Is Suzuki 600 GSX A Good Bike For Starter?

No, the Suzuki GSX-R 600 is not an ideal bike for a starter. It is too powerful for a rookie motorcyclist to handle this powerful machine with no prior riding experience. The GSX-R 600 machine is a racing machine that will do a learner more harm than good. Controlling the bike requires skilled riders who can maneuver it with ease, or else it will cause unfathomable damage.

Why Is It Wrong To Start Learning With Suzuki GSX-R?

Why Is It Wrong To Start Learning With Suzuki GSX-R

It is unthinkable to learn to bike with the GSX-R if you have never handled a motorbike before. There are many things you have to know about motorbikes, and they require that you learn them on a bike with less engine power. The Suzuki GSX-R is designed for speed; hence it is a bike that goes very fast around the tracks, a speed that no learner can control and learn simultaneously. If you desire to learn how to ride a motorbike, you should opt for a lesser option than the 600 GSX-R. It will be easier to learn to keep the bike upright and modulating on a lighter engine compared to this sporting bike.

However, some hold a contrary opinion that starting with the GSX-R 600 sporting bike is a plausible option. I can concur with them. Every choice is likely, but the option of toying around with the Suzuki GSX-R 600 is a dangerous option that might cause indelible damages, or worse still, even death. 

Facts Why Suzuki GSX-R 600 Is Not A Starter Bike

First, the riding position of the bike is not relaxed. Riding the GSX-R 600 requires that you crouch forward to gain the aerodynamics essential for air resistance. At this crouched position, no learner can be able to control a 600cc racing machine.

The center power of the GSX-R 600, just like in any other sports bike, is very high. Suppose a learner loses control of the machine, it is easy to drop it, leading to damages.

A learner can’t ride at high speed and still control the throttle and the clutch. Slow riding is a luxury that the GSX-R doesn’t offer. Its narrow handlebars and steep rake featured by frontal fork are meant to assist with maneuvering the bike when it is at high speed.

Can a rookie who has never touched a motorbike handle the Suzuki GSX-R 600’s engine? The 600cc engine that propels the bike might be the least powerful among sport bikes in Suzuki’s production line, but it is still too powerful for a newbie rider. This engine develops a substantial 104 horsepower that enables the bike to cruise at 150 miles per hour. If a learner attempts opening such a throttle, then everything that has to go wrong will surely go astray. At such a speed, any small mistake from a new rider will not be forgiven.

As a cardinal rule, it is prudent and safe to learn to ride a slow motorbike at a faster speed than attempting to ride a faster one slowly. At the learning stage, you are still trying to grasp the concept of clutch balancing, braking, gear shifting, and throttle control. Learning all these controls requires a bike with less power than 600cc.

Which Is The Ideal Bike For Beginners?

For beginners, you could better opt for the Suzuki GSX 250 R rather than the GSX-R 600. A 250cc bike will allow you humble time to learn all controls before graduating to a more powerful bike like the 600cc. You can commit all riding mistakes in the book, but unlike the GXS-R 600, the 250cc machine will forgive you.

You may belittle the bike because of its mere 25 horsepower engine, but it is the best feat for you to learn the basics of bike control with fewer chances of bringing harm to yourself. This small motorbike will prepare you well for how you will handle high-power bikes.

Apart from the Suzuki GSX 250 R, there are other bikes perfect for beginners. Here below, I will highlight their features, and they will guide you in selecting the one that will suit your needs.

1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

It is common for new riders to apply brakes often due to panicking. If the bike you are learning with doesn’t have an anti-locking braking system, the brakes will lock, and the bike will skid, causing harm. However, if your learning bike is equipped with ABS, you will avoid the situation of tire and brake locking due to the over-application of brakes.

2. Seat Height 

When learning to ride a motorbike, the machine you are using will afford you the best comfort possible. One area that is supposed to provide that comfort is the seat. The seat height of your riding machine should be a desirable size to let your feet touch down without difficulty. It should neither be too tall or too small.

3. Handlebar Height

Just like the seat height, the handlebar height should be in a position to offer you comfort for easy control of the bike. Handlebars should be appropriately positioned to provide a better posture that will not fatigue your body. Generally, your body needs to be comfortable when riding. A relaxed and unfatigued body translates to an alert mind while riding.

4. Windscreen/Fairing

New riders will find comfort in the protection that a windscreen or fairing offers them. This screen positioned in front of the motorcycle will protect you from the force of approaching wind. Without the luxury of this windscreen, you will be compelled to lean forward to disperse wind, a process that will fatigue you and lead to loss of concentration. The other advantage of learning to ride on a motorbike with a windscreen is that, just like in a car, it will protect you against minor bugs and small frying rocks when you are riding. All in all, it will play a significant role in keeping you calm and invigorated as you embark on your learning.

The Takeaway

It could be your desire to ride the Suzuki GSX-R 600 but you have never handled a motorbike before. The logical approach to your craving is to go for a less powerful bike such as the Suzuki GSX 250 R before graduating gradually to your desired 600cc motorbike.

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