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LandRider bikes are comfy looking all-around bike, good for commuting to work, or riding down dirt paths, etc. But this bike has automatic shifting!!! Meaning you don’t have to hit any levers or anything, it automatically shifts for you! Using a series of pulleys & weights in its “auto-shift transmission” (basically a rear-derailer that shifts for you. 

Started as a brand with the name “Autobike” and operated for some years, but later opted out of the business, with their invention still available and now sold as the LandRider. The LandRider is an improvement, in much the same way that a Pinto would have been a step-up from a Yugo. It functions marginally better than others. These bikes have better frames and components than what was used on the Autobike, however, they’re also more expensive. The unique shifting system on these bikes operates off centrifugal force.

Land Rider creates bicycles that offer a patented feature called Auto Shift. They market 4 bicycle models: Deluxe Auto Shift, Elite Auto Shift, Hybrid and Comfort Road. The unique Auto Shift feature will automatically shift gears for you, making sure that the user is always on the right gear as well as maximizing your pedaling pace. The hands-free shifting will also allow you to keep your hands on the handle bar, making you use the brake immediately when you need to.

Seems like, LandRider is no more in Amazon these days and we have found some amazing Land Rider Bike Alternatives for Women. Here you go:

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It also features a chair that is ergonomically designed to provide you with the best and most comfortable riding experience minus the back pain. Land Rider bicycle frames are fully adjustable and are made of superior quality materials that will provide you with years of great riding experience.

Make exercising easier and enjoy bicycling again with LandRider bikes. The LandRider uses break-through technology to automatically shift gears for you. You don’t have to worry about taking your eyes away from the road or the scenery; the Land Rider shifts through the seven gears for you using its revolutionary automatic transmission. The derailieur system on the Landrider is driven by a rubber band connecting from a pulley on the back of the derailleur to a modified spoke protector. 

However, this is not for performance biking such as mountain biking or racing. It is quality built, pretty comfortable, and easily maintained. It is a bike with an “automatic transmission” it shifts for you so you don’t have to shift. Since you are not constantly focusing on finding the proper gear, you’ll be able to concentrate on the road and enjoy the experience.

Basically, the whole idea of this innovation is centered and focused on how not spending your whole time looking for the right gear, or looking to see what gear you are in will make you enjoy riding the bike, be safer and do more exercise than other bikes.

Sitting pretty much upright, so that you are more comfortable and safer. Like if you are sitting pretty much upright, most of your weight it on the back wheel, so when you suddenly go uphill or something you are more likely to flip over backwards. You have to be calculative when standing up to pedal especially when going up a hill.

Whether biking in town or off-road, the Land Rider is suited for either terrain because of its innovative shock-absorbing design and extra-wide tires. Designed for your maximum comfort, the LandRider also has suspension seating designed specifically for men and women as well as an upright frame allowing you to look ahead and eliminate back tension.

Land Rider Bike Sizing:

1. Men’s Deluxe 14″ – Up to 5’6″

2. Men’s Deluxe 17″ – 5’7″ to 5’11

3. Men’s Deluxe 22″ – 6’4″ and up

4. Women’s Deluxe 12″ – Up to 5’2″

5. Women’s Deluxe 17″ – 5’10” and up

Landrider Bicyle Features:

1. Auto shift technology, no manual gear shifting

2. A precise breaking system

3. Upright frame

4. Detachable fender

5. Suspension Gel Seating specific to men and women

6. Adjustable Handlebars

7. Multi-terrain tires

8. Front shock-absorbing suspension

9. Accessory kit (optional)

What Is Automatic Transmission On A Bike?

The automatic bike has an automatic transmission that shifts gears automatically according to your speed and terrain, and saving you all of the gear guess-work and thinking.

Sure enough, automatic bicycle transmissions of various kinds have been in development for nearly 50 years, though they’re still quite rare (and often expensive). Mechanically, the main thing needed for a basic automatic bike transmission is a motor or piston that moves the chain between gears in place of the standard lever-operated cable. This is a relatively straightforward engineering problem, but the slightly trickier thing is working out how and when to tell the gears to shift.

That computation requires the use of a tiny, battery-operated computer along with sensors that determine the current gear and the speeds at which wheels, pedals, and sprockets are moving. The computer constantly recalculates the optimal combination of front and rear gears to keep the rider at a consistent pedaling cadence, automatically signaling the gears to shift lower when going uphill or higher when going downhill. Using a controller on the handlebars, riders can, if they want, adjust the gearing to provide a more intense workout or a gentler ride; they can also override the automatic shifting entirely and use it as a power-assisted manual transmission.

Automatic bicycle is different from motorized or electric powered bicycles. The computer constantly recalculates the optimal combination of front and rear gears to keep the rider at a consistent pedaling cadence, automatically signaling the gears to shift lower when going uphill or higher when going downhill.

Adding an automatic transmission to a bicycle seems—in the abstract at least—like a wonderful step forward in user interface. It replaces something awkward with something invisible, which is the way good technology should be. But as numerous manufacturers have seen, cycling enthusiasts aren’t warming to the idea very quickly. Some are put off by the extra weight; some feel it’s not worth the money just to avoid having to move a lever; and some just think automatic transmissions are for wimps. 

In this article, we will review some of the bike’s model and frequently asked questions

LandRider “Auto-Shift” Bicycles 15″ Female

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Enjoy the comfortable, hassle-free ride of our patented 14 speed AutoShift and upright frame design in our high performance LandRider Elite. The 29 pound Elite features an alloy frame, forks and brakes, a gel seat with shock absorbing seat post, skin wall tires and a brushed natural aluminum finish. And included with every Elite is our popular Accessory Kit which includes a water bottle and holder, air pump and holder, a rear safety light and a halogen front headlight. The piece features a silver frame with black and white seat, black plastic rear fender, reflectors and other accessories.

17″ Ladies Deluxe LandRider Auto-Shift Bicycle 

Experience the bike that is revolutionizing the bicycle industry with its patented AutoShift technology that makes cycling a more enjoyable experience. On the trail or road, LandRider’s dual suspension system and 14 speed AutoShift delivers a comfortable, hassle-free ride. The LandRider also features 2-inch all-terrain tires, direct pull linear brakes and a lightweight, platinum finish high-ten steel frame. Three frame sizes for women and four sizes for men.

The perfect bicycle for those who do not want to worry about shifting gears. Comfortable, hassle-free ride. Two inch all terrain tires, excellent for on or off road riding. LanRider bikes offer a patented 14 speed AutoShift system that changes gears for you; a double suspension system and an ergonomic upright seating position that reduces back and shoulder pain.

LandRider Women’s Deluxe Bicycle with the unique and patented AutoShift technology. Bicycle comes complete with an optional accessory kit that includes a front and rear light, tire pump and water bottle.

How Does The AutoShift System Work?

The derailleur changes gears automatically. As the wheel turns and begins to speed up, the two weights on the derailleur spin faster moving the chain to a higher gear. As you slow down or brake, the wheel slows down and the derailleur weights slow down moving the chain to a lower gear.

The LandRider Derailleur is designed to shift automatically and will do so without warning. Sudden unexpected shifts could occur during periods of acceleration which could cause the Pedal to skip forward suddenly. To minimize this problem, avoid rapid acceleration and always ride sitting on the Seat. Do not stand on the pedal. Unexpected shifts under rapid acceleration or while standing could cause you to lose control of the bike.

Although, it is higher-tech versions of a mechanical automatic shift system that has been available in the Autobike and LandRider models since the late-1980s. Critics have said the old mechanical models gave auto shift bicycles a bad name when early versions proved unreliable. 

Due to the technological advancement in the production of bikes, computerized shifting systems have won good reviews. The systems monitor the road speed of the bike and calculate when it’s time to shift to keep a rider’s cadence steady. Their target customers aren’t high-powered Lance Armstrong-types, but mainly casual cyclists who feel overwhelmed by manual shifts. It is a major breakthrough and a great relief for casual bikers who just want biking to get easier and simpler.

The most interesting technology of the bicycle is hidden. A dyno-hub powered by the front wheel provides juice to a small computer chip that automatically shifts between the bike’s three gears. But this innovation is not what makes these bikes potentially revolutionary–various forms of mechanical automatic shifting have been around for years. These bikes might change the way you, your neighbors, maybe even the whole country, think of cycling. And the reason is simple yet powerful: marketing.

The unique shifting system on these bikes operates off centrifugal force. The derailleur has a third jockey wheel attached to a floating disk on the wheel. And there are 3 sliding wheel weights connected via telescoping plungers to this disk.

As the wheel accelerates or slows, the weights spread or contract, the plungers extend or return, and the derailleur shifts the chain down or up the freewheel. Though the drivetrain adds heft (total bike weight of the model, LandRider models are around 30 to 32 pounds) it’s reasonably simple in design and works okay. Shifting is driven by wheel movement and speed so you don’t even have to pedal for shifts to occur. Which means you always start out in a nice low gear.

Whether or not you’ll appreciate the LandRider depends on what you’re looking for in a ride. In my opinion, experienced riders won’t like the weight; and the somewhat clunky and noisy shifts. They also won’t like not being able to select the gear they want to use (the LandRider determines what gear you’re in).

What’s So Tough About Learning How & When To Shift?

Beginners and casual pedallers, however, might appreciate the LandRider’s user friendliness. With modern shifter mechanisms, your hand doesn’t have to leave the bar. It ensures that you drive comfortably and smoothly with adequate concentration.

Many non-bicycle people are not fond of the complexities of external-gear hubs–in particular, the requirement to be moving in order to shift. Stopping in too high a gear to comfortably start up again is a very common challenge.

Many bicycle manufacturers offer bikes with this system. I’ve ridden a few and the shifting is as smooth as the shifting of an automatic vehicle. For those of you who are not familiar with the product, it is a bicycle that shifts automatically through the use of counterweights and centrifugal force and a six cog cassette.

One key dilemma, however, is price. Casual bikers — the targeted customers — are less likely to spend a lot of money on their bicycles and these systems aren’t cheap, at least not yet. 

For those who never quite shift into a lower gear in time for steep hills or who have greased their hands too many times linking up popped chains, manufacturers are offering a system to make cycling simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions that may clear your doubt

1. What Is The AutoMax High/Low Function And How Does It Work?

The AutoMax High/Low Function is like a high/low option on a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). It gives you 7 high and 7 low gears. There are two gear sprockets on the front crank where the pedals are and a high/low shifter on the left hand grip of the handlebar.

2. How Do I Know What Size Frame To Order?

The correct frame size is determined by your inseam measurement. If you don’t know you’re inseam, an easy way to determine the length is to measure the inside leg seam of a full-length pair of pants from the crotch seam to the bottom of the hem.

3. How Many Gears Are Really Necessary?

The general perception is that 21 gears are better than 10 or 15 – and now you can even find bikes with 24 or 28 speeds! The fact is that many of these gears are duplicates. A typical 21 speed bike has 7 gears in the back and 3 in the front to give you 21 in all. The problem is that when you change gears in the front you will usually be in the wrong gear in the back – it’s why people are usually riding in the wrong gear. It’s confusing. With AutoShift and AutoMax, you’ll have 7 high and 7 low gears. A simple twist of the left hand will allow you to select High or Low and AutoShift does the rest! You’ll always be in the right gear!

4. How Does LandRider Compare In Performance To A 21-Speed Bike?

Many customers think it’s faster because you aren’t wasting time shifting. Since AutoShift is always in the correct gear, your pedaling cadence is maximized. In addition, when you stop or slow down, AutoShift automatically comes back to first gear. With a 21 speed, you’ll have to manually shift down and you may not be in the proper gear when you start again or speed up.

5. Where Can I Ride My LandRider?

While LandRider is not a mountain bike meant for aggressive off-road biking, it performs very well on trails. It comes equipped with 2-inch wide all-terrain tires that have a center ridge for low friction road travel and side tread for off-road trails. With the shifting mechanism, riding can be very comfortable and less stressful. You can ride in the neighborhood and on the paved roads.

6. Why Is The LandRider Safer To Ride?

Since you are not constantly focusing on finding the proper gear, you’ll be able to concentrate on the road and enjoy the experience. With hands-free shifting, you can keep both hands on the handlebar at all times and use the brakes faster. Also, LandRider’s unique upright frame design keeps you looking straight ahead and not down at the ground.

7. Is Any Special Maintenance Required For The LandRider?

As with any bicycle, you should have it serviced regularly to prevent damage or unnecessary wear and tear on the bike

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