Hiking In Austin Texas- A Detailed Guideline

Austin boasts some of the best sceneries and hiking trails in the world. If you are into hiking, Austin offers quite a range of fantastic hiking options that will impress you. You can choose to either hike uphill, downhill or on flat and slow-paced hiking trails. You can be amazed by the number of restaurants and nightlife in Austin, but did you know that numerous hiking trails surround the city? Whichever direction you take from the city, be it North, South, East, or west, you will find a scenic hiking trail that will give you the best experience.

Can I Hike In Austin During Summer?

Hike In Austin During Summer

Although summers in Austin are usually warm, you can hike with confidence on the trails along with water bodies and creeks. Most of the hike trails in Austin also doubles as bike trails. Below is a list of the best scenic trails in Austin that you will find unforgettable.

A Guide To Sociable Scenic Hiking Trails In Austin

1. ST. Edward Park

The ST. Edwards Park is a hidden park located northwest of Austin, and it boasts the best hiking trails. Besides the park offering tantalizing hill country sceneries, it also features trails for trail runners and bikers. Suppose you enjoy hiking with your dog, the ST. Edward Park is an ideal place for you.

The park features two main trails, both leading to and from Bull creek. The two trails are; the Creek trail and the Hill trail.

Of the two trails, the Creek trail is considered to be easy and family-friendly. The creek trail consists of a 2-mile trip that offers hikers the view of sheer rock surfaces along the Bull Creek. 

The Hill trail is the most challenging hiking trail of the two. It starts at the parking, where you will follow the track called “TrailHead.”  From here, you will cross the Bull Creek and be taken around the park’s perimeter using different small trails originating from the loop. The trail leads you to the starting point of your hiking adventure.

It will be prudent to take a trail map picture at the parking area using your phone to minimize the chances of being confused by the multiple trails that branch off the two main tracks.

2. Barton Creek Greenbelt

This hiking site is situated in the southern part of Austin. It features a swimming hole known as the Campbell’s Hole, which has few parking spaces and doesn’t receive many visitors.

The first 1.2 miles of this busy hiking trail are wide, flat, and slightly shaded. Cyclists enjoy using this trail because it is wide enough to accommodate them.

If you hike for 1.4 miles from the main access spot, along Texas highway, you will find yourself at the Gus Fruh, a deep swimming hole enjoyed by visitors to the greenbelt. This hole is a fantastic feature if you enjoy venturing into swimming while hiking.

Your hiking will also take you through the twin falls trailhead, then further down to the Barton Creek itself. At the end of Barton Creek, you will encounter the end of the trail. This point is famously referred to as the Hill of Life and Trails End.

3. Mckinney Falls State Park

Mckinney Falls States Park lies to the east of downtown Austin, and it is full of waterfalls and limestone pools. The waterfalls make the hiking trails in this park spectacular, unlike any other hiking trail.

Outdoor enthusiasts in Austin love Mckinney because of its numerous activities and natural beauty. Besides hiking, this park is also famous for swimming and bike riding. The park boasts 80 camping sites equipped with electricity and running water for hikers desiring to stay overnight.

Trails At Mckinney Falls State Park

1. The Onion Creek Hike and Bike Trail

The onion creek trail is a 2.8-mile trail that passes through the Onion Creek. This famous creek consists of a waterfall plus a magnificent swimming hole. The trail is not only best for hiking, but bike riders find it easy to use too.

2. Rock Shelter Trail 

The rock shelter Trail offers beautiful scenery of wildflowers during the flowering season. The view stretches for 6 miles, and it is flat, thus easy to hike. Besides hiking, trail runners find it amazing.

3. Homestead Trail

the Homestead trail is a challenging but most exciting trail of them all. It covers 3.1 miles and bypasses Mkinney’s historical spots such as the Smith Family Picnic Table, the Gristmill, and Mackney Homestead. Besides hiking, the famous Homestead trail is also open for bikers.

4. Picnic Trail

The Picnic trail stretches for half a mile and connects you to Gristmill Spur Trail and eventually the Homestead Trail. In other words, it is a shortcut to the Homestead Trail.

Other trails at Mckinney Falls State Park are the Flint Rock Loop Trail which stretches 1.5 miles. From this Trail, you can connect to another trail known as Williamson Creek Trail, a moderate trail covering 1.1 miles.

6. Mayfield Nature Preserve

The Mayfield Nature Preserve is a romantic hiking site in Austin that boasts charming amenities. At the entrance, you will be amazed by a cottage of the 19th century, precisely, the 1870’s era. Lovely flower gardens and palm trees beautify the walking trails. 

While hiking, your eyes will be mesmerized by loads of peacocks that seem to be everywhere. The presence of lily and koi fish ponds at this site amplifies the beauty of the site. Generally, you will be hiking while enjoying nature at its best.

Hiking at the historic Mayfield nature preserve is a worthwhile course as the 21-acre park boasts beautiful sceneries, including wildlife. Another endearing feature at this park is the availability of a picturesque cottage open to event rentals and wedding events. Honestly, the park is a romantic site for hikers.

Where Do You Stay While Hiking In Austin, Texas?

Austin boasts some of the best hotels where you can stay while exploring the absolute beauty of the city. Among the best hotels to choose from are; Hotel Zaza Austin, Lake Austin Spa Resort, and Omni Barton Resort & Spa.

While in Austin, you will fall in love with Tacos. Some of the Taco Joints to nourish you are; Nixta, Taquieria, and Discada. Don’t forget to sample homemade Tortillas and Salsas while you are in Austin.

The Takeaway

Austin has you covered if you are a hiker who loves nature, historical, and romantic hiking sites. The best you can do is identify the best place that appeals to your hiking desires and enjoy your hiking adventure.


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