Is Timberland Snow Boots Good For Hiking?

Yes. Timberlands snow boots are good for hiking. The boots have all features found in leading hiking footwear. First of all, all timberland snow boots are waterproof and properly insulated to protect the hiker’s feet. Another aspect that endears these boots to hikers is their versatility. They double as hiking boots and also as casual wear that you can walk within the streets. Additionally, the boots are comfy and supportive. When hiking, the ankles are supported by boots, hence optimal stability.

Are Timberland Snow Boots Waterproof?

Timberland boots are designed and produced using waterproof quality materials. The technology employed in engineering the boots ensures water is kept out of the boot but allows out moisture from the inside.

Reasons Why Timberland Snow Boots Are Good For Hiking

Reasons Why Timberland Snow Boots Are Good For Hiking

Having established that timberland snow boots are ideal for hiking, let’s now discuss why they rank amongst the best boots for hiking.

1. The Boots Are Waterproof

 All timberland snow boots are waterproof. Their uppers are crafted from tanned leather that has high water resistance. The leather gets coated at the factory to enhance its waterproof abilities. The tongue is expertly fixed to the boots’ sides with the precision that resists water leakage if you step into shallow waters. Lastly, the bonding of the sole and upper is awesome. 

a. Traction

Most Timberland outsoles are incorporated with Vibram to maximize traction. The sole is molded from tough rubber that not only guarantees traction but also enhances durability. The rubber used to make the outsole is often gotten from recycled car tires., hence the extended durability.

2. Shock Absorption

No boots can conquer rugged hiking terrains without maximum impact dispersing abilities. The Timberland snow boot’s rubber sole exhibits natural springiness that combines well with the inner materials to provide unrivaled shock absorption that provides confidence as you tackle challenging terrains of your hike. 

3. Breathability

Breathability is an area where Timberland snow boots play magic. The leather is treated with chemicals that enhance waterproof abilities, yet the boot remains breathable. It is amazing how the chemicals resist water from getting in but allow water vapor to escape from inside.

4. Insulation

The Timberland snow boots are well insulated to protect you from the cold. The act of insulation starts with the leather used to craft the boots. Wearing the boots with an ideal pair of socks provides sufficient insulation to your feet. However, many Timberland snow boots come with added insulation. But naturally, the PrimaLoft Eco and PrimaLoft Down technologies used to craft the footwear offers a warm snug whenever you are out there in the cold.

5. Application

Bearing in mind that Timberland snow boots are breathable, waterproof, supportive, and insulated, they are ideal for hiking in cold weather, especially during the winter season. Additionally, the outsole offers superior traction and better grip in deep snow and icy water without compromising breathability and waterproofing capabilities. 

Outstanding Timberland Snow Boots For Hiking

Discussed below are some of the best snow boots for hiking from Timberland;

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1. Timberland Men’s Euro Rock Hiker Boots

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The Timberland Euro Rock Hiker boot’s upper is crafted from top-quality leather that can resist water from reaching your feet, yet it allows water vapors to escape from the boot, leaving your feet cool and dry.

The anti-fatigue feature in the boot disperses all impacts encountered on the trails and offers support to the foot, ensuring unquestionable comfort. In addition, the footwear features a padded collar which ensures that the ankle gets a sensational feel and support.

Features Of The Timberland Men’s Euro Rock Hiker Boots

1. Premium Full-Grain Leather Upper

The leather upper offers abrasion resistance, comfort, durability, and enhanced performance. The upper offers superior breathability to your feet, guaranteeing that they are dry as you focus on the hiking ahead of you.

2. Ortholite EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) 

The Ortholite brings added comfort, cushioning, and warmth guaranteeing the coolness of your feet when hiking.

3. Rubber Outsole And Sensor Flex

The rubber outsole is molded from 42% recycled plastic, enhancing the boot’s traction. Finally, the sensor flex technology offers optimal flexibility and support.


1. Durable rubber sole.

2. Maximum traction.

3. Spacious toe box.

4. Lightweight.

5. The boots are waterproof.

6. Boots are breathable.

7. The boots provide comfort, thanks to the padded collar and tongue.

8. The design of the boots is appealing.


1. Limited breathability.

2. Timberland Men’s Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots 

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Timberland Men’s Flume Waterproof are tough-built boots that withstand harsh conditions posed by challenging trails.

The boots prominently feature 100% waterproof leather with a seam-sealed structure capable of handling snow, puddles, and streams. Men’s Flume comes with superior traction, thanks to the BFSB motion efficiency system that guides your feet even on slippery surfaces.

It is worth noting that the boot’s versatility makes it ideal footwear on and off-trail. 

Features Of Timberland Men’s Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

1. Premium Full-Grain Waterproof Leather

The boots come with breathable and comfortable upper crafted from full-grain waterproof leather that enhances durability. The leather is specially treated to resist water from getting into your feet while permitting breathability.

2. EVA Midsole

The Timberland Men’s Flume boasts a compression-molded EVA midsole that combines with footbeds to offer minimal cushioning and impact dispersion. Hiking becomes a joy when you know that you are backed with a boot capable of dispersing impacts that might end up being detrimental to your body. 

3. Outsole

The boot’s outsole exhibits optimum traction essential for hiking rugged terrains. The traction is enhanced with multi-directional lugs incorporated into the outsole.

Pros Of The Timberland Men’s Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

1. The boots are durable.

2. The boots are waterproof.

3. Excellent breathability.

4. The boots provide comfort, support, and stability.


1. Limited breathability.

The Takeaway

Timberland Snow boots are good hiking boots, but they are inferior to M Select Dry and Gore-Tex technology boots. If you desire to have a short hike, Timberland is your boot, but search for another option if the hike is long.

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