How Do You Keep Stickers From Peeling Off HydroFlasks?

If you are a fan of HydroFlasks or in the market for one, you are probably a fan of stickers. HydroFlasks have a reputation for their obvious hydrating benefits and portability. Moreover, they have also made a   splash with the stickers used to personalize them. However, to keep stickers from peeling off your HydroFlask, you should ensure that you handwash the bottle, keep it away from rain and sunshine, and cover your stickers. holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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Read on to learn more about stickers on HydroFlasks and how to protect them.

How To Protect Your Stickers Form Falling Off The HydroFlask

How To Protect Stickers Form Falling Off The HydroFlask

If you want to decorate your HydroFlask, you must also learn how to protect your sticker decorations from falling off. Below are several things you need to do to keep them safe from falling off.

1. Never wash your bottle in the dishwasher: If you have a HydroFlask with stickers, you should avoid dishwashing it in a machine and get used to handwashing the bottle. Even if the bottle is dishwasher safe, your stickers may not be. Therefore, they will end up falling off.

2. Protect your HydroFlask from rain and sun: If you use stickers on your HydroFlask instead of vinyl decals, you should keep them away from the sun or rain because they may fade or fall off after some time.

3. Use a food-safe clear epoxy to cover your stickers: It’s essential to use food-safe clear epoxy. Always check if the epoxy is food grade or food safe before using it. Also, avoiding using Mod Podge as the glue is not food safe, although it is an excellent way of affixing stickers.

Can I Get Special Stickers For My HydroFlask?

Since they do not fade, vinyl decals are the best option for your HydroFlask. Moreover, you can make your own using a vinyl cutting machine and completely personalize your decals.

If you desire to avoid the trouble of making your own, numerous small businesses will help you create personalized vinyl decals.

You may decorate your HydroFlask with traditional stickers and decals, but they may fade off from your HydroFlask in case you place it under the sun or it gets rained on. So, in the end, your sticker will become plain white paper.

A sticker with a white background is not as pretty as a transparent background. The transparent ones mean that you print the image in the middle, and the edges around it can be seen through. This way, all you can see is an image and not just some white space. If your HydroFlask stickers have a white background, you may trim their edges.

How Do I Install Stickers On My HydroFlask?

1. Before putting a sticker on your HydroFlask, you should clean it first and ensure it is free of dust, grime, or debris. If you use soap and water, you may leave some soap residue behind, ruining your project. The best cleaner to use is the isopropyl alcohol and rub it on a dry cloth. Then, use a cloth to wipe down your HydroFlask.

2. However, before you do this, ensure that the isopropyl alcohol solution is safe for your HydroFlask by reading the manual that accompanies the flask.

3. After using the solution, wipe your bottle with a paper towel and avoid using cloth because it will only leave fibers on the surface.

4. Peel off the sticker’s back to reveal the adhesive. Place one end of the sticker on the bottle as you slowly work towards the other end. Ensure that you smooth out any air bubble as you stick it.

5. In the case of an air bubble, you can blow a hairdryer on the bubble to remove it and use your fingers to push it out of the edge. 

6. Another option to remove the bubble is to prick it with a tiny pinhole. This should not affect your sticker, but you can use the first method if you don’t feel comfortable doing it.

How To Safely Remove A Sticker From A HydroFlask

Removing a sticker from the HydroFlask is as easy as installing it. 

1. Start at one corner of the end and pull until you remove the entire sticker. If you leave any adhesive behind, you can easily remove it using an adhesive remover. 

2. After removing the adhesive, wash your HydroFlask with isopropyl alcohol on a dry cloth which will remove any residue. You can then wipe the isopropyl alcohol away with a clean paper towel.

Ideas For HydroFlask Stickers

You can show off your creativity with mottos fitting your personality. For example, if you are a fan of fiction, add avatars to the water bottle. It would help if you used stickers highlighting the places you have visited and your accomplishments. This way, they will always remind you of your achievements or experiences. 

Ensure to take your stickers with you wherever you go and show them off to people whenever you take a sip. If you have a small business, you can showcase your brand’s logo on the HydroFlask.

How To Make Stickers Stick Better?

If your stickers are not sticking on the HydroFlask well, identify the issue. For example, maybe you washed your flask in a dishwasher. If that’s not the case and the stickers are just coming off, apply heat to the decal and smooth out all places not adhering. 

You can also use adhesive to make the stickers stick on the bottle. If none of these methods work, remove the stickers and replace them with high-quality ones.

When using heat for your stickers, you should know that temperature affects the reaction when the adhesive is setting. High temperatures speed up this process. That is why stickers applied at high temperatures will have strong adherence than a sticker placed at low temperatures.


Stickers make your HydroFlasks look more appealing. You can also personalize the stickers by using your brand logo or any image that you prefer. If you want your sticker to stay without peeling off, you should avoid washing the HydroFlask in the dishwasher and also keep it away from direct sunlight and rain. You can also apply a food-safe clear epoxy to cover them.

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