A Comparison Between North Face And Patagonia Jackets What Are The Differences And Which Brand Is Superior?

Patagonia and North Face are popular outdoor retail brands and among the few trusted companies for top-quality products. You can never go wrong buying from Patagonia or North Face; however, you will notice that their price points are pretty high that it’s usually challenging to buy whatever you want on their shelves. 

Therefore, when choosing from one brand, which one do you go for? The answer hinges on what you intend to use the products for. If you want to buy tents and expedition-worthy apparel, the North Face should be the brand to buy. If you need gear for surfing, snow sporting, and mountain biking, Patagonia is the best brand between the two. 

Comparison Between North Face And Patagonia

Comparison Between North Face And Patagonia

When searching for a jacket, you will probably come across huge brands like Patagonia and North Face. The two brands also produce most of the same ranges of outdoor gear, although there is some crucial difference in the details and the brand’s philosophy. 

Below is the comparison between Patagonia and North Face, which will help you decide when buying.

Patagonia Torrentshell JacketThe North Face Venture 2 Jacket
Price $149$127.00 – $139.00
MaterialIt uses a waterproof, windproof, and breathable fabric called Rip-stop nylonIt uses a waterproof, windproof, and breathable fabric is known as Rip-stop nylon
Average weight12.1 oz equivalent to 343 g10.9 oz equal to 309 g
Adjustable hoodYesYes
Zippered Front PocketsYesYes
Pit Zips YesYes
Fleece Lined CollarYesYes
Hem Adjusting CordYesYes

Company Overview

Although they vary in different areas, the two brands are similar at face value. While Patagonia focuses more on environmental sustainability, North Face does not. Patagonia has strict ecological guidelines on which materials they use and focuses more on recycling. Patagonia does not also focus on growth but its impact on the environment and the planet. On the other hand, North Face focuses more on development and profits.

Comparing Different Products From North Face And Patagonia Brands

1. Torrentshell VS. Venture 2

North Face and Patagonia have different prices for their product. Both brands sell nylon rain jackets. Patagonia’s jacket is Torrentshell, a lightweight, breathable, waterproof rain jacket. It comes with an adjustable hood, and its fleece collar is rather comfy. 

The jacket is also made with cinchable cuffs, and its hem ensures no wind gets in. It’s lightweight and can be folded up into its pocket, making it perfect for hiking.

On the other hand, North Face sells a Venture similar to Torentshell. However, the fitting is slightly different. The weight and materials for manufacture are almost identical. Therefore, the difference comes down to pricing. 

North Face jackets are cheaper than Patagonia’s. Their prices vary often, but there is usually a slight difference in costs. Patagonia’s prices are high because they use higher quality products. Moreover, they also source sustainable materials for their products.

2. Thermoball VS. Nano Puff Jacket

The two brands also sell lightweight insulated jackets. Usually, light jackets are warm and easy to pack, but they are pretty costly, and after getting wet, it’s challenging to dry them up. Patagonia and North Face have the perfect solution for this, and that’s why they came up with lightweight jackets made using synthetic materials. 

The jackets are reasonably priced, retaining over 90% warmth when rained on.

North Face has the Thermoball Jacket, while Patagonia sells the Nano Puff Jacket. The two jackets are pretty similar and are perfect for warming the wearer. 

You can pack them in their own pockets; therefore, they don’t consume much space. The jackets are coated with a water repellant to resist water. The price of the two jackets is quite similar, although it may vary depending on the timing when you are buying. 

Patagonia jackets are more expensive, but they lie in the same price range as other brands on some items.

3. Fleece Jackets

Another type of jacket offered by both brands is the fleece jacket. Fleece jackets are perfect for adding warmth when the weather is cold. The jackets are light and comfortable. You can also combine them with an outer layer, including a windproof and waterproof jacket.

Patagonia sells the Better Sweater as one of its fleece jackets. This stylish fleece jacket has a full-length zipper on the front side. It also has the environmental stamp for the company, which proves that they use low-impact dye methods to manufacture the jacket.

On the other hand, North Face has various options, including the Denali 2. The jacket is pretty different from Patagonia’s since it is nylon. The jacket has a full-length zipper, and chest pockets also have zips. The jacket is ideal for a backpacker or climber as it is made with protective material on its upper shoulder and the lower arm areas.

A Comparison On Materials Used To Manufacture Jackets In Both Brands

1. North Face

North Face

North Face uses recycled synthetic materials, as mentioned earlier. North Face brand sources the organically grown materials responsibly and ethically to minimize their environmental impact. Like most jacket manufacturing companies, North Face also employs various DWR treatments. However, some of the company’s DWR finishes may contain harmful chemicals. On the brighter side, the brand is working hard to replace toxic chemicals with PFV-free alternatives.

2. Patagonia


Patagonia is a renowned manufacturer of hiking gear. Therefore, they use top-quality fabrics for making their jackets. That is why their products are highly-priced than other brands’, as seen in their price tags. 

Patagonia uses Gore-Tex to make some outfits. Nonetheless, the engineers are developing proprietary waterproof fabric known as H₂No. The material is a lightweight, breathable membrane with a water-repellent shell. 

Patagonia also uses the DWR finish in most of its waterproof gear. The water repellant treatment is more durable than similar technologies and may only need a few applications.

Apart from Patagonia using high-quality materials, the company also utilizes the 24 Killer Wash testing process. The process involves exposing fabrics to harsh conditions. After the fabrics pass the test, they get the H2NO Performance Standard Status, which means they have already been proven as highly durable and entirely waterproof.


North Face has a broader product range; however, Patagonia has the upper hand in technical performance. Although their jackets are not as sleek-looking as North Face’s, they are more durable and better at adjusting to movement. Nonetheless, the one to buy depends on your preference. Both brands are great and will offer you some of the best jackets on the market. Before you shop, you should check the difference in prices first.

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