What Is Crappie Fishing & How To Fish Crappie | Understanding the whole concept

Every year you should at least look forward to three weeks in spring for a perfect time crappie fishing on the weekends. You can do it on your own or with your family. Sometimes you can participate in a crappie tournament that goes around in many lakes.  There are many diverse techniques and tips to catching crappie year-round

Here Are Two Methods On How To Crappie Fishing

We have spider rigging and long-line trolling techniques. They are very fundamental when it comes to catching post-spawn fish and pre-spawn fish. Spider rigging is done by trolling eight polls from the boat’s front side with either two jigs on the line or double hook minnow rigs.  When using a spider rig, ensure to run a trolling motor at a speed of 0.1 to 1.5 miles per hour.  You should do the run-over secondary points, creek channels, and brush piles. Longline trolling is done by casting eight polls from the boat’s backside with any of the tube jigs and wavy curly tail jigs.  If you are learning about trolling methods, then you should hire a guide or go with a friend. Do you know why? Because the guide or friend will should you how to set up your boat and techniques that you are comfortable with it. In doing so, you will save time and become a better crappie angler.

Important Things To Remember When Crappie Fishing:

1. Patience and presentation

Crappie fishing requires a lot of patience and how to do presentation matters a lot. Failure to have those, then you will not come out successfully.

2. Always obtain a good map of the lake

Doing this will help you a lot when it comes to understanding the contour of the lake. You will do crappie fishing when you have a perfect map of the lake.

3. Always remember crappie reacts to sound, smell and sight

This means you should carry with your crappie jigs of different colors and a pure fish attractant scent.

4. Get all the fishing information

Before going to the lake ensure you got all the necessary information from conservation agencies and bait shops. Doing this will ease your work.

5. Equip your boat with fish finders

Fishfinders function just like GPS. Ensure to keep one boat console and the other on the front side of your boat. With this equipment, you can mark your waypoints very well. As well, you can mark sides and down images.

6. Always keep a fishing logbook

This one will assist you with which methods and which colors you need to use in diverse weather conditions.

Here Are Techniques To Keep In Mind To Be Better Crappie Angler:

1. When trolling for pre-spawn fish, you should know that the best time to troll is when water temperatures range between 39 to 54 degrees.

2. When trolling for post-spawn fish, you should know that the best time to roll is during the summer months when water temperatures rise to 85 degrees

3. Always remember that clear water uses light jigs, and muddy water uses dark jigs.


If you practice fishing for crappie, then you will find even more techniques on how to catch more crappie. So, you should use your free time to practice crappie fishing for more knowledge on the same.

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