Does Walmart Assemble Bikes For Free? – The Cost

Yes, Walmart offers free bike assembly services at their stores. The bike assembly at the Walmart stores is usually done by employees who may not necessarily possess bike assembly skills. There is a risk of substandard assembly at their stores; thus, I recommend you visit a specialist to give the assembly a clean bill of health before riding your bike away. However, if you desire the assembly of your bike to be done at the comfort of your home, Walmart will send you an expert who will accomplish the job at a cost.

What Is Walmart’s Cost Of Assembling My Bike At Home?

Walmarts Cost Of Assembling My Bike At Home

Typically, Walmart will charge you $49 to assemble a bike at the comfort of your home. The assembly is done by Walmart’s partner, Handy, a renowned local bike assembly professional. Handy has a flexible schedule covering all seven days of the week from 7:00 to 11:00 in the morning. When Handy serves you, they offer you a guarantee famously referred to as “Handy Happiness Guarantee.”

Reasons Why You Should Consult A Bike Assembly Expert

Besides offering discounts for their bikes, Walmart has gone the extra mile to provide free bike assembly at their stores. However, chances are the employee who will assemble your bike is not a bike mechanic. Hence, you get a free assembly accomplished by a non-expert who doesn’t have the luxury of time. Such a service doesn’t guarantee your riding safety. Important aspects like wheel alignment and tire pressure balancing might be done shoddily or, worse still, be overlooked.

With an expert attending to your assembly needs, you are assured of a complete assembly that will not overlook anything. It is worth engaging a bike assembly expert, pay a small token, and have your bike checked out. Unlike the Walmart employee, a local bike expert will fine-tune your bike to satisfaction.

Buying Walmart Home Bike Assembly Service

Buying home bike assembly service by Handy from Walmart is not a complicated process. Here below is the procedure that you will follow to buy the service;

1. While making your online purchase of the bike from Walmart’s official website, you have an option to include expert help in your item purchase cart. You pay for the service together with the bike, and you are on the right track to receiving expert assembly of your newly purchased bike by Walmart’s partners called Handy professionals.

2. After completing the above process, you will wait for the shipping of your item. When the bike has been delivered, you will be contacted by Handy through email and text confirming your bike assembly service schedule. You are at liberty to reschedule the service to your convenience.

3. Next, you will receive a bike assembly guru who will give your bike assembly an expert touch at the comfort of your home.

Benefits Of Expert Bike Assembly By Handy

Benefits Of Expert Bike Assembly By Handy
1. Convenient And Time-Saving

After purchasing your new bike, you want it on the road the soonest as possible. Additionally, it should be in perfect condition before going for the much-craved ride. Getting Handy expert bike assembly at your doorstep is convenient and time-saving, unlike moving around in search of local bike mechanics. The assembly is done at your convenience.

2. Expert Touch

Unlike at Walmart stores, engaging Handy professionals assures you of top-notch assembly. Handy doesn’t send an armature to assemble your bike. They send out one of their best. They are reputed for excellent bike assemblies; hence, they will offer you their Handy happiness guarantee at the end of the assembly.

3. Precision

Everything a Handy bike assembly guru touches is done to precision. For instance, your bike’s wheels will be aligned expertly, the tires will receive balanced pressure, and the brakes will receive an expert touch from a bike assembly veteran. The expert will also advise you on how to readjust your bike’s seat to the desired position.

4. Assured Safety

Before giving your bike its maiden ride, the Handy professional will countercheck all safety measures to ensure that it is worth a ride. With this assurance from a decorated assembly technician, you will take that craved ride with confidence.

Home Bike Assembly

After purchasing your new bike online, it will be delivered to your doorstep unassembled. You can opt to assemble the bike yourself at home to save on the cost of involving a professional. Here is your step by step guide on how to put your new bike together;

1. Unpacking The Bike

Unpacking is done carefully to avoid any damage to your new bike. First, open the packaging box in an upright position. After unpacking, ensure the packaging is safe since you might require to send back the cycle. Now that your bike is unpacked ensure you have all the necessary assembly tools. 

2. Fix The Seat Post

In most cases, the seat post comes with the saddle intact. If the seat post is carbon, you will apply a smear of carbon assembly paste around the inner diameter of the seat tube. If the seat post is metal, you will have to use grease instead. Next, insert the seat post and adjust it to the desired position.

3. Fix The Handlebar

Ensure you consult the manufacturer’s manual to learn how to fix the handlebar correctly. You can also follow the manual to fine-tune the handlebar to the desired position.

4. Front Wheel Insertion

At this point, your bike is taking shape, and you can now insert the front wheel into the fork. While inserting the wheel, ensure it is aligned correctly. Misalignment leads to rubbing of brakes, making them ineffective.

5. Tire Inflation

Now that your wheel is fixed, inflate the tires to the recommended pressure indicated at the tire’s sidewall.

6. Pedal Installation

Using either a pedal spanner or Allen key, install the two pedals to their respective sides after greasing the threads.

7. Adjust Saddle Height

Readjust the saddle height to your desired position and ensure that the saddle rail bolts are tightly in place.

8. Check Brakes And Gears.

Even though the manufacturer presets both the brakes and gears, please give them a final safety check to ensure they are correct. If they are okay, your bike is ready for a test ride.


Getting your bike assembled at a Walmart store or by yourself will save you money, but chances are it will compromise your safety. I recommend that you buy the home assembly service from Walmart or engage a local bike mechanic.

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