How To Troubleshoot A Fitbit Versa That Can’t Turn On

Fitbit Versa is a health tracker watch that health enthusiasts commonly use. However, some Fitbit users report that their Fitbit Versa won’t turn on, and they do not know how to make it work. If you have also been facing such a problem, we will help you fix it. Many reasons could cause your Fitbit Versa not to turn on. If that’s the case, you should try charging it, verify whether the charger is working, restart the device, factory reset the software, or contact Fitbit support.

Common Reasons Why A Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On

Common Reasons Why A Fitbit Versa Wont Turn On

Generally, all Fitbit models are reliable, although sometimes they may be affected by a few glitches. This happens to most wearables, and Fitbit Versa is not an exception. Popular devices such as Apple Watch, Samsung watch, and others also face such problems.

Once you tap on the Fitbit display, or when moving or turning your wrist with the screen on the Fitbit, it should turn on. However, a problem may arise where your screen will sit there unresponsive. This can be very frustrating, but it isn’t a reason to panic.

There are plenty of reasons why this can happen, and all these reasons differ. For example, the issue may be a depleted or worn-out battery, the charger or charging system may be faulty, or an error with the software.

Fortunately, most of the time, you can fix all these problems. The only time you may be unable to fix the problem is if there is a hardware issue, such as a broken or faulty screen. In this case, you may have to contact Fitbit support. If your Fitbit is defective, you can check the warranty and see if you can claim a replacement device.

How To Fix A Fitbit That Won’t Turn On

How To Fix A Fitbit That Won't Turn On

There are more than a few methods you can try to resolve an unresponsive Fitbit display. Here, we will list nine common steps. Ensure that you go through the fixes one at a time, and in the end, you will be happy with the results.

Restart Your Device

If your Fitbit Versa has a problem, the first thing you need to do is to restart the watch. Press and hold your back left and bottom right buttons to perform the restart until you see a Fitbit logo on display. The process shouldn’t take longer than ten seconds.

Sometimes restarting your Fitbit after being unresponsive might take longer than usual but don’t worry, it should start soon. Your data will also remain safe on the device once you start it. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about losing your data because restarting is not a factory reset.

Fully Charge Your Fitbit

Sometimes the screen becomes unresponsive because of a depleted battery. Therefore, you can try charging your battery to total capacity and see if the screen will become responsive. If the watch doesn’t charge, maybe the charger has a problem.

Check whether there is any residue on the tracker or charger cable and ensure that the tracker is aligned correctly with its charging pins. Moreover, ensure that the USB port works by plugging the charging cable into another power outlet.

Clean Your Device Thoroughly

Yes, your Fitbit may refuse to turn on because it’s dirty. However, Fitbit recommends cleaning the device regularly because dust, grime, and dirt may interfere with the tech.

Cleaning does not include using soap and cleaning agents or soaking your device in a bowl full of water. Instead, you should use fresh water and a soap-free cleanser for the process. First, ensure that you wipe the charging contacts and pins on your charging cable. You may also do this using a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. After brushing, dry them with a clean cloth or tissue.

Ensure That Your Fitbit Versa Is Not In A Water-Lock Mode

Avoid turning on your water-lock mode every time. If you are not in the water, the feature doesn’t have to be on. You should only enable the feature when taking a bath or showering because it blocks the screens and buttons, making them useless. To get out of the water lock, double-tap the screen firmly.

Check Whether The Display Brightness Settings Are In Dark Mode

When you inadvertently switch the brightness of your Fitbit to dim, you may think that the screen is unresponsive. To rectify this issue, navigate to the settings menu on the device. Choose the screen option, and the brightness setting will appear. Tap on the settings, and you will be able to adjust it.

Use A Different Clock Face

Sometimes the Fitbit clock face may be the cause of screen problems. Visit your smartphone app and choose a different clock face. We suggest using a standard clock face as it’s a safe option. Then, sync the setting for the change to take effect. You may also need to perform a restart of the Fitbit after you sync.

Update Your Firmware

It’s always important to keep your firmware up to date. However, installing the latest software may come with some risks. Subsequent versions of the firmware may have fixed bugs or install fixes. Maybe there is a glitch in the software you need to rectify. Always check if there is a new firmware for the Fitbit in your phone app so you can update it.

Factory Reset Your Fitbit

Factory resetting comes as the last option. If your Fitbit is dead and unresponsive, do a factory reset. The process will erase all data on the device, and you will have to start with a clean slate. Factory resetting the Fitbit Versa will also unpair your account; therefore, you need to reconnect it.

Contact Fitbit Versa Customer Support

If all the other steps fail, there is a high chance that your Fitbit Versa is faulty or the charger has a problem. Therefore, you will need to replace the Fitbit Versa or the charger with a new one. When this happens, it’s good to contact Fitbit customer support so they can begin the warranty process.


Many Fitbit Versa users experience the problem of their devices not turning on. You can fix this issue with little hard effort and use the correct fixes if this happens. Now that you have learned what to do when the Fitbit Versa doesn’t turn on don’t just throw away your watch. Instead, follow the steps and get it to its working condition.

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