How To Effectively Perform A Front Flip On Trampoline And Safety Precautions

Doing a front flip on a trampoline seems like a super simple thing to do; however, it can be a little bit hard if you are a beginner. Sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself by jumping as high as possible and trying to flip back with the same intensity. It can be pretty exciting and thrilling, although challenging at first. However, after a few attempts, you will make it. It’s good to learn new moves and tricks. Doing flips and tricks is fun for all ages and skill levels. But, for those who feel tired looking like a beginner and would like to take their skills to the next level, one advanced trick you can try is the front flip

To do a front flip, you will need to warm up first, learn the drills, jump high, thrust your arms forward and land with the arms in front of you. Read on to learn more about this trick.

How To Do A Flip On The Trampoline

How To Do A Flip On The Trampoline

Start By somersaulting

Before attempting a front flip, you should begin by mastering the somersault first to feel the motion. Somersaulting is relatively easy. You only need to roll forward on the trampoline onto the back, and then pick yourself up onto the feet. 

If you start by learning this trick first, you will get a feel for the rolling forward motion you require to do the front flip successfully. Practice somersaulting over and over again to a point where you can do it quickly and successfully without falling or even thinking about it.

Jump Into The Somersault 

After mastering the somersault, try to do a similar trick but lightly jump into it this time. This means that you have to start the somersault by jumping forward instead of starting it by rolling forward and then landing on your back. 

The trick looks like a regular somersault, although it adds a jump into the rolling motion. Ensure that you are committing to the jump at first to rotate enough to land on the back, not on the head or neck.

Learn The Flipping Motion

Since you can now jump and somersault, you are ready to learn the complete flipping technique. You will realize that the motion needed to flip is almost similar to jumping somersault, although instead of rolling forward on the ground, you will have to roll forward in the air.

 Begin by bouncing and get some good air and when ready, flip the body like you have to in a somersault landing on the back. If you need extra practice, you can try another trick known as the front handspring because it has a very similar motion to a somersault or the front flip.

Learn To Fall Correctly

Before you become a pro, you should spend some time perfecting the flipping technique and landing on the back before trying to land a front flip so that you will know how to fall correctly. Ensure that you get plenty of repetitions in so you are familiar with the flipping motion.

 It will also help you understand how you can fall comfortably on your back if you make a mistake.

This way, when you try to land and do it incorrectly, you will not hurt yourself but fall on the back safely like you’ve done some practice. Some people have access to a foam pit like those found in trampoline parks; you can flip into one as it’s a great way to practice that flipping motion while also reducing the risk of injury. Moreover, it helps in making it extra fun.

Land On The Feet

You can land on the first front flip after mastering the flipping motion and landing on the back. Bounce a little higher than you did when you were practicing so you can get enough air to do a full rotation.

 It would help if you did it as fast as possible when you started flipping. Combining the extra air and fast flipping motion will help you rotate fully in the air before landing and coming down on the feet. Keep the knees bent as you land, so it’s easier to keep yourself steady.

Extra Tips To Land Feet First

If landing on your feet first is a problem, you can start by jumping high and flip faster till you can fully rotate before you come down so that you will land on the feet. If you still land on your back, it means that you are not flipping fast enough.

 It would help if you tried to jump higher and flip more quickly. Likewise, if you are landing on the stomach, it means that you are flipping too fast and that you should rotate a bit slower.

Making It Better

After consistently landing on the feet, you should start cleaning it up to improve your form. The easiest way to do the trick is tucking legs into the arms by hugging knees while rotating in the air. 

Doing this will make you more compact and aerodynamic and allow you to spin faster. Tucking the legs will help you flip quicker and make the flip looker more incredible and impressive.

Precautions To Take Before Doing Tricks On A Trampoline

Before you try any trick on a trampoline, you should be comfortable and confident before you jump. Beginners should start with easy tricks before moving on to the more advanced tricks like the front flip. Once you gain more confidence and become more committed, you will do the trick much quicker.

 If you still have trouble getting it right, the best thing to do is practice jumping more often. The more you jump, the more confident you will get. Don’t do a front flip with other people on a trampoline as you may bump into each other.

 Ensure you are all alone and have someone watch you as you practice to help if anything goes wrong.


After learning it on the trampoline, a front flip is a fun trick that you can do in other sports. Front flips are usually more complex than backflips, and therefore, before doing it, you must ensure that you are entirely comfortable.

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