How to Make a Fishing Pole in Minecraft | Best Guide

Minecraft provides endless opportunities to explore your world. Fishing is one of the activities that help you to get food for your character and other treasures. Through fishing, you can get enchanted poles, but this requires patience. However, you will have to craft your pole to get ready for fishing. Here are the simple steps of crafting your fishing pole in Minecraft:

Step 1: Gather the needed items

Gather the needed items

To craft a fishing pole, you will need three sticks and two strings. Use any of the planks to make the sticks, which can give you up to four sticks, which are enough to make the rod. To do this, open the crafting menu and place two planks in the second boxes of the first and second rows.  The ready sticks will appear to the right of the crafting grid, as shown below:

In order to use the sticks, move the sticks to the inventory. Once there, you will be free to use them to make your fishing pole.

You can get the string by killing a spider, from breaking a dungeon chest or cobwebs. Some cobwebs are in an abandoned strongholds mine shaft. If you find them, you can break suing shears or swords, and there is a higher chance of strings dropping.

The crafting process will take you only 1 minute to complete.

Step 2:Open the crafting menu

Open the crafting menu once you have the needed items in your inventory. You will see a 3crafting grid on the screen. The grid will appear as shown below:

Step 3: Organize the sticks and strings on the crafting grid

You have to organize the sticks and string on the crafting grid. Put one stick in the third box on the first row. The other stick in the second row, second row, while the last should be in the first box in the third row. For the strings, place them in the third boxes of the second and third rows.

At the right of the 3 crafting grids, your fishing rod will appear once you are done arranging the items. The result will look like this:

Step 4: Move the ready fishing pole in the player inventory

Now that the fishing pole is prepared, you need to move it to the player inventory. Once it is there, you can then go ahead and fish for the treasures underwater.

Final Word

The fishing pole is one thing that you cannot do without when fishing. You can craft the ordinary fishing pole using the steps above, which can allow you to get the other treasures underwater. Note that while fishing, your rod can pick an enchanted pole that can even make the experience better.

The enchanted fishing rod is ten times better than the ordinary ones. But, note that you have to have the crafted rod for you to fish. Alternatively, you can further choose to enchant your fishing rod. From here, nothing can stop you from fishing!

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