Ladies Hiking Pants- Do You Need This While Hiking?

Ladies hiking pants are integral hiking gear to ladies while exploring nature. The pants play a huge role in providing comfort to hiking ladies and facilitating easy movement. A lady’s hiking pants should be made from a quality moisture-wicking and breathable fabric. Primary fabrics favored for good hiking pants are nylon, spandex, polyester, wool, polypropylene, and cotton blends. Good hiking pants for ladies should be durable, UV resistant, and tear-resistant. Additionally, the pants should be roomy to allow base layers during cold seasons.

Do Ladies Need Hiking Pants While Hiking?

Yes. Ladies’ hiking pants are a requirement when on the hiking trails. Hiking pants provide comfort and flexibility to hiking ladies. It will be pointless to engage in an outdoor leisure activity like hiking with no proper gear. If a lady goes hiking without hiking pants, it is obvious that she will not enjoy the activity; hence the goals of the walk will not be achieved. Hiking pants constitute mandatory gear for every serious hiker must-have.

Whether you are a lady or a male hiker, you crave protection while on the trails. Ordinary pants will not offer that protection. Your ordinary pants will absorb moisture emanating from the hiking trails and your sweat, resulting in a chaffed skin and blisters. A worse scenario is when blisters lead to bacterial infections.

Benefits Of Hiking Pants In Ladies

Benefits Of Hiking Pants In Ladies

1. Comfort

A good hiking pant allows for good flexibility and breathability. You will always feel comfortable when hiking with hiking pants since they provide a cool experience. Unlike ordinary paints, your hiking pant will not rub against the skin and cause friction that leads to skin chaffing. More so, the pants are lightweight to allow you to enjoy nature without weight hindrance. Most hiking pants come with a comfortable elastic waistband that allows them to move with your body, hence no movement restriction.

2. Leg Protection

Hiking pants protect your legs from twigs and thorns when hiking off-trail. The breathability of hiking pants ensures that sweat is not trapped inside the fabric, resulting in a cool experience for the hiker’s legs.

If you are hiking during the summer, you have the option of using convertible hiking pants. You can convert your pants into shorts by unzipping the legs to enjoy your hike. When the need arises, zip backs the legs, and you are protected from cold weather.

3. Lightweight

The primary materials used in the production of hiking pants are lightweight. Hiking pants are known to weigh less even than shorts made from cotton. You are assured of embarking on a long hiking adventure with ease in your hiking pants as they provide optimal comfort, thanks to their minimal weight.

4. Quick Drying

The materials used for the construction of hiking pants tend to dry quickly. If you happen to get wet when hiking, the pants will dry within minutes while on your body. Nylon, a commonly used material in the production of top-quality hiking pants, doesn’t absorb water. Thus, hiking pants are ideal for trails leading to a stream crossing or during rainy weather. Otherwise, if the weather is rainy and you are hiking in your favorite Denim Jeans, you will wish you had your hiking pants.

5. Quiet And Cool

Quality hiking pants made of specialized soft nylon don’t make the usual nylon rubbing sound when walking. The quietness of the fabric saves you from the embarrassment of irritating ears of other hikers sharing the trail with you. Additionally, you have an opportunity to view wildlife without alerting them.

6. Pockets 

Numerous hiking pants are synonymous with multiple roomy pockets for the storage of personal effects while hiking. If you wish to carry a map and a camera with you, the pocket provides ample space for storage.

Styles Of Hiking Pants For Ladies

Hiking pants come in two styles, the convertible and standard hiking pants. Each style has its upside and downside.

Comparing Convertible With Standard Hiking Pants

Convertible hiking pants use a zipper to convert to shorts. The zipper detaches 2/3 of the lower leg, allowing you fresh breath when necessary.

On the other hand, non-convertible or standard hiking pants lack the luxury of detaching the legs.

While the convertible pants provide you with an option of exposing your legs to fresh air, their standard counterparts weigh less because they don’t have extra zippers and the extra fabric for covering those detaching zippers.

Buying Tips For Ladies’ Hiking Pants

1. Perfect fit

A perfectly fitting hiking pant gives you the confidence necessary to go out there and enjoy nature. There is no need to purchase a pant that doesn’t fit you. Come on, you are a lady, and ladies always desire to look cute on the hiking trails.

2. Pockets

Ladies will always be ladies. Right? On the hiking trails, they have to be accompanied by ladies ‘ ware. Ensure that the hiking pants you choose come with enough pockets to accommodate your sunscreen cream, chapstick, phone, camera, and all other lady stuff.

3. Breathability

If your hiking area is warm, go for highly breathable hiking pants. Breathable pants provide comfort when it is warm. Alternatively, if you desire to hike in a cold and wet climate, you better choose less breathable pants so that you are protected from the cold.

4. Sun protection

Ideal hiking pants should be UV resistant to protect your skin from harm caused by sun radiations. Ensure that the pants you settle on have UPF ratings.

5. Moisture-Wicking

A hiking pants will be less important if it can’t wick off excessive moisture resulting from your sweating when on the hiking trails. Some trails cross over streams, so chances are your pants will get wet. If the hiking pants can’t repel water and wick off excess moisture, your skin suffers chaffing and blisters due to friction from wet clothes. A chaffed and blistered skin is susceptible to bacterial infection that leads to uncalled-for stress and expenses.


Hiking ladies deserve quality hiking pants that will give them freedom of walking on hiking trails. Their pants must be lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and multiple pocketed to handle the usual lady’s stuff.

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