Difference Between A Skateboard Helmet And Bike Helmet For Biking (Safety & Recommendations)

Helmets are designed differently based on the intended use. This means that a skate helmet is different from a bike helmet. Everything about them differs from their level of protection to style. Therefore, cyclists must choose the correct helmet to protect themselves from severe head injuries.

Can I Use A Skateboard Helmet For Biking?

You can use a skating helmet for biking as long as it has been certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). If the skate helmet is non-compliant, cyclists should not use it as it will not offer adequate protection against high force impact.

Significant Differences Between Skate Helmets And Bike Helmets

Differences Between Skate Helmets And Bike Helmets


A skate helmet is designed to withstand multiple impacts, while a bicycle helmet can withstand a single impact. Bicycle helmets have foam that compresses on impact. A skater practicing new skills may be subjected to many falls, while a cyclist is not expected to take any falls. Moreover, a bike helmet is more aerodynamic and has better ventilation compared to skate helmets.

Physical Coverage

Skate helmets and biking helmets differ in physical coverage, and they both have distinct designs. A skate helmet is traditionally round and smooth and covers the back of the head. The helmets are designed to protect the rider against any skyboarding fall they may take when they land on the back of the head. On the other hand, a biker may rarely fall off the back of the bike.


Although your main priority should be safety, the helmet style also plays a significant role in choosing biking protection gear. Every rider or biker wants to look and feel good as they skate or bike. Therefore, a stylish helmet is part of your overall look.

If you want to buy a helmet based on the look, you should know that skating helmets have better style as they look more youthful. Most casual cyclists, commuters, and mountain bikers prefer this type of helmet. Moreover, skate helmets are more versatile. This means that you can use them when cycling your mountain bike, snowboarding, or in-line skating. Nonetheless, you must ensure that they provide the proper protection for your activity.


Road bike helmets have visors, while mountain bike helmets do not. The visors are unavailable for road bike cyclists because they usually wear sunglasses to shield their eyes. Mountain bikers often ride in shade; therefore, they wear clear and low light lenses, thus appreciating sunshade when available.

Moreover, road cyclists bike with their heads lower and, in some cases, in the drops. The aerodynamic position means visors may block their view when riding. Skate helmets also don’t have visors, although some manufacturers have been building a small irremovable visor in the helmets.


Vents are essential for cooling the head. Therefore, you will find road bike helmets with more vents since cyclists may heat up more. Although the road bike helmets have more holes, hence less material, they are a bit expensive than other helmets. Constructing a safe and lightweight helmet using less material is very difficult, thus the reason why helmets are costly. 

The most expensive road bike helmets consider aerodynamics; therefore, helmets with more aerodynamic varieties have few vents since they create wind drag. 

Skate helmets have a rounded and smooth shape, and these classic designs have few vents. Mountain bike helmets stick to the skate helmets style for vents as they are critical when biking.

Are Skateboard Helmets Safe For Biking?

Are Skateboard Helmets Safe For Biking

A helmet designed explicitly for biking may not provide enough protection for a rider when they take a fall during skateboarding and vice versa. Moreover, a full-face helmet designed for mountain bike cycling wouldn’t look so good for skateboarding.

If you want to have a helmet to use both when biking and skateboarding, you must ensure that it is CPSC certified and meets the ASTM F1492 (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard. A CPSC certification ensures that your bicycle helmet protects against skull fractures and severe brain injury if you use the helmet properly. The ASTM F1492 specifications cover the skate helmets’ design as well as performance requirements. Most skate-style helmets do not meet ASTM F1492 standard but only the CPSC. Therefore, they are not suitable for skateboarding or cycling as they won’t provide adequate protection.

Helmets approved by ASTM for skateboarding and CPSC for bicycling provide adequate protection when engaging in biking and skateboarding activities. Moreover, you will not have to change the helmet every time you switch to a new activity. Using a dual-certified helmet is also more cost-effective than buying one for every activity.

If you have a dual-certified helmet for multiple activities, ensure that the helmet is not damaged in between uses. The helmet will be fine in a minor and small-force impact but should be replaced after an accident causing extreme force.


If safety is your topmost priority, you should buy a bike helmet with EPS that ensures your head, including the back, is covered. This is the only safe way to lead. Purchasing a well-rounded EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) helmet will protect you against outrageous smacks and minor head bumps.

Biking without a helmet is dangerous. If you don’t have a helmet, buy one instantly. This will keep you safe from a deformed skull in case of an accident. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Safety should always be your topmost priority when buying a biking helmet. Many people don’t know the difference between a skate helmet and a bike helmet. Both helmets don’t offer the same protection since a fall when biking is different from a skating fall. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you have a fitting helmet for biking and the right one for skating. However, there are dual-certified helmets suitable for biking and skating. With this helmet, you will not have to switch the helmets in between use. Remember that whatever type of helmet you want, ensure that you buy a certified one that will protect the head from impact damage, and you will also be safe on the skateboard or bike.

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