How Long Does It Take To Get A Fishing License?

Generally in the United States, fishing licenses can be applied within the four corners of your comfort zone via the official website in a few minutes.  More so, you can print it but this attracts extra money because of how it is expected to look like. While applying online, there are things you have to put into consideration such as state name (i.e. your location at the time of application) and resident type (i.e. are you a bona fide resident or non-resident of your current location). Giving rapt attention to details in order to carefully choose options that best fit your reasons for getting a fishing license. Options like the desired period, targeted species, dates, correct basic information about you, and your driver’s license number. Failure to correctly enter the aforementioned details will lead to applying afresh as this will attract another payment from you. However, there are special catch cards for you to fish trout and snook in Tennessee and Florida water bodies respectively.

Washington Shell Fishing And Fishing Licenses

As a non-resident or resident of Washington, it is required of you to possess a fishing license to enable fish from the water bodies as well as if you are 15 years of age or older. However, a fishing license is not required if you are to hunt for bullfrogs, common carp, relic shells collection and crawfish.

Targeted species such as Puget Sound Dungeness crab, salmon, halibut, steelhead and sturgeon requires a catch logbook card to keep track of your harvest. More so, everyone younger than 15 years who is willing to fish must possess a catch logbook card. Consequently, all catch logbook cards are to be submitted to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) at the stipulated deadline with or without catch.

Buying A Fishing License

A fishing license can be purchased either through a phone call (360-902-2464), a license store within the state or online via the official website. License purchased via phone or online could take up to ten days before getting into your mail. However, having an email address connected to a WILD ID enable you to have a temporary license to be used within the space of the 10 days. As this will be send through your email address. Also, neither tags nor catch logbook cards can be acquired temporarily. If by any chance you earnest need a catch logbook card or tag, you can easily purchase one through the license dealers available locally.

It is a general law in the states that either buying online, via phone call or in person it is expected of you to provide your social security number.

Fishing License Types And Fees

There are numerous benefits or opportunities you can get from Washington ranging from diversity of wildlife to fish species. In view of this, possessing a license will enable you enjoy and explore the benefits within the state.

Types of license

Combination License: These grant you the access to fish both in marine and freshwater bodies, and harvest seaweed and shellfish (including razor clams).

Freshwater License: Such are used to explore freshwater resources only.

Saltwater License: This can only be used to fish in marine waters only.

Shellfish/Seaweed License: This allows you to fish for oyster, shrimps, coastal Dungeness crab (but not Puget Sound Dungeness crab), scallops, squid, sea urchins, razor clams, goose barnacles, seaweed, sea cucumber, red rock crab, hard-shell and soft-shell clams. Likewise, a record card is not required.

1-3 Day Combination Licenses: It serves similar function combination license does and acquire endorsements where relevant. However, they are not acceptable for sport fish for the eight-day period starting the fourth Saturday in April. Contrarily, a resident military staff that is in-service can makes use of this license on consecutive days.

Razor Clam License: This is valid as a three-day temporary or annual license where you are allowed to harvest razor clams. Possessed a combination or shellfish/seaweed license, you do not need to acquire such a license.

Fish Washington License: This license is purchased at a reduced price included with two-pole endorsements and Puget Sound Dungeness crab which serve as a one-time choice for an annual combination license.

Some Of The License Types And Their Cost
Annual FreshwaterCost
Residents (16-69 years)$ 29.50
Non-Residents (16-69 years)$ 84.50
Senior Resident (70 years and above)$ 7.50
Youth (15 years)Annual combo must be purchased
Disabled ResidentMust possess an annual combo
A Non-Disabled VeteranAnnual combo must be purchased
Annual Marine Water 
Resident (16-69 years)$ 30.05
Non-Resident (16-69 years)$ 59.79
Senior Resident (70 years)$ 8.05
Youth (15 years)Must possess an annual combo
Disabled ResidentAnnual combo must be purchased
A Non-Disabled VeteranAnnual combo must be purchased
Annual Seaweed/Shellfish
Resident (16-69 years)$ 17.40
Non-Resident (16-69 years)$ 36.10
Senior Resident (70 years)$ 7.50
Youth (15 years)Annual combo must be purchased
Disabled ResidentMust possess an annual combo
A Non-Disabled Veteran$ 35.00
Annual Fish Washington
Resident (16-69 years)$ 69.55
Non-Resident (16-69 years) 
Senior Resident (70 years) 
Youth (15 years) 
Disabled Resident 
A Non-Disabled Veteran 
Catch Record Cards
Resident (16-69 years)Free for the first card while additional cards attract $ 12.60 each
Non-Resident (16-69 years) 
Senior Resident (70 years) 
Youth (15 years) 
Disabled Resident 
A Non-Disabled Veteran 
Annual Razor Clam
Resident (16-69 years)$ 14.10
Non-Resident (16-69 years)$ 21.80
Senior Resident (70 years)$ 14.10
Youth (15 years)Annual combo must be purchased
Disabled ResidentMust possess an annual combo
A Non-Disabled Veteran$21.80

Residency Criteria 

A Washington resident must meet specific requirements to be qualified for a fishing license.

1. Uphold a Washington permanent residential status for no less than 90 days within the state before purchasing a fishing license.

2. An identification card (ID)

3. A driver’s license

4. A military ID with a mandate showing duty station as Washington.

5. Failure to possess the aforementioned criteria, it is expected of you to approach the WDFW licensing office or website to supply alternative documentation to enable you to fish within the state.

6. Holding a Washington residential license, you are not license to hunt or fish in another state.

Catch Record Card

The catch logbook card is an essential management tools for estimating halibut, salmon, steelhead and Puget Sound Dungeness recreational catch.

However, according to law, it is require of you to go along with the catch logbook card whenever you are out to fish for these species. More so, appropriately enter the number of crab or fish catch per time. With or without catch, anglers are expected to return the catch logbook card on or before the inscribed date on the card (WAC 220-56-175 and WAC 220-69-236). For Puget Sound Dungeness Crab catch card to be issued, you must purchase a special catch logbook card for its endorsement.

Questions You Might Need Answers For;

1. Can You Get A Fishing License At Walmart Anytime?

The biggest advantage that comes with getting a Walmart fish license is that you can acquire it at any time within the regular Walmart fishing license store working hours. However, this can vary with the peculiarities of each state. Always use a locator to enable you to know and check with the nearest Walmart fishing license store.

2. How Much Is A One Day Fishing License At Walmart?

Your residential status at the time of application determines the cost of obtaining a Walmart fishing license. Visitors and residents purchasing a one-day fishing license cost $11 while visitors who he or she is willing to go for an annual fishing license at Walmart cost $40. More so, for tourist who is willing to possess a fishing permit for 3 days will pay a price of $19.

3. How Long Does It Take To Get A Fish License In Ontario?

In Ontario, residents can acquire fishing license and outdoors card via phone at 1-800-288-1155. However, if you wish to renew via phone, your fishing license and outdoor cards will get to you through mail within 20 days. Without your plastic card, you can neither fish nor hunt in Ontario water bodies until its arrival.

4. How Long Does It Take To Get A Fishing License In Florida?

This is depends on factors such as are you a Florida resident or non-resident? Residents are entitled for a long-term license, while visitors who are willing to acquire a Florida fishing license are allowed to purchase a 3 to 7 days fishing license.

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