How Do Fishing Net Work?

Well it’s quite straightforward, the type and weight of fish you intend to capture is dependent on your fishing net and how you utilize it. Thus, a fishing net is a set of woven thread forming a mesh. As you lift the fish out of the water using net, the water drains through the netting and the fish remain in the net.

Two Main Types

Passive Network

For this kind of fishing net, the principle involves taking advantage of the behavior of fishe. Thus, you will leave these fishes with no option which gives you the opportunity to trap them.

Active Network           

This type involves you chasing the fishes in order to trap them in the net.

However, a fishing net is built from nylon, silk or any converted malleable materials.

A fishing net is made up of silk, nylon, or any malleable material that is converted. There are several types of fishing nets which include:

Cast Net

For the net to spread excellently on the surface of the water, you are have to throw them properly. It is the weight at edges that causes the net to sink to the bottom. In order to ensure that the net remains open whenever you sink it, the material used in making the net must be of quality.

Drag Net

As the name implies, it is a simple concept of catching fish whereby you drag the net underneath the base of the water body you are fishing in. Remember that the weight you attach to the net will enable you to hold it down as you drag it before capturing the fish.

Drive-In Net

The most efficient way to utilize this net is basically by taking advantage of the behavior of the fish luring them to swim in the direction of the net. Immediately you confirm that the fish are inside the net, you quickly shut the front part of the net to ensure fish are trapped

Gill Net

You will find out that this type of net utilizes the advantage of the physical nature of the fish. You will then capture the fishes as they try to move via the net, this is where their gills become trapped by the net. The upper part of the net floats as the net is held down to the base by the mass you attach.

Hand Net

You will discover this as to be the easiest of all nets. All you have to do is to affix a hopping net to a handle.  You then haul it in the water, capturing fishes that swim at the top of the water body.

Bottom Trawl

In this system, you only need to make use of a conical net that will be affixed to one or more boats. So you will drag the net along the foot of the sea. Make sure you consider the fact that the weight you fixed determines how far the net will go.

Coracle Net 

If you are considering this method, ensure you have made available two coracle. Both coracle will be put into use as you will have to share a net, seat on one coracle and have someone else seat on the second coracle. By the time you discovered fish inside the net, you will however bring the two coracle together, capturing fishes within.

Drift Net

In order for you to use this net excellently, you will have to put the tides of the sea into consideration because the net will always move with the tides.

Trammel Net

This type of net utilizes takes advantage of the size of the fish. This is due to the fact that the fish net has three layers, having the middle layer with smallest mesh size

Surrounding Net

Just like its name implies, fishes will be surrounded from all direction. This will eventually leave fishes stranded and nowhere else to swim to, thus, you capture the fishes.

Seine Net

You will find out that this type of net utilizes similar mechanism as the trawling net method. You will affix the base of the net with masses. After you have confirmed it has been fixed at the base, you will then sweep over the water by returning the top part of the net to its starting point.

Push Net

This is designed to have a triangle shape attached to a frame. For it to work effectively, yow will then push the net over the base of the sea, capturing fish in the course.

Lift Net

Just as its name implies, you will have it sunk into the bottom of the water body, ensuring that the opening of the net is facing skyward direction. Hence, you will lift up the net, coming with it are fishes it has trapped while moving up.

Lave Net

To put this type of net to use, you will have it sunk to the base of the water body and then wait until you feel a fish is making contact with the net, you will then lift the net gently, capturing the fishes. However, you can only get desired results if you have bait.

Tangle Net

You will find out that this type of net utilizes the advantage of the physical nature of the fish to trap them successfully. This net is made up of a very fine mesh which you can use to capture the fish by their teeth.

Shore Operated Lift Net

To make use of this net, you will have to add bait to the net and then sink it to the bottom of the water. You will however need to hold the net by an immovable structure at the shore line and have the net lifted steadily.

Purse Seine Net

For you to make use of this net, you must first make sure that the fishes will be will be encircled on all sides. After doing this, you will now have to close the base of the fish net and then captured the fish.

Mid Water Trawl Net

It highly expected of you to attach the right masses in order for you to be extremely effective when using the mid water trawl net. Surplus weight will make the net to go down the base of water body while light weight will make it float on the surface. However, the net is then pull by a boat, capturing the fishes in the course.

Fyke Net

You need to know that before you can capture the fish with fyke net, you must ensure the hoops are in place for utmost benefits.

Fixed Gillnets

You have to ensure that gillnets are well affixed to the floor. You will need to make sure that a link of many of the fixed gill nets connected together, making certain that fish is captured immediately they are close to the net.

Plankton Net

You can capture plankton by making use of an extremely fine mesh of nets and then haul the net within the sea utilizing a boat.

Some other factors can be considered in order for the fishing net to function excellently. They are;

Fishing Line

Anytime you intend to go fishing, ensure you do not choose a weak line as it will break easily. This will make you end up not getting the desired results. Since you will be pulling with the line, I would suggest you go for lines built of strong and durable materials.


You will be needing floats if you are making use of net that does not float on the water surface.


Before you can utilize fishing net excellently, certain masses are attached to the base of the fishing net. This will allow the fishing net to sink to the base of the water body as you intended.

Fishing Nets For Sales

There are numerous types of fishing nets available online. They can be used for subsistence form of fishing and for commercial purpose. You can check out amazon for strong and durable fishing nets of your choice.

Is Fishing With Net Illegal?

Fishing with net can sometimes be illegal if you fish with some type of fishing nets. Although this law differs from country to country. The cast nets are being built to trap categories of small fishes by flinging the net above them. This type of net is forbidden in every water bodies of North South Wales (NSW) due to the fact that it has the potential to exhaust baitfish stocks and also capture large proportion of the banned fish size. Consequently, cast net is permitted in Queensland tidal water but totally disallowed in freshwater while in NSW, its utilization or ownership is termed illegal in any water body.

If you are seen with cast net illegally in NSW or Queensland by the fisheries officer or found using it, you may face significant penalties.

In conclusion, you should put the environmental impact into consideration and protect it. Always remember that you will still be fishing in decades to come. However, make sure you acquire the nets that is approved in your license or set as standard for fishing and fish responsibly.


1. What Happens To Non-Targeted Species That Get Caught In Gillnet?

Generally, the commercial fishermen get rid of the non-targeted by catch and considered them as waste.

2. Why Are Gillnet Bad?

They are being considered “walls of death” because they are nonselective. This means that they can as well capture species that are not targeted. For instance, a net targeting herring may also capture sea turtle and other threatened species.

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