Jogging Pants vs Track Pants ( 10 Differences, Definition & History)

Track pants are a type of comfortable, fitted, sweatpants that are typically made of a heavier material that is less likely to tear or stretch.

Joggers, on the other hand, are a type of loose-fitting pants that are made of cotton. They are often designed to be more comfortable and can be worn to jog in or casually.

Track pants are typically worn for working out, as they offer more coverage and material length to keep the wearer warmer, whereas jogging pants are typically worn for running or jogging.

Jogging pants vs track pants

What are Jogging Pants?

Jogging pants are loose-fitting pants made from light, breathable fabric that can be used for exercise or just for lounging around. They are typically made of cotton, polyester, elastane, or a stretchy synthetic material. On the shorter side, most often Joggers comes with elastic or drawstring waistbands, and often have a zippered pocket on the backside.

What are Track pants ?

Track pants are kind of clothing that have a loose, straight fit and are most often made out of polyester or nylon. They are known for being more affordable than jeans and are often worn by people who want to be comfortable or who are participating in an activity that requires freedom of movement.

The Historic Timeline

In the past, people would either choose a pair of track pants or a pair of jogging pants when they decided to exercise. In recent years, there has been an increase in popularity in “athleisure” clothing which is essentially a blend between athletic wear and streetwear.

The Jogger pants are an American Indian English word. The word jogger is derived from the term “jogging” which is an activity of running or walking at a moderate speed.

The tracksuit, as it is known in American English, is a type of casual clothing that typically includes a jacket with long or short sleeves and matching pants. The tracksuit originated in the 1930s and 1940s as a synthetic replacement for the all-wool British warm-up suit. The first tracksuits were introduced by members of the middle class in Britain to keep from acquiring dirt or grease on their clothes during visits to their country houses.

10 Differences Between Jogging Pants vs Track Pant

  1. The difference between jogging pants and track pants is that the latter are typically made from a thinner, lighter weight material for better breathability.
  2. Track pants are typically made from heavy cotton or a cotton and polyester blend. They are usually tight-fitting, roomy around the waist, and have a zipper fly. Jogging pants, on the other hand, are more likely to be made of a thinner fabric that is stretchy and has elasticized waistbands.
  3. Track pants typically have a zipper fly while joggers only have velcro.
  4. Track pants have an elasticized waistband while joggers do not.
  5. Track pants usually have pockets in them while joggers may not be designed with pockets at all.
  6. Track pants come in different lengths while joggers can come in any length you want them to be.
  7. Track pants are usually tight-fitting around the waist. This helps to keep the pants from being too loose or wide.
  8. Jogging pants are more casual and can be worn in the house. Track pants are more technical and made for athletes.
  9. Jogging pants are thicker than track pants and are more comfortable to wear when it’s cold.
  10. Track pants have a wider waistband to keep them from slipping down. Jogging pants have a narrower waistband to make them more comfortable when you run.


At the end of the day, consumers are free to choose whichever type of pants they prefer, and both types will undoubtedly result in a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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