Fishing Social Network Websites, Pages, And Media To Follow And Get Information

As an angler, you need to stay updated with what fellow anglers worldwide are up to, the best fishing equipment, and useful information regarding fishing. There’s no better way to do this than connecting online and on social media sites with other anglers. Social media has made it easy to learn and interact with people of the same interest as you just by a click of a button. In this post, we plug you with the best social media pages, websites, and even influencers to follow useful tips and lessons in fishing. Read on!

Fishing websites such as fish brain, fishing, fish angler, and some Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages are good places to learn, interact with anglers, and brag about your largest catch. 

1. Fishing Social Network Websites

There are numerous sites where anglers can share their stories and tricks about fishing and connect with other anglers. We share some of the best and most popular sites to help you identify one that will tickle your fancy. Some of the sites also have apps that you can install and enjoy various services. Let’s get right into the sites:

2. Fishbrain

Fishbrain is a website that also has an app, and it is amongst the most popular fishing apps in the world. The app aims to provide tools and knowledge to anglers and enable them to increase their catch. Fishbrain allows you to find fishing locations near you, discover the best times to fish and which baits to use, and provide a platform for anglers to socialize and share their fishing memories. A favorite feature on Fishbrain is the fishing map that offers intelligence on where fish could be concentrated. The map acts as your underwater eyes to help you pinpoint any changes in depth. Another awesome feature of the fish brain is the store where you can buy various fishing gear from your favorite brands at great deals.

Link to Fishbrain website:

3. Fishangler 

Fishangler is also a site and app designed to make fishing more fruitful and enjoyable for anglers. They have a community where anglers can interact and share ideas, feature maps, and real-time forecasting to help you explore new fishing spots and catch more fish. The app has advanced map layers that help you explore water bodies showcasing an extensive database of catches, photos, fishing spots, and buoys. 

The app also allows you to log and track your catches, making it easy to revisit your catch history anytime. You can also choose to share or keep your catch history private. Each member also gets a personalized tackle box where you can add your favorite lures and baits. The social network works almost similarly to Facebook in that when you open it; you get a feed with pictures and posts from other anglers; you can choose to filter feeds and get only those that are valuable to you. This app also allows you to create fishing communities and groups and add your fishing buddies.

Link to fish angler site:

4. US Fish Finder

US fish finder is popular with most anglers because it has state-specific sites that focus on details of the local fishing spots. It has finer details about each state that are not easily found on other major fishing sites. You can explore and share knowledge with a community of local anglers with fish finders just by selecting your state. Us fishfinder gives you access to information concerning the majority of topics that are of great interest to anglers, including:

1. Insight on local fishing hot spots

2. Regulations and limits

3. Tracking of fish caught throughout the season

4. Directions and plotting to rivers, lakes, and streams

5. Tide information

6. Information on topography, available fish species, and maps

Link to US fishfinder:

5. Fishidy 

Fishidy is home to thousands of anglers looking to interact and explore new waterways. This site stands out because it is map-based and has over 20k waterways in the US, ranging from streams, saltwater lakes to freshwater lakes. The site is detailed and contains information on the species you can catch at a particular water body, current weather conditions, and fishing reports.  Fishidy is a great social networking platform where you can make new angler friends and follow your favorite anglers while sharing your stories and photos of your catch.

Link to fishery:

6. Fishing  Blogs To Follow

Blogs are nice if you want to get news and information to widen your knowledge of angling and fishing in general. Here are some of our favorite fishing blogs in the US: 

Take me fishing blog:

This blog is ideal for newbies and also seasoned anglers; it has information ranging from the basics of fishing to licenses and where to fish. The blog is written by experts and has information that can be relied on.

Field and stream fishing:

Field and Stream is a blog that features tips and tactics on catching various species and also has fishing gear reviews from experts. This blog is dynamic in that you can also find delicious recipes to prepare some of your largest catches.

Trouts fly fishing:

This blog is the go-to for all-things fly fishing; they offer various destination travel and guided trips and fly fishing classes; they also have an online shop selling and trading-in fishing gear.

7. Facebook Pages And Groups For Anglers

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform that is helpful for billions of people worldwide. You can make Facebook more resourceful for you by following pages and joining communities of people with the same interests as you. You can learn a lot about fishing from Facebook if you make good use of it. Here are some of the groups and pages you should look out for:

1. Midwest Fishing Group

This group targets anglers who fish in midwest waters and surrounding states. You can post your fishing reports, brag about your catch, and ask questions as well as share ideas. This private group has more than 8K members among the most resourceful and interactive platforms you can encounter.

2. Florida Insider Fishing Report

This is a Facebook page by the Florida Insider fishing report Tv show. They have engaging discussions on fishing matters, and you can use the platform to learn, interact with other anglers and make new friends.

Instagrammers To Follow

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that is used to engage with others through sharing memories. You can follow some fishing influencers to get educative and informative feeds that will help you widen your knowledge of fishing. You can also make new friends on Instagram and make new memories. Here are some of our favorite fishing accounts on IG.

1. @senorbassfishing

If you are looking to follow someone who does both freshwater and saltwater fishing, this should be your go-to account. He also has a youtube channel that’s educative and fun to watch.

2. @Tallfishermanj

If you enjoy the catch-and-cook type of content, then this page will have you on insta all day. He also has a youtube channel that you can subscribe to for videos on this guy catching mondo bass.

3. @maggiejo_outdoors

Who said ladies cant have mega catches? Well, this lady from Wisconsin changes the narrative by sharing her big catches of various species.


The internet has made it easy to learn things that interest you and interact with like-minded people. If you love fishing, you’ll love to engage with other anglers and be motivated as you learn and get challenged. Social network sites are a great way of doing this, and you need to take advantage of this. However, when interacting on social media, always have it in mind that people share their ideas and experiences and not professional tips.  We hope that you find a site that interests you from our recommendations.

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