Does Costco Have The Right To Check Backpacks When Exiting Their Store?

Yes. Costco have a right to search your Backpack when exiting their store. Costco is a membership club. When you are signing the membership agreement, there is a part in which they say they would want to search your backpack. When the process is complete, and you receive your membership card back, you should know that the agreement is clear and signed.

This article will take you through how to cooperate when Costco checks your backpack, other conditions you have to read before you sign in as a member, and the right of Costco to check your bags.

What Is Your Right As A Member While Costco Are Checking Your Backpack?

Right As A Member While Costco Are Checking Your Backpack

Since Costco have all the rights to check your backpack, you also have rights while they are at it. For instance, as a member, there are things that the security officials shouldn’t do, and the law protects you from so many manipulations as a member. If you don’t love them checking your bags, you should allow them as it is one of the conditions. Below are things you should know as a member:


You have a right to know that the membership club is conducting a backpack search when you are exiting their premises. Also, they should display a form that shows that you have agreed to what they are doing. Have you signed that form yet?

No Touching

The store personnel is only allowed to look in your bag; they aren’t allowed to touch anything in the bag. When a situation comes up where they want to look further in your bag and ask you to remove inside things, you should do it yourself. 

However, don’t cause fracas during such situations. Just cooperate as you have agreed to that term in your membership agreement.

Size Of The Backpack

Costco can check all bags, but maybe they wouldn’t check small handbags. If Costco insists on checking your small backpack, you can still cooperate and allow them to check. For big backpacks, it is pretty normal for them to check them out at the entry and exit of the warehouse.


If a dispute arises between you and Costco, they have a right to detain you and call the police if they have a genuine case. If they don’t have a real case against you, they have no right to hold you against your will. You can report such incidences to the management or the security officials in charge of the search activities.

Other Costco Conditions

Other Costco Conditions

1. You should always wear shirts and shoes when you have been on the property all the time. You should fully be on those clothes that are allowed in the warehouse. If you aren’t wearing acceptable garments, you wouldn’t be allowed in the warehouse.

2. You are allowed to bring your children and a maximum of two guests into the Costco properties. Costco isn’t responsible for the children you will get to the place. Also, you be responsible for your kids and attend to their needs. It would be best always to supervise your kids every time you are there. 

3. When you bring your guests over, they aren’t allowed to purchase items at Costco. Only you as a member are allowed to do the shopping.

4. You shouldn’t bully, harass and discriminate against any members, employees, suppliers, or other contractors you meet around. Costco intends to provide the perfect environment free of any harassment that may come with it. The security personnel will take action against you if you do prohibited things or even take you into custody.

5. Costco would always inspect you to have the receipts for all the merchandise you have purchased from the warehouse. You had agreed to this condition when you signed their membership card, and so you should cooperate whenever they ask for those items.

6. If you have a licensed firearm and want to bring it to the warehouse, you wouldn’t be able to because it will be against the warehouse’s policy. You can leave your firearm at home whenever you are going shopping.

7. Costco warehouses prohibit pets or any other animal. Animals can be different, and this includes your favorite pet. If you feel terrible about leaving your pet at home and want to take it shopping with you, it wouldn’t be necessary because the warehouse rules prohibit it.

8. Costco wouldn’t sell you liquor, tobacco, or other drugs if you are a minor and come with your parents. If your parents want you to have it, it is prohibited for minors to use drugs on the premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Sign Up as Costco’s Member if I Don’t Want My Bags Checked?

No. You shouldn’t sign up as a member if you don’t want your bags checked during entry and exit from the warehouse store. If you aren’t okay with their checkups, you can stop signing up. 

Can I Smoke at Costco Premises?

If you aren’t at a public gathering, you can isolate and smoke at smoking places. Also, if you are a minor, you aren’t allowed to smoke or even buy any drugs at Costco stores. As an adult, you can purchase and smoke at designated smoking places.

Does Costco Security Personnel Check Ladies’ Purses?

No. purses are exempted from scrutiny by Costco’s security personnel. Many may argue that this amounts to gender discrimination, but that’s the rule as stipulated in the membership form.


Costco has all the right to check your bag as it is a condition you signed when you became a member. It is their right to adhere to their rules at the end of the day. You should also know your rights as a member when checking your bags and you should cooperate at your level best. 

You should follow other conditions as a member too and consistently cooperate. To avoid the conflict that can arise, you should always do as the staff at Costco tell you. Apart from their conditions to keep sanity at the store, you will enjoy great membership privileges.

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