Can You Get Fishing License At Walmart?

Definitely, you can! And, cheers to the fact that all states have a branch of Walmart where buying of fishing license is fast and stress-free. All you need in order to obtain a fishing license is just a valid identity card with a photo and proof of residency that will be presented to staff in the sports and outdoors section of Walmart.

What is a Fishing License?

As an individual, you may think that you can just pick up your fishing gears and head out to any water body to hunt fishes. However, it does not work like that. Before you can be allowed to fish, you need a fishing license, which is simply a permit issued to you by the government that you can hunt a particular fish species.

Types of fishing license

1. One-Day Fishing License

2. Freshwater Fishing License

3. Saltwater Fishing License

How To Obtain A Walmart Fishing License?

Visit the store: You can always appear in any Walmart store in the country to obtain fishing license. As a matter of fact, you can buy your license quicker during a shopping binge. 

Apply online: You might fall into the category of busy people that does not have luxury of time to visit Walmart; there is an option to purchase online. Honestly, this is the most stress-free method of buying a license and also the fastest. 

Via phone: This method of obtaining license is restricted to some states. You can reveal the details of your bank card together with other personal information via a phone call. 

By mail: In a situation whereby you cannot obtain a fishing license using any of the aforementioned methods, you can always send a mail to buy you license.

States That Permit Walmart Fishing Licenses

28New HampshireNH
29New JerseyNJ
30New MexicoNM
31New YorkNY
32North CarolinaNC
33North DakotaND
38Rhode IslandRI
39South CarolinaSC
40South DakotaSD
47West VirginiaWV

Things to Consider When getting a Walmart Fishing License

1. In a situation whereby you plan to fish in a group, it is highly required that each member of the group must possess their personal fishing license. If it happens that individuals do not have a license, they are not eligible to fish.

2. If an individual is found guilty of fishing without legal permission, the consequence is to pay a hefty fine or be sent to prison. However, obtaining a fishing license in the US is quite cheap, so why would you want to take the risk of illegal fishing?

3. You have the opportunity of choosing from a number of fishing licenses based on your requests.

4. It is known to most people that the fee of the license differs based on the kind of water body you plan to hunt fishes.

5. Any fishing spot that is yet to be well-defined as a river, ocean, stream, pond, etc. is certain that such a spot will attract a weighty license fee.

6. It actually not required by Walmart that individuals that are applying for a fishing license must undertake any form of the test during the application period. However, individuals will be given a pamphlet that pinpoints the rules and regulations and it is your responsibility to read, understand, and abide without deviation.

7. Always ensure that the spot you chose allows fishing or else, you can be penalized despite the fact that you own a fishing license.

8. Anytime you go fishing whether, in a saltwater or freshwater body, you are not allowed to pollute the water body in any situation. Such dirty acts can adversely have a serious impact on the delicate biome that fishes depend upon. You can be penalized for such actions.

9. Nobody is responsible for your safety! You are. Extra precaution should be taken most especially when you are fishing in a large water body (ocean and river). Make sure you possess all essential safety gear anytime you are fishing.

10. In a situation whereby the weather is not favorable, you are highly forbidden from fishing. Consequently, before you go out fishing at your preferred spot, always check the weather prediction in order to avoid any form of danger that might occur.

11. Even if you possess a fishing license, you are not permitted to hunt endangered species of fish or hunt in a forbidden fishing spot. This action comes with a hefty fine or imprisonment. However, government and Walmart possesses the power to revoke your license and inflict a lifetime sanction that may disallow you from fishing anywhere in the US.

12. Always ensure you put on your lifejacket anytime you are fishing as a novice swimmer. This will go long way in saving your life whenever you fall into the water bodies such as ocean, streams, rivers, etc. 

13. Take note that you dot require a fishing license anytime you are fishing in private water bodies within your property.

Now that you are aware of the whole things you need in order to obtain a fishing license at Walmart. Always ensure that you abide with rules and regulation and also comprehend the phases to secure a license. If you can do this successfully, you will discover that obtaining license from Walmart is not difficult most especially if you apply directly online.

Questions And Answers That May Clear Your Doubt

1. What Is The Purpose Of A Fishing License?

A fishing license serve as a controlling mechanism. It is highly compulsory for both recreational and commercial fishing. Fishing licenses ensure that there are no problems such as exploitation of fish species that are endangered.

2. Can I Show My Fishing License On My Phone?

Yes. You can! You do not need to stress yourself around city looking for license agent to buy your fishing license from.  You can simply go online and request for one! Fishing licenses can probably not be in printed format in as much you can show authorities the photo of your license when requested for.

3. Does Everyone On The Boat Need To Carry A Fishing License?

No, you do not! The rule is easy to comprehend i.e. if you must hunt fish, you will definitely need a fishing license. However, anyone that is not fishing but is on board does not need to possess a license

4. Do You Need A Fishing License To Catch And Release Fish?

Almost all state expect you to buy a fishing license even though you intention is to capture a fish and later release to the water. Be it you just want to keep the fish or not is irrelevant. In as much you are utilizing the land and water, it is highly compulsory for you to pay for the management of the area.

5. Which State Has The Cheapest Fishing License?

Delaware issue the low-cost yearly nonresident fishing license of about $22.50

6. What Is The Fishing License Money Used For?

Any amount of fund realized from fishing license goes directly into the Fish and Wildlife Account. Every dollar made is targeted toward the maintenance and conservation of wildlife present in the water bodies. However, any money realized must not be used for any other thing other than conservation of wildlife species according to the law of the US. Conservation programs such as fish stocking, hatchery programs and lake and river surveys are encouraged 
Delaware has the cheapest annual nonresident license which costs $22.50, while the most expensive one is that of Alaska at $145.

7. How Do I Get A Fishing License If I Do Not Have A Social Security Number?

In a situation whereby you do not own a Social Security Number (SSN), you must submit a statement from the social security administration that will truly verify you do not have Social Security number. Alaska issue the most expensive annual nonresident fishing license that cost $145 while Delaware issue the cheapest of about $22.50. 

8. Can I Get A Fishing License Without An ID?

Before you can be allowed to possess a fishing license in most state, you must have attained a certain age (16-17 years). You must be able to make available your driver’s license or learner’s authorization as a proof of identification. The major importance of presenting your ID is to verify your residency in order ensure you pay for the resident license. This quite cheap and affordable in all states.

9. What Happens If I Forget My Fishing License At Home?

In a situation whereby did not remember to take your fishing license along with you and it is mandatory for you to show it, you can always visit the game warden office in order to verify if you actually possess a license from the head office. However, it can be very risky because they may still decide to penalize you for not having your license with you while fishing.


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