Cruisers VS Sportbikes

These two bike models are very different, and each bike has a different purpose. While sports motorcycles are designed for fast and lightweight racing, cruisers are made for slow and for beginners because they are pretty heavy, slow, and differ in the riding position. Sport motorcycles are suitable for racers because they are fast and easy to handle, while Cruisers are very suitable for slow and calm riding.

Differences Between Cruiser And Sportbikes

                    Cruiser Bikes                      Sportbikes
Cruisers are designed for extended trips on flat, even surfaces. It can only cover a distance ranges from 70 km to 200 km or so in a day.
Cruisers are bigger and weigh more than their counterparts for street biking. They are not as weighty as the cruiser bikes
Cruisers are typically large and heavy, which make them accelerate more slowly.They are lighter and have a high-revving and smooth engine, making the sports bikes sprint faster than other bikes.
It is a beginner-friendly bikeIt is not a beginner-friendly bike
Cruisers are stylish, and you can even decorate a cruiser with chrome bits, logos and other items for a more unique, personalized look.They come up with an awe-inspiring design but cannot be decorated with chrome bits, logos to personalize it.
Cruisers are unparalleled in this category in terms of comfort. Due to their narrow sitting position, they are not very comfortable for long-distance travel. 
Cruisers are larger and heavier; they lack the same high level of manoeuvrability as their street bike counterparts.They are lighter and have a very high level of maneuverability.
Requires less maintenanceRequires more maintenance
More expensiveNot as expensive as the cruiser bike
Cruisers feature an old designSport motorcycles offer modern design

What Is Sports Bike?

A sports bike falls within the performance bike segment. The manufacturers are optimizing sportbike capabilities for acceleration, speed, braking and cornering. However, these parameters of performance cost comfort and fuel economy in comparison with other motorcycles. As a rule, the majority of sport motorcycles around the world differ in size and price compared to other motorcycles. 

Sportbikes Features

These motorcycles are single-minded, very rapid, performance machines. The upper models – referred to as hyper sporting bikes – are ready to race but nominally road-legal rides with a maximum speed of 170 MPH and can run 9-second quarter-mile. Current bike categories have few, if any, compromise design, both acceleration and handling, that undermine the absolute maximization of performance. They can be entertaining in the hands of someone with experience and ability. They can be far too soon in the hands of someone who isn’t experienced and qualified. 

Even in the hands of a skilled rider, modern high-speed sports motorcycles are probably too uniform for regular road use – because you risk significant legislative problems if you use half of their capability on the street. The Suzuki GSXR-1000 is an example of a modern sports bike. The 999 cc engine produces a 182 hp litre and spins at 13.600 RPM with a high speed of 190 MPH—these ‘library’ bikes (1000 CCs equals 1 litre). The introductory price is 13,799 dollars. 

Cruisers Bikes

These are large — and therefore heavy — bikes designed for long-haul riding and “profiling.” You have (usually) better ergos – a higher position and a more natural, more comfortable position in front of the legs for day trips. Some of them have or can easily be added backrests. Touring bikes usually have complete connections — semi-containers of plastic and fibreglass, integrated with the windscreen, around the fork zone, which provide the maximum protection from wind and rain. There may be a windshield only for cruisers – and some may not even have it. 

Cruiser Bike Features

A Cruiser comes with a massive engine with over 2000cc, but less speed and ancient technology. They also have meagre, making them relatively slow. They are also significantly louder than sports bikes, mainly because of their large engine size. Cruisers have an average of 400 to 317 kg, and even Cruisers weigh over 1000kg, particularly Harleys. Cruise shippers weigh more than 1000 pounds. 

Comparism Of Cruisers And Sportbikes 

You have a lot to consider when considering which motorbike to buy. You can enjoy the more classic look and robust reputation of a road cruiser, or you can like the sophisticated design and young flair of a sports bike. Consider all your needs and expectations and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each motorcycle before making your final choice. On both bikes, I’m going to compare; 


Manufacturers like to use entry-level machines to sell more units as quicker bikes. Unfortunately, sometimes the insurance companies use this as an apology to charge additional cash, so a sports bike can prove costly even when the purchase price is low. 


Sportbikes are designed to be tighter and handled quickly. Generally, your sports bike has a shorter wheelbase than its counterpart to the street cruiser. It often consists of lightweight materials. The shorter turning radius is provided with the short wheelbase, while weight reduction allows you to control it more while leaning or countering. Sports bikes are more manageable, but they do get worse in the rain and slick conditions. Whether you’re new or without strength in the upper body 

While heavier road cruisers may skid or slip on wet roads more often, slow, wider turns and greater strength are necessary for longer wheelbases and increased weight.  

Acceleration And Speed

Not only are sports bikes lighter than road cruisers. They are also designed to accelerate at higher rates. A sports bike’s small, compact design and gearing enable it to reach high speeds fast using a smaller engine than the like. 

A bigger motor of a cruiser can keep your motorcycle at higher speeds with less stress, making long journeys at motorway speeds more practical and easier to wear. 


Sports bike riders lean slightly behind the seat on their feet. The metal frame is often fitted to plastic body panels, which can be lacquered in several colours. While black and dark colours are popular, light colours like blue, yellow, green, silver or red can be applied to enhance other drivers’ visibility. The look of a sports bike is usually more aerodynamic than that of a road cruiser, which is what you see forward. 

Cruise motorcycles often are larger with fender designs and mainly metal or carbon fibre. Usually, you sit upright or lie back somewhat when you ride a cruiser. 


Cruiser bikes are comfortable and smooth riding, sports bikes are for racing and fun, as these cruisers and sportbikes.  Cruiser bikes are reasonable at speed compared to Sports bikes. Cruisers are meant for recreational rides—more comfort than performance. Sportbikes have more accessible and faster production times. For cruisers, you have to take just as much time designing and figuring out ways to add chrome and style without overdoing the weight as you would in the design of a sportbike, but you have to add the cost the extra materials and assembly time.

Accidents And Death Rates

While the driver has a relatively less chance of crashing into a motorcycle than crashing into a car or truck, this can be attributed more to riding because the fenders and fence are not protecting. Sports bike riders are more susceptible to high-speed riding. Crashes without other vehicles more often than collisions with other motorcycles entail sports biking accidents, and these collide are often related to high speeds. You also tend to fly forward in a crash with your sportbike forward, and the lower guide fails to brace you against your front acceleration. 

Questions And Answers That Will Clear Your Doubt

1. Why Are Sport Bikes Faster Than Cruisers?

Sports motorcycles are designed to be agile and to accelerate quickly. Cruisers have less acceleration because of the long-stroke engines. So, sports bike can cover a longer distance in a short period than cruisers but cannot last running on the road for as long as cruisers can stay.

2. Which Is Better, A Cruiser Or A Sportbike?

Generally, a cruiser bike has a better range than a sports bike. They have a bigger tank capacity which directly results in a better range. One of the famous cruiser bike in India, the RE Thunderbird 350, had a fuel tank capacity of 20-litres. A bigger tank means lesser fuel stops overall.

3. Are Cruisers Easier To Ride Than Sportbikes?

A sport/standard will turn sharper and brake harder than a cruiser. But in the experienced rider’s course, I saw people doing emergency avoidance on giant cruisers – and they were able to lean the bike over hard and fast

4. What is the difference between a sports bike and a cruiser?

Everything on a sportbike will be better performance-wise, such as brakes, engine performance, steering, suspension, corner handling, etc. Sportbikes are made to perform. Cruisers are generally made for cruising comfortably and practicality, which in effect makes for relatively low “performance.”

5. Which Is Better, A Cruiser Or A Sportbike?

Generally, a cruiser bike has a better range than a sports bike. They have a bigger tank capacity which directly results in a better range. One of the famous cruiser bike in India, the RE Thunderbird 350, had a fuel tank capacity of 20-litres. A bigger tank means lesser fuel stops overall.

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