How Do I Unzip A Jacket Zipper? (Stuck Zipper Unzipping Tips)

Zips are common on most apparel, including jackets, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and luggage. Unzipping a zipper is a very simple thing to do. It does not need a complicated technique. Hold the slider and slide it down the track until you get to the end and open it. However, you may have a problem unzipping your zipper if it gets stuck along the way. Read on to find how to unzip your zipper if it gets stuck.

Unsticking A Stuck Jacket Zipper

Unsticking A Stuck Jacket Zipper

A stuck zipper can be a problem, especially if you are in a hurry. When you cannot unzip your jacket, you will be forced to pull it off and on over your head. Fortunately, just because your zipper is stuck does not mean that you have to throw away your jacket. You will only need a good pair of pliers and a little household wax to unstuck the zipper and make it zip smoothly.

Before you begin the process, check the back of the zipper to see whether the loose thread or bunched fabric is making it impossible for you to zip. If the fabric is stuck, gently move your zipper, pulling the tab up and down as you try you dislodge it.

After clearing the fabric, unzip your jacket down and check if the fabric tends to bunch in that specific area. If so, press the fabric away from the zipper using a hot iron.

If your zipper is sticky and still has problems moving well, you can fix it by applying paraffin to the teeth at the top and beneath the slider. Zip and unzip the zipper pulling tab up and down until it glides without an issue. If you do not have paraffin, you can also use the end of an unscented white taper candle.

Other Tips And Tricks To Unstick Your Jacket Zipper

Adding Paper Clip Pull To The Zipper

Sometimes you need to add extra leverage to make it easier to unstick your jacket zipper. You can insert a paperclip into the zipper pull’s hole and pull it up to get your zipper moving again. If you have no paperclip, a key ring will also work, or you may use a fork. Just slide one of the fork times into that hole, pulling the zipper upward.

Pliers also work well, but you must ensure that you don’t apply too much force to break the zipper. The idea is to get it moving again but not break it.

Soaping The Zipper

Running a bar soap along the jacket zipper to lubricate it will also work magic. You can apply the soap to the inside and outside of your zipper and ensure it is thoroughly coated for better results.

Use Coconut Oil

It can also work magic if you have some coconut oil at home. Rub the oil along the zipper line to get it moving. However, with coconut oil, you must be careful not to get oil on the clothing as it may leave grease marks on your jacket. Coconut oil is a great lubricant, especially for the stubbornest zippers.

Apply Vaseline

You can fix a stuck zipper with a dab of Vaseline. Rub your dab of Vaseline on the zipper’s teeth, and it will get the extra grease needed to slide it up and down the teeth.

Avoid using too much Vaseline as it can stain the jacket if you are not careful.

Use Dish Soap

A little dish soap might be all you need to get that zipper moving. Just squeeze some little dish soap on a Q-tip and apply it to your jacket zipper teeth. If this technique fails to work, you may try applying your dish soap directly into your zipper and aim between the teeth.

Zipper Lubricant

If your clothing items are expensive, you may want to invest in zipper lubricant. A zipper lubricant will prevent your zipper from sticking, and the lubricants also have tips on how to clean your zippers to avoid loose debris from causing zipper malfunction.

Apply Talcum Powder

Talcum powder can also help you loosen the jacket zipper. Sprinkle just a little on the teeth and pull your zipper up and down.

When To Replace Your Jacket Zipper

If you have used all the methods mentioned above, and none of them seems to work, it might be the best time to replace your jacket zipper. You can replace the zipper yourself or take it to a tailor to fix it. If your zipper unzips itself, it proves that the slider has worn out. Therefore, you will need to crimp the zipper slider to make it tight and grab the zipper teeth as it should.

You can also replace the slider on the jacket zipper by getting a pair of end nippers and a needle nose plier. Purchase a new zipper stopper and a new slider. Remove your old stopper and slider and slip on the new slider. Also, attach your new stopper and zip your jacket. The process is quite straightforward.

Replacing your zipper is very cost-effective if your jacket is expensive. Sometimes the home hacks may ruin your expensive clothing, and you don’t want to throw them away. Instead of trying the home hacks that you are unsure of, skip the process and take your jacket to the tailor for replacement because it will be professionally dealt with at the tailor’s shop.


Unzipping a jacket zipper is straightforward, but the problem starts when the zipper gets stuck. A sticking zipper happens to all of us, especially at the most inconvenient times. A broken zipper should never be a reason to discard your jacket because you can fix it yourself or take it to your tailor. In most cases, a stuck zipper can be remedied with some household lubricant, Vaseline, talcum powder, and a little patience. Just ensure that whichever method you use, you are careful not to ruin your jacket with grease and all those other household substances.

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