability to the structure or frame. The quality of rest of the parts of the bike is also no less than that of the frame.

This bicycle is equipped with high-tensile steel suspension fork that maximizes stability and control, aluminum rims, steel kickstand, Shimano 21-speed gear shifters and what not!

Back-Friendly Position With A Comfortable Saddle

The Columbia Cross Train 21-Speed Bicycle is designed in such a way V-brake sit is back-friendly and thus, it’s not just for youngsters. It has straight handlebars; traditional Columbia embossed saddle and the overall style of the bike has been built for comfort.

The bike has 28-inch tires that also contribute to maintaining the control and balance while riding. It is equipped with back and front V-brakes that ensure further safety.

Maximum Stability And Control

The alloy V-brakes and 28 inches tires help the rider to have proper control and the 21-speed with V-brakes will create a good balance for the riders.

Columbia Cross Train 21-Speed, 700c Women’s Hybrid Bike

A new venture from America’s oldest and most trusted bike brand- the Columbia Cross Train fitness bike is a modern classic. With a lightweight frame and 21 speeds, this bike is engineered with modern technology for smooth riding and easy maneuvering on a variety of terrains.

The 700C Woman’s Hybrid Bicycle has been designed by experts with high quality aluminum and is extremely durable. The bicycle has straight handlebars that help maintaining an upright posture that provides comfort and ease. It is equipped with 28-inch tires that maximize stability and control.

This amazing women’s hybrid bike has direct pull V-brakes and is made of alloy with lightweight frame that too made of alloy. If you are looking for a quality hybrid bike for casual use, you should buy this hybrid bike for sure.

The most appealing feature of the Columbia Cross Train 21-Speed, 700C Women’s Hybrid Bicycle is the posture it gives to the rider. These hybrid bikes have straight handlebars that let you sit upright. The conventional bikes give fully bent posture base on these features;

1. Upright Posture for a Comfortable Ride: The 21-Speed Columbia Cross Train has straight handlebars that complement the super-comfortable saddle. It is suitable for short rides but not for long distances. If you suffer from back pain, it is a must-have for you as it has been geometrically designed to avoid strain. The front shocks smooth up the ride for you on bumpy roads. Even if you want to increase the speed, the bike is quite safe as the Shimano shifter does its job.

2. 21-Speed Function with Amazing V-Brakes and Front Shock: It has a high tensile suspension fork that maximizes stability and helps maintain balance while riding the bike.  Furthermore, it is equipped with Shimano 21 speed RAPIDFIRE gear shifter that ensures great speed along with complete safety.

3. The front shock helps in keeping the ride smooth in bumpy areas. On top of that, it has 28-inch wide yet lightweight tires with an aluminum rim. The 21-speed function helps you to fulfill your urge to drive faster and at the same time, V-brakes help decelerates as soon as the brakes are applied. Buy this hybrid bike and get ready for a leisurely and recreational ride.

4. The most appealing feature of the Columbia Cross Train 21-Speed, 700C Women’s Hybrid Bicycle is the posture it gives to the rider. These hybrid bikes have straight handlebars that let you sit upright. The conventional bikes give a fully bent posture.

Columbia Men’s Everest 27.5″

There are many bikes available in market that are fine for casual use but are not suitable for rugged and tough terrain. Columbia has launched the 27.5” Columbia Everest Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike which is durable and lightweight and is perfect for rough terrains.

The Columbia Everest is equipped with high quality parts including steel front shock, lightweight alloy frame, Shimano shifters and derailleurs etc. Apart from these, the frame of the bike is strong enough to withstand the impact of such aggressive terrains. The super excellent quality of the bike totally makes it worth buying.

The biggest positive of the Columbia Everest Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is that it has quite big yet lightweight wheels that assist you in maintaining the balance while riding and avoid skidding off. The Columbia dual suspension bike has made bike rides easier and comfortable.

The Columbia Men’s 27.5″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is a gorgeous black and green trail riding machine. This is Columbia’s Premier 27.5″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike with 21 heart pounding speeds allowing for that aggressive trail ride everyone wants in their dual suspension mountain bike. The Columbia 27.5″ Everest features steel suspension front shock, a light weight alloy frame, alloy wheel rims, and aggressive off road Kenda tires 27.5″x 1.95″. For quick stop and turn, the Columbia Everest bike features front disc brakes and a full shimano components package, (shifters and derailleurs). The Columbia Everest comes equipped with an authentic Columbia mountain bike saddle. Columbia, America’s Original Bike, Quality Since 1877.

This Bike Would Be A Good Option If You Need One Base On The Following Reasons;

1. Excellent Quality Bike Suitable for Bumpy Terrain: The mountain bike has been designed for wild trails and steep descents. It demands skill but has amazing 21-speed otherwise. It has Kenda 27.5″x 1.95″ tires which give the bike a firm grip on the road surface along with powerful disc brakes.

2. The frame is made of alloy and is very lightweight which makes the bike easy to carry. Furthermore, the straight handlebars give a comfortable upright position. The bike has been equipped with expensive premium quality machinery. If you are looking for a comfortable bike to ride on rough paths, this bike is a classic!

3. Perfectly Suitable Wheel Configurations: The 27.5” Columbia Everest Men’s Mountain Bike has been carefully designed by experts to ensure safety on rugged lands. Its wheels are larger than the road bikes and the rims are made up of alloy that resists corrosion. These properties make this bike perfect for mountain biking. Although the wheels are bigger in size, they are still lightweight which helps in maintaining the posture. It provides amazing 21-speeds. With so much safety, comfort, and speed, this mountain bike is a must-have.

4. I think regular bikes are suitable for casual use but if you need a bike for a trip, you must have a mountain bike like this one. Everybody enjoys good sceneries and a little break in the hills or mountain areas. So, if you want to enjoy and relax for a while in such areas, you must take this amazing mountain bike along. However, it should be kept in mind that the rider for this bike should have a standardized height.

Columbia Pinnacle Men’s Hardtail 27.5 Mountain Bike

Pinnacle Hardtail MTB, Columbia’s Premier ” Hardtail Mountain Bike, 21 speeds allow for aggressive trail riding, Steel Suspension front shock, Light weight alloy frame, Alloy wheel rims, Aggressive off road Kenda Tires “x “, Full Shimano Components (shifters and derailleurs), Authentic Columbia MTB saddle, Columbia, America’s Original Bicycle, quality since 1877. Frame Size. 20″ Stand Over Height. 31″ Min Height Req. 5’9″ Max Height Req. 6’2”.

Columbia K3M Kanyon 26-Inch Hardtail Men’s 24-Speed Mountain Bike

Columbia’s premium 26″ hard tail MTB bike from America’s first bicycle company is made for all your single-track adventures. Equipped with a high quality Shimano Derailleurs and 24-speed fez-fire plus Shifters that shifts through the gears effortlessly. Braking is made easy thanks to Tetra Novella mechanical disc brakes. Holds the trail and rolls over obstacles with strong, double-wall rims mated with aggressive off road 26″x2.1″ Kendal tires. All this equates to a quality entry-level mountain bike that make your time in the saddle fun.

The Bike Has The Following Attributes For Your Consideration;

1. Lightweight AL6061 aluminum frame, deluxe Sun tour XCT front suspension fork, and semi-integrated headset for lightweight, long-lasting durability.

2. Back and front Tetra Novella mechanical disc brakes stop the bike effectively and smoothly.

3. Equipped with quality Shimano components, including 24 speed EZ-Fire Plus shifters, derailleurs, and crankset.

4. Double-wall rims mated with aggressive off-road 26″x2.1″ Kendal tires; authentic Columbia MTB saddle and premium alloy cage pedals.

5. 20-Inch frame with a 32-inch stand over height fits most riders between 5’10” and 6’3″.

Columbia Tybee 24-Inch Women’s Single-Speed Vintage Cruiser

Columbia, America’s first bicycle company brings you the tybee cruiser. This 24-inch vintage cruiser is made with a quality high-tensile steel frame providing long-lasting durability. Sturdy steel wrap-around fenders are as functional as they are elegant keeping the road off your clothes. Classic white wall balloon tires on matching colored rims let you cruise around in style. Its upright ergonomic design, with an oversized spring comfort seat and cruiser handlebars give you the most comfortable sitting position for even the longest of rides.


1. Authentic retro Columbia vintage single-speed cruiser manufactured from quality high-tensile steel for long-lasting durability.

2. Designed for an upright comfortable ride with an oversized spring comfort seat and cruiser handlebars.

3. Built with coaster brakes and cruiser pedals allows for smooth braking in all conditions.

4. 24-inch white-wall tires on matching colored rims; sturdy steel wrap-around fenders will keep the road off your clothes.

5. 16-Inch frame fits most riders between 4’4” and 5’3”

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