How to Use Fishing Tackle at Stardew Valley Game

The first thing to know is that tackle is equipped similarly. You pick up the tackle in your inventory, go through the fishing rod, then press “X” on the Xbox controller or right-click to ascribe it to the pole.  Tackles are only presented from fishing level 6 onward and need you to purchase Iridium Fishing Rod. The iridium you buy should have slots for both tackle and bait.

Tackle has a significant effect on your ability to catch rare fish. As well, it has durability, unlike bait, which decreases in quantity upon usage. Variety of tackle do different things:

Spinner (Fishing level 6)– slightly increases the bit rate during fishing. What you need to note in this type is that it reduces the maximum amount of time before biting.  In the Stardew valley game, you should not pick the prime location to practice fishing with this type. Do you know why? Because it does not affect those fishing sports.

Lead Bobber (fishing level 6)- reduces or stops the bar bouncing when it hits the bottom of the frame while practicing minigame fishing.  The bounce is reduced or stopped because it can cause a problem when fish dive from up to down. The good thing with this type is that it makes your capture bar descends a little bit faster. If you have you have mastered skills in this game, then bouncing won’t occur you know why? Because you will prevent it by tapping right before it hits bottom, thus decelerates enough and bounce won’t happen. Mostly this type is not used frequently.

Trap Bobber (fishing level 6)- causes the fishing minigame bar to go down slower when the green bar is not on the fish.  This means you do not have to click as quickly to keep it firm on one level. In short, it is go-to fishing in most circumstances. With this type, you can easily catch all the fishes and legendary that bounce around quickly.

Cork Bobber (fishing level 7) – increases the size of the capture bar during fishing minigame by a decent amount. Mostly the maximum increase is 25 percent. The increase differs depending on your fishing level. What you to note is that more fishing level also increases the size of the bar. This type of tackle is best for those with good reflexes and can control the minigame bar well enough to keep the fish within the needed area. If you are perfect at keeping the capture bar on the fish with the standard size, then this type of tackle will be unnecessary for you.

Treasure hunter (fishing level 7) – this increases the chances of the treasure chest showing up by 1/3.  This gives a 20% total chance. In short, they are best for finding the artifact.

Dressed spinner (fishing level 8)– Further increases the bit rate during fishing. With its colorful streamers, you are sure to entice the fish.

Barbed hook- During the fishing minigame, this type of tackle helps the bar stick to the fish.


If you read the above notes keenly, you will know how to use tackles Stardew valley. You need to note the differences in each type of tackle for easy understanding.

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