How Much Do Bike Tire Cost?

This question is greatly dependents on not just the quality and type, but the tire’s sizes. Where you are buying from also matters because of the additional shipping fee from the ports or the manufacturers be likely to increase cost that trickle down most times to the retailer. 

Major emporium like Amazon and Walmart sells their bike’s tire at an affordable rate due to the fact that they buy in wholesales, they also purchase the cheaper ones directly from the producers.

As we are all aware that tires tolerate weighty loads and also engage in the tackling of treacherous topographies. These activities have a severe effects of wearing them and making them unable to discharge their responsibilities. In order for you to continue with the enjoyment and benefits your bike has been offering, you certainly need to change the tires. It has happened in many situation that you will need the intervention of an expert (mechanic or technician).

This as you would expect gives rise to lots of appropriate questions which includes: how much does a new bike tire cost? I will be engaging readers in the discussion that follows to offer more closely related answers to questions attached to the problem of changing bike tire. 

Factors That Affect The Cost Changing Bike Tire 

In our first part, we shall seek to answer the burning question of how much do bike tires cost with regards to the replacement thereof:

Types Of Bike

Tires come in different types and kinds like many other accessories. There are different kinds and types of tires around the world. To reference a few, we have mountain bike tires, the road bike tire, women bike tires, hybrid bikes tire, kid’s bike tires, etc. The precise price of changing these tires fluctuate significantly, with the mountain bike tire is known to be the most expensive of all.

Size Of Tire

All of these tires differ significantly in sizes. Apparently, tires that are of bigger size are more expensive to replace than the smaller-sized ones.

These tires also vary significantly in sizes. Obviously, the larger-sized tires cost more to replace than the smaller sized tires. That is primarily given the need to use higher level of technical know-how and utilize tools that are likewise more powerful than those for the smaller types of tires.

Area Of Biking

The exact price of changing bike tires also vary significantly from place to place. The precise price of changing the bike tire is always expensive in locations where the living cost is on the high side. Also, the cost of bike tire is less expensive in an area where their living cost is moderately lower.

Weight Of The Bike

It is generally known that heavier bikes need stronger and more resilient tires than lighter bikes. It is however expensive to change tires of such weightier bike than replacing those of your normal bikes. Some of this additional expenses is ensure that the fastening part are done properly and other things that are envisioned to reinforce your bike.

Nature Of The Terrain

The topography of the area you pass is also part of the expenses that is attached to the cost of changing your bike tire. Obviously, any bike that is being ridden on an uneven topography has a tendency of requiring more money to change its tire. The concept behind this is the necessity to make sure the tires are tougher and more resilient to take on the unevenness all in all.

Estimates Of The Costs Of Replacing Different Kinds Of Bike Tires

Tire TypeServiceAround Cost
Road Bike TireFront/Back $25-$40
Hybrid Bike TireFront/Back Less than $50
Mountain Bike TireFront/Back$30-$99
Kids Bike TireFront/Back$14 – $25
Gravel Bike TireFront/Back$40-$80

Having studied the elements that decide the price of changing bike’s tires, I now take my time to look into the estimations for the cost of changing tires that are meant for bikes on the basis of their types:

Road Bike Tire

This type of bike tire is the appropriate one and is successively utilized to route the regular road conditions. It is common in scope and stature not to reference lacking the various sophisticated parts and constituents that may probable make it challenging to operate. Road bike tires can be purchased at a low cost. This can be roughly $25.37 to change completely.

Hybrid Bikes Tires

This type of bike tire is commonly broader than your usual road tire. You can route the on-road and off-road condition with this type of bike tire which gave it the description “hybrid”. However, for this reason, it will be definitely costlier to change. Be prepared to spare nothing less than $50 to change your bike tire completely.

Mountain Bikes Tires

This type of bike tire is designed for strength and energy. Mountain bike tires are successively tougher and are not easily prone to general sequences of damages. These features are responsible for their bulkiness and the requirement of too much energy to operate and handle. The cost of changing a mountain bike tire is very expensive which is due to the aforementioned features. The price stands within the range of $30-$99.

Kid’s Bike Tires

The description has already told you what it implies, this types of tire are exclusively designed for the bikes that fit in to the children’s category. These bike tire are smaller, more compact and built without those aspects and components that may be usually too complicated to handle and involve oneself.  Prepare your budget to be within the range of $14.39 – $25.37 to change this particular type of bike tire.

Women Bike Tire

Let me round up the itemization of different types of tires that are available throughout the world with the women’s bike tires. They are not too expensive, with roughly between the ranges of $30-$40, you can replace your tire. What influenced the price is chiefly due to the fact that these tires are completely restricted to the use of and by women alone. For the general description, they are broader, bigger, and reasonably heavier naturally.

In conclusion, my discussion on the theme “how much does bike tire cost” comes to and reached conclusion here. I am now being optimistic that you have been equipped with what you need to challenge this issue with complete reliability. You knowing about the precise cost in and of itself is still insufficient.

You need information about the merchant in your location who will most likely offer you the best deal. That is something you do by discovering these merchants and their rough estimations. As might be expected, you narrow to that which is likely to do it at the least possible price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Do Bike Tires Need To Be Replaced?

Normally, the ideal period you should change the tire your bike is after every 3,000 miles. Though this may sound sooner to you but it is also dependent on the type of damages your bike has sustained or is likely to sustain when utilized. It is highly expected of you to change your bike tire soonest if they got damaged too soon

2. Do Bicycle Tires Go Bad?

Obviously yes, they do! If placed or kept in significantly humid areas, there is high tendency for them to wear out too soon. Dampness has a way of wearying the rubber constituents of the tires and hence makes them prone to the several kinds of damages that may occur.

3. Is It Hard To Change A Bike Tire?

Absolutely No! All you need in order for you to that with little stress is just have a lever. The procedure of replacing tires is not as complicated as many think. Even an individual who has basic knowledge will find it very easier to implement.

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