How To Store Backpacks

Are you looking for a realistic way of managing and organizing your small space? Trying to get a misplaced backpack while in a rush can be pretty frustrating and the last thing you want to encounter. It’s essential to find a solution to help your space stay organized and free of clutter. This article will guide you on how to store backpacks when you have limited space. Read on.

Which Is The Best Way To Store Backpacks?

The ideal way to store your backpacks is by keeping them in a convenient place where you can grab them quickly when the need arises. In case you have a mudroom, it is the best option for backpacks storage. In the mudroom, you will be required to place the backpacks on the hooks alongside other items. If the backpacks are not used, empty the contents and stack them flat on the shelves.

Steps To Follow Before Storing Backpacks

Steps To Follow Before Storing Backpacks

Before storing your backpack, specific steps need to be followed. You desire to find your backpack in perfect condition the next time you use it after storage. Keeping your backpack in a better way ensures that it stays for a long time without deforming. Below are steps to be followed routinely to store backpacks and any bags in your home.

1. Emptying The Backpack

Whether you intend to store your backpack for a short or long duration, ensure you empty all contents from the pockets. Items left in the backpack can generate dirt or bring wrinkles and dents to its surface. Inspect all pockets and be satisfied that no item is left in the bag.

2. Clean The Backpack

After emptying your backpack, the next step is cleaning it. If it is soft, turn it inside out and use a lint roller to clean unreachable spots. If the backpack is crafted from natural leather or suede, dust it using a dry paper towel, but if it is structured using grained leather, ensure you use a damp towel on its outer part. 

3. Stuffing Uniformly

Your empty and clean backpack needs stuffing to maintain its shape. Stuffing involves filling items that conform to the shape of your backpack. The ideal materials to use in stuffing the backpack include; non-acidic tissue papers, a bubble wrap, or a small pillow that fits. Other materials to assist you in stuffing are air-filled bags and air paper.

Stuffing essentially helps in eliminating wrinkle formation, especially on leather backpacks.

4. Covering

Your clean and stuffed backpack needs protection from dirt and dust. Cover it using a soft and breathable dust bag to ensure that it is clean for your subsequent usage. The dust bag needs to be bigger than the backpack to avoid warping while your backpack is stored. If you lack the dust bag, improvise and use a well-fitting cotton pillowcase. The pillowcase used must be of natural color to avoid color transfer to your bag.

5. Label And Separate

Now that your backpacks are clean, stuffed, and covered, ensure that their hardware is separated to avoid marks on your clean backpacks. Care should be taken on patent leather backpacks to ensure nothing touches them to prevent discoloration.

Up to this point, your backpacks are ready for storage, but we advise you to label them for easy identification the next time you desire to use a particular one.

6. Storage

Your backpacks are ready for storage after labeling. You are at liberty to use the most convenient storage method at your disposal. Stacking is the best way to store your backpacks, but ensure they are kept away from direct sunlight. Exposure to sun rays can distort the color of your backpack. While stacking them, make sure they are 2 to 3 inches apart.

Storage Methods

Storage Methods

There are several methods used to store backpacks. Each individual has a preferred way of storing backpacks and all types of bags at home. However, we will discuss a few ways commonly used to keep them and ensure tidiness at our residences.

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HOMYSHOPY Entryway Removable Storage Rack

The HOMYSHOPY is a versatile storage rack that has a place for everything. Besides being primarily meant as a coat rack, it is ideal for backpack storage. The stand also has room for book bags, gym bags, umbrellas, shoes, and almost everything big enough to fit into a closet.

Features Of The HOMYSHOPY Entryway Removable Storage Rack

1. Capacity

The HOMYSHOPY features five cubes, a long bench, and two shelves. Whereas the bench is used for storing your backpacks, the shelves stores books, and other showpieces. There is also a lower shelf used to organize shoes. The HOMYSHOPY measures 72.2″x49.2″x16.9″.

2. Versatile Use

Boasting a garment rod and five movable hooks, the HOMYSHOPY will clear up the household mess. Everything has a place to be stored conveniently eliminating house chaos caused by clutter.

3. Style

The HOMYSHOPY is uniquely designed using a quality MDF board and a metal frame to create an industrial yet casual style.

4. Assembly

It is easy to assemble the storage rack since it has a detailed assembly manual and all required assembly hardware.

Amazon Basics Closet Storage Organizer.

The Amazon Basics Closet Storage Organizer is crafted from alloy steel and metal frame. Its durability is undoubted ad Amazon offers one year warranty when you purchase the product.

The closet is ideal for stacking backpacks. Generally, stacking is the recommended way of storing bags.

Features Of Amazon Basics Closet Storage Organizer

Weight And Measurement

The closet weighs just 7.1 pounds. Its measurement is 32.7×12.2×31 inches.


The free-standing closet organizer comes with three fabric shelves and two collapsible drawers. The drawers and shelves are stylishly crafted from a breathable dark-gray fabric, and they can hold 5 and 10 pounds, respectively.

Powder-Coated Steel Frame

The steel frame and metal rods provide dependable support that brings stability to the closet.

The Takeaway

Most people prefer hanging their backpacks behind doors or on the racks, but this is not an ideal way to store them. Hanging a backpack distorts the handles resulting in a shortened lifespan. The best method of backpack storage is by stacking. Properly stacked backpacks maintain their original form and stay in shape for a long time.

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