Why Do Hiking Boots Usually Come With Red Laces?

The laces of your hiking boots are a huge deal as they contribute to many things as you hike, including protection, comfort among others. If you own a pair of hiking boots, you have probably noticed that they have red laces. But what role do these colored laces play? The reason hiking boots have red laces is that they are stylish, offer visibility near hunters, and pay respect to the old-school outdoor shoelaces. However, not all hiking boots have red color, although this may seem like a past trend that has existed for some time.

Reasons Why Hiking Boots Have Red Laces

There are many reasons why hiking boots come in red laces. Most people think it’s normal, although the trend has a purpose. Below are a few reasons why your hiking boots have red laces.

1. Differentiating Between Work Boots And Hiking Boots

One main reason hiking boots have red laces is to distinguish them from all other boots, including work boots. Long ago, when hiking became popular, most people wanted to identify with this culture. They wanted others to know that they hike, but their boots were similar to work boots. Therefore, manufacturers help differentiate hiking boots from work boots by adding red laces. So, when you wear hiking boots, people will know that they are not for working and walking but hiking.

Hiking boots make the wearer look good and give off a sense of adventure. The red laces are attractive and add color to boring hiking boots. Hiking boots also look better than work boots as they are stylish, and when going for hikes, people will know that your main goal is hiking and not any other activity. With these boots, you can spot a hiker from a large crowd of boot wearers, and they instantly give off an adventure vibe.

On the downside, the red laces are too obvious. They can make you stand out too much on the trails since the red color is too bright and can be spotted from many miles away. The red laces can draw much attention and ruin a perfect hike, especially if you want to hike without attracting any attention. If you don’t like the bright-colored red laces, you may choose other earth-toned colors to avoid drawing attention.

2. Informing People Of Your Presence

Hiking shoes have red laces to allow visibility. Some people get lost when hiking and may be mistaken for animals by hunters. It’s hard to notice other people on the trail, especially when their outfits camouflage nature. Red is a glaring color that people can notice from miles away. Therefore, hunters will be more careful if they notice red laces and will take time to determine whether it’s a person or an animal before they shoot.

Moreover, red laces can help in locating a wanderer on the trail. That’s why it’s essential to hike in colorful clothes for easy visibility. Since red is a bold color, it’s hard to miss. Therefore, the red laces will contribute to safety.

The downside of wearing red laces is that they easily get dirty. Dirt can easily stick on them, and compel you to wash them the soonest possible to make them last longer. When your boots’ laces get dirty on the trail, they may ruin your style as they become glaring almost immediately.

3. Style Purposes

Red laces are also meant for style purposes, especially when wearing a leather hiking boot. Since red is bright, it adds a touch of style and brightness to your boots, making them fashionable. The red color pops on your fitness and the outfit as a whole. Red laces could also make ugly hiking boots more appealing.

You can buy several red laces as one pair may fade faster due to frequent wash. Having a few pairs will save you from trying to achieve a stylish look with faded laces. It would be wise to go for neutral colors to match your hiking boots, so you don’t look like a clown on the trail. If well done, you can get an attractive look with red laces and stylish hiking gear.

Are Hiking Laces Necessary For Hiking Boots?

Are Hiking Laces Necessary For Hiking Boots

It’s always essential to protect your feet while hiking on the trail. Therefore, you need proper boots, which brings about the need to have durable and long-lasting laces. Your type of footwear will determine whether or not you will need laces for your boots.

If your boots have straps, you may not need laces, but if the boots are tailor-made for laces, then you will need to put them on. Ensure you secure your hiking boots with laces to enjoy the following benefits:

Ensuring The Boots Fit Properly And Securely– it’s essential to have your boots firmly held to the feet to ensure that they don’t become too loose and come off.

Providing Fancy Bright Colors– bright colored laces make you visible to hunters when hiking, and they are also catchy and fanciful. Therefore, fashionistas love them to add style to their look.

Providing Additional Durability- Some laces are elastic and suitable for hiking boots because they remain at the perfect tension since they are flexible and will expand with the movement of the feet, allowing maximum comfort. Elastic laces also stretch when the feet start to swell to ensure that you do not restrict the feet in the shoe. This keeps the circulation flowing properly and prevents the tingling sensation that hikers experience when they tie their laces too tight.

You can adjust elastic laces any time you want since they are held securely and won’t come undone as you hike. They are helpful in the winter months when the hands are too cold to fiddle around with the standard laces.


Red laces have a long history with hiking shoes. Whether you like an old-school appearance or safety standards, the laces will not go away any time soon. Hiking boots laces are red because they are more visible when hiking. They are also easy to clean and offer a stylish look when perfectly paired. If you are looking for boots’ laces, you should consider buying red ones as they are bright and makes you more visible.

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