Fort Collins Vs. Colorado Springs- Which Is Better To Hike?

Are you looking for the best hiking trail in Colorado? Fort Collins and Colorado Springs may have popped into your mind, but you may still be undecided between the two. Every town has its advantages and disadvantages. One person may prefer hiking in Fort Collins, while another person may find Colorado Springs better. We will outline what to expect in these areas to decide which route to take depending on your preferences.

Why Hike In Fort Collins?

If you are a Fort Collins resident, you know that all the beautiful hikes are less than an hour away. Fort Collins is the heart of the micro-brewing scene in Colorado. Therefore, you will find plenty of breweries to enjoy, but there are plenty of hikes to take around the town before hitting these breweries.

Best Hikes Near Fort Collins

Best Hikes Near Fort Collins

Coyote Ridge Trail

Coyote Ridge Trail is located on the outskirts of the town. Hiking along this trail will expose you to abundant wildlife and the unique geology of Colorado. The distance along this trail is around 4.1 miles with an elevation gain of 564 feet, thus easy for any hiker. If you prefer longer trips, you can link different tracks from the summit. The wildlife along this route makes the scenery beautiful.

The “A” Trail

This trail covers 4.1 miles and an elevation gain of 565 feet. You will hike up to the Historic “A” landmark painted over the Horsetooth Reservoir. You will follow the Foothills Trail from Maxwell Natural Area until the landmark experiencing the beautiful city below. 

You will also find plenty of places to set up a picnic in this area, although you may find rattlesnakes within the vicinity. The trail is perfect sunrise and sunset hike because of the perch around the city and reservoir.

Greyrock Trail

The Greyrock Trail is a favorite among the locals. The trail covers a distance of 7.1 miles with an elevation gain of 2421 feet. If you want to do a full-day hike, this is the place to be. You will enjoy the sweeping foothills, mountain views, creek crossings, and other beautiful scenery along the trail.

Arthur’s Rock Trail

The hike goes into Lory State Park, along the Horsetooth Reservoir, up to Arthur’s Rock. This trail covers a 3.4 miles distance and an elevation gain of 1100 feet. If you are searching for stunning views, this relatively short hike offers just that and is a perfect day hike outing. Since the walk is fairly straightforward, you should not worry about the steepness. You can take breaks in between the hike to view the flora and fauna as you catch your breath along the way.

Reservoir Ridge Trail

This is one of the bike trails with less traffic where you can enjoy some peace and stunning views while biking around town. The trail covers a distance of 4.8 miles with an elevation gain of 649 feet. You may also explore the trails surrounding the Horsetooth Reservoir along with the surrounding foothills area.

Coyote Ridge Natural Area

The Coyote Ridge Natural Area is a super easy-to-reach trail. The trail is located 8 miles from the old town on the southern side of the Horsetooth Reservoir. Taking this trail will see you enjoy a variety of habitats. The path is open daily for cyclists and hikers, although overnight camping is not allowed.

Why Hike In Colorado Springs?

Why Hike In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has always been a hub for people who relish the outdoors. Its natural beauty allows hikers to trail throughout and around the city all year long. Colorado Springs is close to the mountains and is home to nifty natural landmarks such as the Cave of the Winds. Some of the popular trails in Colorado Springs include:

Red Rock Canyon

If you are a visitor, you will enjoy the Red Rock Canyon trail as it is pretty easy to walk, and its sights are spectacular. The path is splendid all year round, and you can take a day hike any time. The trail also welcomes pets on a leash, making it an ideal place to exercise with your furry friend. If you enjoy biking, you will also appreciate the long, challenging trails at Red Rock.

Garden Of The Gods

This locals’ favorite trail can be crowded, but with around 21 miles of track, the route always has something for everybody. Kids will enjoy climbing the Siamese Twin Trails along its keyhole rocks. No matter your spot in this park, you will easily find your way to a road as the hiking trail is simple.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

The Cheyenne Mountain State Park is located on the southwest side of the town. The trail is an all-year-round gem in El Paso County and a home to nearly 20 miles of trails and stunning campsites. The routes will get more challenging as you climb the mountain, but the scenery will become more beautiful. You will love the twinkling of the Colorado Springs lights while hiking.

The mountain is one of the best areas to visit with your family as you can all go for a guided tour along with the forests.

Bear Creek Canyon

Active hikers who want to see things while adventuring will find Bear Creek Canyon a fantastic trail for hiking. You can take different routes from the Jones Park Meadow as you enjoy the scenery of the old mining tunnels, waterfalls, and bridges. The hiking trail is an adventurer’s paradise. If you would like to picnic along the path, you will be spoilt for perfect places to picnic.

Fort Collins Vs. Colorado Springs- Which Is Better To Hike

Both cities are perfect for hiking as they all have beautiful trails for hikers. Your decision will depend on how many miles you want to cover or the kind of scenery you want to enjoy. Both areas have their advantages, but if it’s hard to make up your mind you could take turns to hike both cities,


If hiking is a plan on your to-do list, you should consider visiting Fort Collins or Colorado Springs. Both cities have stunning scenery that you will enjoy while hiking. There are a variety of hiking routes in both cities, and you can choose which one you feel more comfortable trailing.

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