The Ultimate Guide On How To Wash A North Face Backpack

A backpack is essential for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a perfect accessory for hiking, camping, mountaineering, etc. We carry all we need in the bags, including food, clothing, and equipment, and this makes a backpack an everyday carry for some people. Constant use of your gear can make it dirty—that’s why you need to know how to care for your North Face backpack. A North Face backpack can either be washed in a machine or using hands. Read on as we take you through the steps to clean your North Face backpack with ease.

Washing Your North Face Bag

Nearly all North Face backpacks withstand daily wear and tear. They are easy to clean and can be washed in a regular washing machine. However, others are quite different in the backpack areas. You will need just a little cleaning product and some elbow grease to keep your backpack spotless clean. 

Cleaning your North Face backpack makes it look new and extends its life. Since North Face bags are pretty costly, it’s good to know how to wash yours and keep it clean at all times.

The most effective way to wash your North Face backpack is by putting in a bit of elbow gear and cleaning it by hand. To do this, you may need to have a large sink, non-bleaching cleaning agents(mild), a piece of clothing, a toothbrush, and a hangar. After gathering all your supplies, read below on what to do.

Remove All Items in the Backpack

Many people forget to remove items in their backpacks while cleaning them. It’s good to empty your bag to prevent water damage to your belongings.

Brush Off The Dirt and Debris

Before cleaning the bag with soap and water, you should first take a dry paper towel and brush off all surface-level dirt forming on your bag’s exteriors. An old toothbrush will come in handy when cleaning the seams and zipper.

Wash Using Cold Water And Detergent

The best and safest way to prevent damage to your North Face backpack is by wiping it down using some little water and a mild detergent. You can dip your cleaning towel in the water detergent mixture and wipe down that bag.

Rinse Your Bag Thoroughly

Rinsing is just performing another wipe down. Rinsing does not need a detergent as pure water will work just fine.

Allow Your Bag to Dry

After rinsing the bag, you should dry it off completely to prevent it from rusting and corroding. Since you did not fully submerge the bag, it should not be too wet, but you can hang it up on the hangar to air dry it. 

When choosing a detergent for the bag, ensure that it is entirely bleach-free. Although bleach is perfect for cleaning surfaces, it may discolor the North Face bag. Any mild detergent will work just fine.

Machine Washing The North Face Backpack

If your bag isn’t filthy, you can spot clean it, but sometimes it is not enough to get the bag clean, especially if you have adventuring outdoors, for instance, camping and hiking. When the bag is too dirty, it may be time to use the washing machine.

If you are using the washing machine to clean the bag, there are some things you should always do to make sure that the wash cycle does not damage the bag.

1. Remove every item in the backpack and check if anything is left in the pockets.

2. Hand clean the backpack before you put it in the washing machine

3. Protect your bag by placing it in a pillowcase or a laundry bag

4. Use a little detergent to wash the bag

5. Run it on a gentle cycle to avoid damaging the bag

6. Air-dry the backpack and don’t dry it in a dryer. Don’t expose the gear to direct sunlight, as it will make it fade.

Further Cleaning The North Face Bag

Further Cleaning The North Face Bag

Although spot cleaning is the recommended method to wash a North Face backpack, it does not mean that it’s the only method you should use. Other ways you can use to clean the bag include:

Soak and Scrub

Soaking your bag is an excellent way of cleaning your backpack but should not be used regularly. The method involves immersing the entire backpack in a tub full of water. You should soak it and scrub. 

Scrub the bag with an old toothbrush. However, you must be very gentle and not scrub on one spot for too long to avoid damaging the fabric.

Once you clean the backpack using this method, drying it may take a while as some of the water may seep into the fabric leading to damage over time. If you want to keep your backpack for a long time, you should avoid using this method.

Detergent Cleaning

Another way to clean your bag is to use detergent, although the method is not recommended for regular cleaning of North Face backpacks. Detergents can be powerful and may cause damage to the fabric. 

If you would like to use detergent to remove a stubborn stain, ensure that it is free of bleach and mix the detergent with water before use. A little detergent will go a long way. Then, wipe your backpack and ensure you don’t leave any detergent on the fabric as it will cause harm.

How Fast Do North Face Backpacks Get Dirty?

How Fast Do North Face Backpacks Get Dirty

How dirty the North Face bag gets depends on your adventures. If you go hiking and camping often, the backpack will get dirty fast. However, if you don’t use it daily or don’t engage in activities that make it dirty, the bag should stay a while before you need to clean it. 

Generally, North Face bags don’t get dirty quickly as they comprise a high-quality waterproof fabric containing no contaminants. Every time you go out with your bag, give it some wiping at the end of your trip before storing it


North Face backpacks are high-quality bags that do not need regular cleaning. Spot cleaning the bag is the best way to keep it clean and safe. However, if the backpack is too dirty, you can soak and scrub or use a detergent to clean it. Your method of cleaning the backpack will depend on how dirty it gets.

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