Fishing Anime | Top List And Short Review

It is not common to people that fishing animes come with numerous advantages, aside from entertainment, you have the opportunity to learn some skills in fishing. Also, you will learn some unforeseen teachings about a fisherman’s life. If you are passionate about fishing, you will always derive joy in watching these animes.

What Do You Understand As Animes

Animes are simply referred as Japanese type of films and television animations designed to educate and share vital teachings for both the children and adult. In this day and age, anime playwrights have also put forward to diverse of animes that tackle fishing. Thus, if you are looking forward to watch some nice fishing animes, here are some lists prepared for your enjoyment.

Tsuri Baka Nisshi

This is a strange anime series that centered it story on an office clerk known as Hamazaki Densuke (Hama-chan). Hama-chan is a salary-earner who has no specific motivation. He is so passionate about fishing and this later earned him the nickname “Fishing Baka” from his boss at work.

However, nobody accord due respect to Hama-chan at his place of work, he later became friend with Su-san, an older fisherman who discloses that he is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the construction company for which Hama-chan works. The anime talks about this two characters as they engage in conversation about life in and outside the cubicle while fishing away their cares.

Puka Puka Juju

Puka Puka Juju was created as part of the 2011 Young Animator Training Series anime projects. This anime narrates the story of a young promising girl named Mika. Young Mika has been dreaming of visiting the beach with her lovely father during the summer period, but each time the father and daughter are about leaving the house, he receives a vital phone call from the office which will lead to the termination of the trip. Mika was already set for the trip as she picks up an inflatable dugong for her father due to the fact that he is a novice swimmer and also suffers from Thalassophobia: a fear of the sea. Anytime this occur, they will have to reschedule the visitation till another possible time. She has already become disappointed by another canceled playdate on the sea, as this has happened severally. To her pleasant surprise, her inflatable manatee Juju comes to life which takes her on a voyage. This installed happiness in her and she cheered out instantly.

Kingyo Chuuihou

anime is one of your commonwealth of rags and also a rich story introducing an arrogant blonde teenager, farm animals, and a pink goldfish. Chitose Fujinomiya the blonde girl was left with nothing but sorrow and untold debt when her affluent father died. This terrible incident greatly affected her to the extent that she withdrew from her super-elite school and joined a public school that is composed of lower-class students and animals wandering around.

Fortunately, Chitose Fujinomiya’s late dad left with her with only a pink goldfish known as Gyopi which worth a lot of fortunes. Gyopi turns out to be a victim of kidnapping by the Chitose’s family attorney, leading to price tag being placed on his head. As luck would have it, her classmate in the new school come to her rescue from Chitose’s oppression, including a sporty and much-loved girl known as Wapiko who can escape almost anything.

Namiuchigiwa No Muromi-San

, an anime is a weird and dicey comedy centers on a beauty-fishing fledgling angler. A disturbed good looks but a beauty. Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san narrates the story of Mukoujima Takurou, a lonesome teen who reels in a beautiful goddess on his way to a fishing outing. The goddess is being referred to as Muromi-san and she is a renowned sea living being considering her young-looking appearance, inexperience, and wild outbursts. However, a bond was established between the two, and Mukoujima’s life-for better or worse-will never again be dull.

Super Fishing Grander Musashi

Are you more interested in traditional fishing anime? Super Fishing Grander Musashi is an anime that tell a story of a young boy commonly known as Musashi who relocates from the large city of Tokyo to a small settlement in the rural side with his dad which totally against is personal wish. In the face of being sad with his new environment, after sighting a gentleman capturing bony fish with only a bait fish, Musashi becomes fascinated by the decoy fishing.

Musashi fell in love with the sport when he realized that his grandpa was a pronounced bony fishing champ, and turns out to be extremely good at it. Although, musashi is enjoying bass fishing, but his main aim is to use the act of fishing to get closer to his mum who he has not seen in the last three years of his life. However, Fishing Grander Musashi is not just an entertaining anime but also go a long way in lecturing viewers on different fishing skills and techniques.

Orenchi No Furo Jijou

If you are really interested in watching an animated comedy, you can opt for Orenchi no Furo Jijou. This anime talks about a young lad who attends a high school called Tatsumi and also a beautiful mermaid known as Wakasa. His house at the Wakasa Lake has been seriously polluted, this made him sick and no place to call home.

Tatsumi provides him his clean bath as a resting-place that Wakasa kindly accepts. Based on a four-panel manga comedy, the anime is all about the gags that come from these two surreal lifetimes.

Tsurikichi Sanpei

Despite the fact that was released 40 years ago, trust me this anime still remains one of the best to look out for if you are into fishing. The series features over 100 episodes. Tsurikichi Sanpei is a realistic fishing anime that has the same rural settings as Super Fishing Grander Musashi, without the missing mom subplot to spice things up. The anime talks about a young lad who is always happy but extremely passionate when it comes to fishing.

However, the main role is not the most experienced fisherman, but he receive an added advantage over his competitor by his topnotch knowledge of the game. Besides, he is fond of competing in different fishing contests his rural community offer.


is a charming, weird anime. Tsuritama talks about Yuki Sanada, a communally difficult young lad who is regularly on the moving base of his grandmother’s work.

Yuki Sanada is unable to form continuing relationships with somebody and his anxiety of societal relations are constantly getting the best out of him. However, these behavior changes with time when a transfer student known as Haru joined Yuki’s class. Haru show off with a water gun and fishbowl and he is always fond of portraying himself as an outer space alien. In spite of Yuki’s resistance, Haru holds on to him, and the two later entangle with an experienced fisherman known as Natsuki Usami into their tremendous trip.

Gake No Ue No Ponyo

is another common anime produced by Studio Ghibli that demonstrates childhood geniality and surreality. The anime talks about a young lad known as Sousuke who encounters a pretty goldfish that wish to become human. The goldfish is being referred to as Ponyo and because of her love for her new friend; Sousuke, she was able to do some wonderful things. The whole Ghibli series like Gake no Ue no Ponyo is prettily animated and hits the right chords in the center.


This is a critically applauded series of problems facing societal nervousness, societal humiliation, and achievement. is an anime that talks about an 18-year-old otaku known as Tsukimi Kurashita who is extremely passionate and obsessed with the jellyfish. He became furious after viewing an indigenous pet show maltreating jellyfish and attempts to dialogue about it, only to give in to his societal fears. He met a pretty lady called Kuranosuke Koibuchi, and both initiated an unusual friendship. Kuranosuke inspires Tsukimi to become whoever he wishes to be. However, he learned to conquer his lack of confidence with the help of Kuranosuke which later triggered his visions of becoming a designer. 

Diary Of Our Days At The Breakwater

is an intriguing kind of anime that a young girl named Hina Tsurugi and her family who just relocated to an old-fashioned beach city.

Anticipating to enjoy the eye sight of the peaceful sea, Hina come across a beautiful young girl called Yuuki Kuroiwa, a student at her new school who asks Hina to join her to go fishing.

Hina stumbles on an octopus which falls on her. Being scared of bugs and large creatures, she frights and pleads to Yuuki to take it away from her. Yuuki however sees the incident as a way to enforce Hina be part of the school’s Breakwater Club, a club where members will converge to catch fish and consume different kinds of marine animals. This is their activity at the club. She tried not to join the club but failed, Hina starts to fall in love with fishing with time. She later changed her orientation about fishing and now looking forward to having a wonderful fishing experiences with her club members.

Doraemon (1979) Special 1 Benkyo Beya No Tsuribori

This anime narrates a story of Doraemon and his friends. Doraemon is a robot with a cat shape who came from the future. Nobi Nobita, a 10 years old lad happens to be his best friend. Nobi also has a friend named Minamoto Shizuka, they are both in the same class. On this faithful day, Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka are trekking on the street. They stumbled on two of their friends, Gouda Takeshi, also known as Gian, and Honekawa Suneo. They show the trio the fish they caught at a close by river. Doraemon and Nobita went back to Nobis’ home where the live. During lunch, they both ask from Nobita’s mother, Tamako is she could allow Nobita to go fishing, she has never allowed Nobita to go fishing because she believes he is not organized and can fall easily into the river.

Doraemon and Nobita were in the room when Doraemon discovered that he could utilize a device from his fourth-dimensional pocket to carry out something. He brings out a Mobile Fishing Lake, a pair of fishing rod, magic gloves, and chooses a segment of the water. Any fish that is being caught, he utilizes a spray to permit them to swim in the air.

Doraemon changes the part he is fishing to the middle of the sea, giving him the opportunity tosave Nobita from drowning when he fell into the river. He then handed over a pair of scuba diving goggle to Nobita and they both dive to the underneath of water. While swimming, they get in the way of a shark and swim for their lives. The shark catches up with them as they swim back to Nobita’s room and they struggle to fold back the Mobile Fishing Lake.

Doraemon also changes the section to the hot spring. Nobita and Doraemon end up in Shizuka’s bathtub when they jumped into the sea. Shizuka was disturbed while having a shower.

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