Which Is Correct- I Rode My Bike Or I Ridden My Bike?

Sometimes getting the right word to use in a sentence can be difficult, for instance, when using ride, which turns into rode or ridden. Nonetheless, this should not be a headache as it’s pretty easy to get the right word in. Ride, rode, and ridden are an indicator of a tense change in form. You can add “had” at the beginning of a word to determine if it is in the past participle form and determine the flow. In this case, “I rode my bike” is the correct sentence form.

How Do We Use Ride, Rode, And Ridden?

How Do We Use Ride Rode And Ridden

Ride, rode, and ridden are all the exact words for expressing ridding something such as a bike or a roller coaster. These three words indicate a tense change in the form, which means that you have been given the tools to talk about riding a bike in the present, past, or more.


Ride is the first form of the word, and it is the root of all changes that occur from moving forward. Ride is used when talking about something in the present tense. For instance, you could say, “I like to ride my bike with my best friend,” which indicates that this is something you currently enjoy doing. Although you may not be actively riding a bike at that moment, it is an activity you enjoy engaging in during this season of your life.


Rode is a simple past form, which means that you will be talking about riding a bike in the immediate or distant past when you use this word. For instance, “I rode my bike on the rough terrain; I couldn’t believe it wouldn’t get damaged.” In this example, we do not know whether you went riding yesterday, last year, or in 1984. The simple past allows you to talk about your activity in the past.


Ridden indicates past participle, and you can use the form when discussing something in the past or something you have never engaged in. It’s important to note that the past participle form converts an irregular verb using -n. Moreover, it needs the helper “have” to be used in the right way. For instance, “I have never ridden a bike.”

 What Does Riding A Bike Mean? 

Riding a bike is the act or sport of riding or traveling using a bicycle. Some people use the phrase “it is like riding a bike” to mean that it is easy to do something, just like riding a bike. Most people learn cycling as kids, but some don’t until adulthood. If you learn how to ride a bike, whether as a kid or an adult, you will never forget how to do it.

How To Ride A Bike?

How To Ride A Bike

If you didn’t learn how to ride a bicycle as a kid, you might wonder whether you can do it as an adult. Fortunately, it is possible. Learning to ride a bike when older is no more complicated than learning as a child. What you should do is take the same step-by-step approach to the process and shove the fear out of the way. Below are the steps on how to ride a bike

Setting Up The Bike

You must ensure that you can stand on your bike without being pressed by the top tube. If this is not possible, you will have to get a smaller size bicycle. A proper bike fit is essential for your safety. Lower your seat and sit on the saddle with your feet just resting on the ground. Your arms should be able to reach the handlebars.

Practice Getting On And Off

To get on the bike, lean it towards you as you apply the brakes so it won’t roll or wobble while mounting. You must also use the brake again as you get off the bike.

Practice Braking

Braking is an essential skill that gives you confidence as you start. You can practice braking by walking next to the bike and pushing it down the street as you pull on the brakes to stop. You must ensure that you are applying pressure evenly in both brakes.

Learn Gliding

Now you are ready to get on the road. When on the road, you must learn to balance by scooting on the bike with your feet. Scooting will help you to understand the feeling of balancing on two wheels. It would help if you aimed at pushing off and getting both feet off the ground for as long as you can. If you need to put one foot down to correct your balance, you put both feet down and start again. Once you begin gliding along without touching your feet down to correct yourself, you are ready to start pedaling. Always practice your glide until you can keep your feet up for at least three seconds.

When riding a bike, you should look toward where you are going rather than focusing on obstacles you should avoid. Hone your balance and vision, and keep your eyes up, always looking ahead instead of down. It will help you maintain perfect balance while following your line of sight.

Get Ready To Start Pedaling

Once you have mastered maintaining balance as you glide and can break and keep your vision steady, you are ready to pedal. Begin with a single foot on the ground and the other on a pedal in the 2 o’clock position to gain momentum when pushing off. Then push on the pedal and add the other foot as you move forward. You will be able to maintain balance as you pedal faster.


The correct sentence is “I rode my bike,” as explained above when talking about riding a bike. This article will guide how to use the word rode and ridden in sentences to describe how to ride a bike. The tips and tricks will help you determine the correct form of ridding so you can use it appropriately.

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