Does Ace Hardware Sell Fishing Licenses?

There is a certain joy that comes with looking for something somewhere and finding it immediately. Finding a fishing license is not an exception, especially for working people. Getting a fishing license should be as easy as 123 as no one would want to be stranded or go fishing illegally because the process was too long or it was not easily accessible. 

The simple answer is yes. Most Ace Hardware sells fishing licenses. However, this sometimes depends on your location.

Do you know where to find Ace Hardware? If yes, well and good. If not, you can find your nearest Ace hardware by simply going to the Ace Hardware website. You will be given an option to find your nearest Hardware by typing in your state, city, or zip. 

Ace Hardware is found in all the states, so finding one near you is pretty easy. 

Other fishing equipments that can be found at Ace Hardware include:

1. Klein Tools Glow Rod 15ft

2. YakGear Rod Leash 40in

3. YakGear Rod Leash

4. Caddis Hip Boots

5. Shur Strike 15lb

Fishing line 400yd

1. Cuming Fish Net

2. Shur Strike 30lb

does ace hardware sell fishing equipment line 185yd

1. Shur Strike 8lb

2. Fishing line 700 yd

Below is a sample cost sheet for Texas. Note that every state has its pricing

Type Of LicenseResident CostNon-Resident CostSenior Resident Cost
Year-from-purchase all-water$47N/AN/A
One-day all water$11$16N/A
Freshwater endorsement$5$5$5
Saltwater endorsement$10$10$10

Types Of Fishing License

Fishing licenses vary from state to state, and the price also is not constant. Some states require separate freshwater and saltwater license. The license you need will vary according to where you normally fish. If you fish in both freshwater and saltwater, you will be required to have two licenses or at least one covering both.

Licenses also vary in duration, and you can buy one which suits your needs. If you are going to fish twice a year, you do not need to buy a whole year’s license. If you fish a lot, then a whole year or 5-year license will be best suited for your needs.

Residents and non-residents do not pay the same amount in several states. The residents pay significantly lower than non-residents.

There are exceptions for a group of people who need to have a fishing license. These exceptions include:

1. Youth below 16 years.

2. Senior citizens above 65 years.

Some states allow discounts for the disabled, veterans, and senior citizens.

Other states like California allow fishing from a public pier without a license.

Which Other Place Can You Find A Fishing License?

1. You can find a fishing license at any Walmart store near you. You walk into the sports section at Walmart, apply, and pay using your card. This option is convenient for those who want to use their license immediately.

2. You can also apply online and print when you want to use it. It is very convenient since even if you lose the printed one, you can print another. The downside of purchasing online is that you have to wait for up to 10 days to receive your license. You can, however, be emailed a temporary license to use during the ten days.

3. You can also get a fishing license from your county tax collector’s office.

What you need during the purchase of a fishing license is just your identification document which is also important for confirming your age. The other essential is proof of residence. 

Why A Fishing License Is Important

When you purchase a fishing license, your money does not go to waste. There is a lot that is done with the little amount that is got from the purchase. All things that are done using your money ensure that the fish population is maintained at the right number. 

This, in turn, ensures that you can always go fishing. If the population is not maintained, it will reach a point when you do not fish. Why? Because overfishing may lead to the extinction of some species. Other species may be caught, only leaving the young ones who cannot breed yet. Some of the things your money does include:

The money is used to research the number of species of fish. The researchers also focus on the breeding season of a species. The migrating season is also researched since there is a species of fish that are migratory.

This research helps to know which season is right for catching certain fish species, especially if they will be kept. It also helps to know the size of fish ready for fishing; thus, immature fish are not caught and kept.

This, in turn, ensures that the fish population is maintained to the right number and that some species do not go extinct.

1. The money got from the fishing license is also used to pay staff in the fishing area. These staffs are in charge of keeping the area clean. They also check to confirm that everyone fishing has a valid fishing license and that no rules are broken.

2. A fishing license also ensures that rules are not broken. This is because when you purchase a license, you are provided with information. This information entails which species is supposed to be fished during which season, the size of fish that can be caught and kept, and even species that cannot be kept when caught; that is, you can only catch and release.

3. Some funds are used to stock up fish in ponds and rivers. This ensures that every water has fish, so you can go fishing anywhere you want, as long as you have the right license. 


Having a fishing license contributes to the growth of the fish population greatly. This way, you can always go fishing, of course, when the season is right.

There are various places where you can get a fishing license, depending on your state. Most states have online services that allow you to get one from the website. You can also always walk into Ace Hardware and get your fishing license and everything else, like bait. Do not be left behind. Everyone is buying a license. You need one too.

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