Reasons Why Garmin Watches Are Costly Than Fitbit

Have you ever wondered why Garmin watches outrank Fitbit in cost? Fitbit’s features are for casual customers, but Garmin’s have triathlete mode used during races, and athletes mostly. It also works for moderate fitness enthusiasts. The Garmin watches align with advanced sport metrics. Garmin has exceptional features like smartwatch capabilities, heart rate monitoring, synchronizing an exclusive Garmin connect app, detecting running, cycling, and your general environmental viability. The many advanced features make Garmin watches very costly. However, Fitbit has basic features suited for a regular customer. 

What Justifies Garmin Watches’ Expensive Price Tag?

Garmin watches are made of a premium material. The primary material used is fiber-reinforced polymer, which is very expensive. Additionally, Garmin has advanced technology that tracks your physical activities, monitors your heart rate, and determines your activity level. 

The wrist Garmin watch has a well-devised Garmin app that can connect to all your communication channels that assist in notifications. The smartwatch notifies you of the best physical activity you can conduct in your current environment. Moreover, the Garmin watch lasts for five years or more.  

This article diversely explains the significant features of the Garmin fitness tracker and its uniqueness. We have also peeked into the Fitbit territory and compared the two gadgets for you to make an informed choice. Keep reading!

What Unique Feature Can You Expect In A Garmin Watch?

What Unique Feature Can You Expect In A Garmin Watch

Garmin offers a wide range of technology features for its different users ranging from casual fitness enthusiasts to committed athletes. Garmin offers various types of watches to cater to all needs. All of their watches have technological advancements that help their wearers track their fitness journey.

Here are the unique features that give Garmin an edge:

1. Smart Watch Capabilities

The beautiful thing about Garmin watches is that they provide notifications through text messages, emails, and phone calls. 

You have an app that connects to your social media accounts and notifies you through social media alerts. The feature allows you to track your fitness all the time.

2. Heart Rate Monitoring

The majority of the Garmin watch offers heart monitoring through chest strap or via wrist monitoring strap on the watch. Wrist monitoring is more convenient and does not require extra equipment, unlike the chest strap. 

The chest strap is more accurate but cumbersome to wear. Heart rate monitoring is an essential routine for athletes as it is vital for those willing to take control of their health.

3. Synchronizing With Garmin Connect  

The Garmin watches can track and display a list of data for your workout and fitness levels. To see this, you connect your Garmin watch to the app, Garmin Connect, to view a complete picture of the data. After an exercise, the app shows you classified information on running path, exact mileage, heart rate, and other statistics. 

The app helps you review your heart rate and your activity levels over a while. It also sees your long-term fitness goals and your level.

4. Tracking Running

Different Garmin watches have various capabilities, and each fulfills the needed tracking. The watch has GPS monitoring to help dedicated runners keep careful track of their routine workouts. Some Garmin watches also provide post-run metrics that show your body’s recovery process. It also offers a spot on heart rate after a run.

5. Cycling Auto Detection

Most Garmin watches have a feature that includes automatically detecting cycling. The watch immediately auto-detects the wearer’s mode, thus tracking your cycling activity. The importance of this feature is that it saves you time reprogramming the watch to your desired action.

6. Body Battery

Amazingly, Garmin has an advanced feature that uses heart rate variability and activities to measure the person’s energy level throughout the day. The Garmin has number calculations from one to a hundred. 

The higher number indicates a higher energy level. A higher energy level tells you to work out; a lower energy level advises rest and not attempting any intense workout.

7. Barometric Altimeter, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, And Thermometer.

The Garmin models have advanced features for athletes with intense physical activities who want information about their physical environment and physical fitness. Given this information, the athletes can understand how they react to environmental circumstances.

Garmin Watches VS. Fitbits-How Do They Compare?

Fitbit is best suitable for everyday activities as it has fewer features than Garmin. Garmin is more known for fitness smartwatches with more advanced features than Fitbit. Serious athletes should make use of the Garmin app. 

Garmin has infiltrated the market as it immediately provides your activity information on social media outlets and a GPS tracker of your surroundings and locations. 

The two wearable devices almost look similar, but what majorly differentiates them is the kind of data you crave from the gadget.  Sportspeople religiously embrace Garmin watches, whereas fitness fanatics stick with Fitbit.

Why Wear A Garmin Watch?

Why Wear A Garmin Watch

A Garmin watch is like a tiny computer device attached to your arm to access your biometric database information. It tracks daily physical activities while sending notifications of any abnormality to your heart rate. 

The reports are through an app, Garmin connect. Moreover, the app notifies and helps you review your heart rate, activity levels, and your workouts over a certain period. Most Garmin watches boast different features, and all of them provide the ultimate activity tracking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Superior between Garmin Watches and Fitbits?

This question doesn’t have a straightforward answer. The suitability of each gadget solely hinges on the end-user. Garmin’s cost is justified by a wide variety of features and is the perfect choice for sportspeople, while Fitbits are a favorite of health enthusiasts.

What Limitations Do Garmin Sports Watches Have?

The first limitation of the Garmin watch is the cost. The most advanced features are very costly compared to other brands.

The watch lacks the advanced music synchronizing services that other watches offer.


Garmin watches are ideal for sports enthusiasts or athletes. Garmin is the ultimate fitness tracker app that can walk with you on your fitness journey. Casual fitness trainers can also get the most out of the Gamin sports watch. If you want a reliable fitness tracker, Garmin is there for you. However, Fitbit devices don’t lag in these endeavors. Both devices work great depending on the desired goal.

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