A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get A Dent Out Of A Hydro Flask

Have you ever found yourself in an unlikely position of getting a dent in your Hydro Flask? Maybe you accidentally dropped it when hiking or ran over it with your car. Regardless of the situation that made it dented, you can get it fixed. To fix a dent on the HydroFlask, once it’s hot, rub dry ice on the spot to make it cold. Repeat this process until you repair it. You can also encourage it with a bit of force to see whether you can fix the issue.

In this article, we will discuss possible ways to get rid of dents from your beloved hydro flask. If you are new to hydro flasks, you are welcome to stay on the page till the end so as to figure out how to handle dents in your flask when the need arises.

Alternative Ways To Fix Your Dented Bottle

Alternative Ways To Fix Your Dented Bottle

Heated Dent Removal

If your HydroFlask has a minor dent, some hot water may help pop it out. First, you need to put a small amount of water in the flask and cap it to make it airtight. Then heat it until your water becomes steam which will produce enough pressure for pushing the dent out.

Freezer Dent Removal

Another way you can fix a dent on the HydroFlask is to pop it in the freezer. This process is known as pressurization, which will help pop the dent out. Fill your bottle about 90% by volume with water, and then put your bottle on the side in the freezer and center the air bubble as closely as possible on the flask dent.

Does HydroFlask Replace Dented Bottles

Yes, you can get your dented bottle replaced by HydroFlask. However, they will only replace it if you bought it and it arrived home dented before even using it. 

The manufacturer will replace the bottle for you for free under warranty.

However, if your bottle gets a dent after using it, the company will not replace it for you. Therefore, you should check whether it has a dent the moment it arrives.

HydroFlask warranty does not cover any dent that appears on a bottle after using it. It can only be covered by the warranty if your new bottle arrives dented.

Does HydroFlask Advise Consumers On How To Fix A Dent?

It is always good to know what the manufacturer says about fixing a common issue with their products. Unfortunately, HydroFlask does not advise their consumer on repairing their HydroFlasks if they get dented. So, if you have a dent on your flask, the only solution they have is to check whether the issue is covered by their warranty which in most cases is not.

Things To Avoid When Fixing A Dent

We have already mentioned three ways that you can fix your dented HydroFlask. However, there are some things you should not do with your HydroFlask.

Avoid Pushing It From The Inside

Most people think they can fix the flask if they push the dent from the inside. Sadly, this is not the case. HydroFlask bottles are double-walled with an inner and outer wall. Between the two walls, there is a vacuum. Therefore, applying pressure to the inner wall will only ruin your bottle and won’t fix it.

Avoid Using Immense Pressure Pushing Your HydroFlask Out

Pushing the HydroFlask dent out is dangerous. One of the ways you can fix it is by putting some dry ice inside the flask and adding water to make it change to steam fast. When you put the lid on, you allow pressure to build up, and theoretically, the pressure will fix the dent.

When pressure is building up, the bottle risks exploding. The explosion may cause burns or injuries to you. In the worst case, you might find yourself in a hospital and still have to buy a new flask.

Does HydroFlask Get Dents Quickly?

Many people wonder whether HydroFlasks dent easily or are impervious to blemishes. Yes, a HydroFlask gets dented easily through daily use. Common problems such as dropping the flask, sitting on it, bumping it on hard surfaces are some things that can dent your HydroFlask. Although it may take quite some force to dent the HydroFlask because they are strong enough, you should be careful when using your flask because an intense pressure like dropping or hitting it will dent it.

How Can I Stop My HydroFlask Form Getting Dented?

The best way to protect your HydroFlask from dents is by taking proper care of it. Nonetheless, you can use the following methods to add an extra layer of protection to the flask, so it does not get dented.

HydroFlask Booting 

You can buy a flexible boot that will easily slip onto the bottom of your flask to help protect it in case of a fall or dent. Boots are made of durable silicone and are available in various colors, which allow you to customize your bottle even more.

HydroFlask Covers

HydroFlask company sells bottle covers that protect the HydroFlask from getting dents and make it easy to carry. The cover has a protective pouch where you can put your bottle. It also has an adjustable strap to hold the bottle hands-free.

Other Ways To Protect Your HydroFlask

It’s best to protect your HydroFlask by keeping it inside your bag instead of hanging it outside where it’s more prone to bashing. Also, ensure that you place your HydroFlask against soft items in the bag, such as clothing, instead of hard ones that may press on it and cause a dent.

Place the HydroFlask at the top instead of the bottom when packing your bag. This will prevent it from being pressed on by other items. Lastly, avoid throwing it around and always place it down gently on the floor.


If your HydroFlask has a dent, there are many ways you can fix it. And after getting the marks popped out, it’s also necessary to get a boot or cover for the hydro flask water bottle to prevent it from getting dented again.

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