Fishing Spots In Charleston SC

As a city enclosed by tidal creeks and salt marshes, fishing in Charleston, SC, is exceptional. From across the Atlantic, ancient wrecks litter the seafloor farther out, and currents draw in fish. An impressive variety of fish has Charleston waters as their home. In this article, we will take you through the fine details of everything you need to know about the various fishing spots in this city. Are you a resident of this city or just traveled in for your vacation and wondering what fishing spots to explore as an angler? Read through to the end to find out. 

The various fishing spots in Charleston, SC include Comanche Reef, Charleston Jetties, Folly Beach, Gulf Stream, Colonial Lake, Charleston 60’ Reef, and Bulls Bay.

As an angler, have you ever gone fishing in Charleston? What type of fish did you catch? I hope you enjoyed the entire experience, but if you haven’t been there yet, you will add it to your to-do list as soon as you get to the end of this article. Making it more interesting is that you will have at your fingertips the fishing spots that you’d like to visit for the type of fish you are targeting. 

Before we look at the various fishing spots, do you know the types of fish available in Charleston, SC? As an angler, you cannot just set out to fish without any idea of what you will fish for. This is very vital in determining the type of tackle you will choose. 

The Types Of Fish Available In Charleston Fishing Spots:

Types Of Fish Available In Charleston Fishing Spots

Different types of fish can be found in these waters, from cobia to marlin and shrimp to spadefish. Let’s look at some of the available species;

1. Wahoo:

In early spring, this type of fish came crashing. They get smaller as the season goes on and stick around until the end of summer. 

2. Black Seabass:

They are not tautog for Northeasterners. These are slow-growing bottom fish and are well-known as blackfish in Charleston. You cook; they produce flaky white meat and usually hang out around rocky structures and shallow reefs.

3. Red Drum:

When the water’s clear and the weather’s incredible, the most iconic bite is in winter, but they’re good all year round. In the city’s shallows, they grow big and are locally well-known as spot tail bass.

4. Sharks:

Sharpnose sharks and blacktip are the main catches inshore as there are over 30 species of sharks in South Carolina. The bite is best in summer, especially at night, and you can also find bigger species like tiger sharks, hammerheads, and bulls.

5. King Mackerel:

Inside Charleston Harbor itself, artificial reefs, and past the jetties, you can always catch them. Along the tideline, around structure, or near commercial boats, most SC anglers target them by trolling live baits. August heat is the best time to target them and as early as May, continuing well into the fall.

6. Spotted Seatrout:

Waiting to ambush prey, they prefer to hang out around the hedge, but you can also find them in marshes. Fall is the best time to fish for them or when they’re getting ready to spawn in spring. You’ll need to look deeper in holes where they hide from the cold during winter.

What Are Some Of The Fishing Spots In Charleston, SC?

The city is full of fish as it is encircled by water, and wherever you wet your line, you will have a good catch. Constantly producing results, there are some tried and true spots that you can always rely on. Let’s have a look at each of them in detail.

Spot:Description:Type Of Fish:
Comanche ReefLocated offshore, it is a little farther at around 35 miles.In these waters, cobia, grouper, amberjack, kings, red snapper, mahi-mahi, and even wahoo are a catch.
Charleston JettiesYou’ve got to hit the jetties at Charleston Harbor Inlet if you care less about choppy water.Sharks, seabass, trout, tarpon, and black and red drum are a go-to place for them.
Folly BeachBeautiful and productive as it is, this spot is basically for the surf anglers.Seabass, trout, bluefish, and drum are the fish to look for near the lighthouse though shark fishing is banned.
Gulf StreamSeventy miles offshore is where the Gulf Stream starts as you commence your trip.With a chance of billfish, you can catch tuna, wahoo, and mahi-mahi. For tilefish and groupers, you can use otherwise deep drop.
Colonial LakeEven before leaving town in Charleston, the fun begins in this tidal pool.In this spot, mullet, flounder, and red drum are a catch.
Charleston 60’ ReefLocated around 17 miles southeast of the inlet, this is an artificial reef complex.Out here, you can also catch grouper and barracuda, but it is a productive spot for kingfish, cobia, and seabass. 
Bulls BayThis is among the best spots for kayak fishing, but do not fish here in a boat unless you know the area. To explore the bay, launch out of Garris Landing and its environs.Trout and reds are common in this spot.
Mt Pleasant PierThis is one of the longest fishing piers of the southeast tucked under the iconic Ravenel Bridge. It stretches 1,250 feet above the mouth of the Cooper River that drains into Charleston Harbor.You are likely to catch spotted sea trout, black sea bass, whiting, sheepshead, bluefish, and flounder.
Copahee sound (Gadsdenville kayak launch)Providing easy kayak access to the Copahee Sound, the Gadsdenville launch is located thirty minutes from downtown.A possible catch is a trout, flounder, redfish, and bluefish.
Santee State ParkThe Santee Cooper lake system is Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, which is just a little over an hour away from downtown. The lakes offer a large area to fish from a pier, land, or boat as this spot is known for its exceptional catfishing and is home to the state and world record catfish.Welcome to this spot for perch, bass, crappie, and catfish.

Fishing Methods In Charleston:

Fishing Methods In Charleston

How are you intending to fish after finding out the various fishing spots in Charleston? It is essential to find this out for effective fishing. Based on the species you are targeting, the budget, and taste, there are several ways to work these waters, and a few of them might suit you. Read on to find out.

1. Kayak Fishing:

To find more varied fishing grounds, this is an easy way to escape the grounds, and it might be up your alley. Dropping lines over the sheepshead’s inshore structure, beginners can paddle through the marshes, searching for tailing reds. For big game species and kingfish, skilled yakkers often head farther out. Unless you’re a pro, it’s better to fish close to the land because the weather turns quickly in the Lowcountry.

2. Surf Fishing:

While also enjoying the beach, surf fishing makes it advantageous for family anglers as it lets you get in a few casts. There’s a chance of much more other than bluefish, sheepshead, and pompano, but the significant targets are whiting, trout, flounder, and red drum. Determined to eat every bait you throw out; you may spend the whole day struggling with rays. 

3. Charter Fishing:

if you want to enjoy fishing around Charleston, charters are simply the absolute best way. It saves you years of trial and error, and you reach more remote spots for the big fish as you do it with a local guide. They are either party boat trips or private charters, and most of them are based in Mount Pleasant and Folly Beach. Party boats are more straightforward, but you get much less from the trip as they offer the captain’s undivided attention, complete flexibility, and a quality tackle. In contrast, the private charters provide the whole VIP experience.

4. Pier Fishing:

For people who want to catch some fish, piers are just perfect. You get a severe increase in hookups, but you won’t get the outdoor experience surf fishing offers. What you catch is dependent on the pier size, as the smaller ones are best for crab, flounder, drum, sheepshead, and trout. Shark fishing is always against the fishing piers rules, but you can get to the deeper waters for king mackerel, cobia, and seabass, plus all the smaller fish. You can fish for free at several piers in Charleston or go to the paid docks for full service with restaurants and tackle shops.


You can find fish in these excellent spots, from monster wahoo in the deep to bull redfish inshore. I assure you that very few fishing spots compare to Charleston, for they are great places for the best experience. Start packing up for your trip to these fine places and enjoy the memorable experience. Happy Fishing!

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