How Does Walking Burn Fat on Thighs? (Basic Walking Tips)

Walking burns fat on the thighs by strengthening and toning the muscles. It’s normal to have body fat, and it is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Body fat is crucial to a person’s health as it helps protect the organs, insulate us and store energy.

Too much body fat is linked to numerous lifestyle diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. One area where our bodies store fat is the thighs. If you have high fat, you may wonder how to get rid of it. The good news is that walking can help you burn thigh fat. Read on to understand walking and its importance in burning thigh fat.

How Walking Can Help Reduce Thigh Fat

Fitness experts recommend walking for its numerous benefits. You do not require any high-tech equipment for walking, as you only need to wear good trainers. Walking reduces thigh fat by toning and strengthening the thigh muscles, suitable for anyone.

More muscular thighs mean you can jump higher and improve your overall stability. Walking fast tricks the body into tapping into your fat reserves for energy. This process causes you to build muscles and raise your metabolic rate. In turn, it facilitates burning calories throughout the day, even when you are not exercising.

Brisk walking is also a good cardio exercise to help you reduce, tone, and strengthen your thighs. Walking tones the calves, quad, and hamstrings and will lift your glutes.

Tips to Help Thigh Fat Reduction While Walking

Tips To Help Thigh Fat Reduction While Walking

Changing Direction

Walking outdoors allows you to incorporate different types of resistance and change your direction, like walking laterally with ease. Our inner thighs have abductors muscles, which are not specially targeted in a general stride. It would be best if you put in the extra work to bring your inner thighs together, which will help to target those areas.

Start with four 60-second intervals of walking sideways and alternate directions with every break. Allow yourself to recover for a minute between each interval.

High-Step It

To add an extra dose of thigh burn, work on a little high-knee action to the walk by lifting the knees as high as possible when making a step forward.

The knees must be in line with the hips. You may make this more challenging by holding the knee at the top of the movement for around three minutes before taking your next step. Aim at doing high knees for half a minute during the walk and repeat these two to four times.

Walk Uphill

Sprinters love climbing uphill as part of their training to improve their heart rates. Climbing an incline will focus the demand on the thigh muscles. If you walk uphill both backward and forwards, you will increase the intensity of the walking workout, which will help tone the thighs. You maximize fat burn by adding intense variables to your daily walk, including hills or speed.

Lifting the Legs

You can also target the back of your thighs by taking a step forward and extending the back leg straight up behind you. When you raise your leg behind you, you contract your glute muscles and increase your definition. This tones up the back of the thighs and glutes. It would help if you tried to do this for thirty seconds each minute during your walk.

Walking On the Sand

If you reside near a beach, incorporate beach walking into your routine to reduce and strengthen your thighs. Walking on the sand causes extra tension that helps tone and firms the thigh muscles. To familiarize yourself with exercising on the sand, start with a 20-minute walk daily. As the body gets used to exercising in the sand, you can add time to the daily workouts.

Hiking to Reduce the Thighs

It would be best not to do walking exercises on sidewalks or concrete paths. You can head to nature and take advantage of the trails in your location. Hiking, mainly on variable terrains with inclines and declines, elevates the heart rate and challenges the muscles.

Before hiking, buy a good pair of boots that provide ankle support without weighing you down completely. Also, ensure that you pack some water, sunscreen, and a first aid kit for the trail. You should also wear loose-fitting and breathable clothes to make the exercise easy.

Hiking helps you get lean thighs. Doing cardio at low – moderate intensity makes the body burn stored glycogen first, then burn fats. Nonetheless, the longer you exercise, the more the body burns fat.

Therefore, if you want lean thighs, you should hike for an hour or more. Although hiking regularly can be challenging, you should combine it with walking on the pathways whenever you don’t have the time to hike.

Mixing Up the Routine

Walking is not the only method to trim down thigh fat while enjoying the benefit of working out. To maintain motivation, you should mix a variety of exercises and work out different body parts. Although walking is a significant aspect of any workout, you should also consider lifting weights, hiking, swimming, or jogging. These activities will also help you reduce thigh fat.

You should set realistic goals, prioritize health and create variety to stay motivated in the workouts. Engaging in activities you enjoy and keeping your routine exciting for long-term success is essential. Walking the same route daily is possible, but you should vary the paths and explore new areas to enjoy your walks more.

Although walking and exercising will trim down the thighs, a healthy diet will also go a long way towards losing that thigh fat and maintaining fitness. A healthy diet generates energy and helps to motivate you throughout your routine. Mixing exercises and a healthy diet is crucial to trimming down the body fat as you maximize the rewards of the daily workout efforts.


Walking is associated with many health benefits, such as reducing, toning, and strengthening the leg muscles. Walking will help you trim down your thighs and look great. You work your calf muscles, hamstrings, core muscles, and even the arms as you walk.

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