List Of Big Wheeled Bikes (Benefits Of Big Wheeled Bikes)

Big wheeled bikes are becoming more popular. Their primary benefit is that they can travel over diverse terrain from mud, snow, and sand better than the regular wheeled bikes. The high tires provide the rider with an extra grip and traction, and because they have low tire pressure, you will be able to pedal over terrains that can make a convention-wheeled bike sink. Due to the extra wheel contact with the ground, the rider can roll over hurdles such as roots and rocks more stably. Most common big-wheeled bikes include Surly- Ice Cream Truck, Mongoose- Dolomite, Canyon- The Dude, and Co-op Cycles- DRT 4.1.

Surly- Ice Cream Truck Bike

Surly-Ice Cream Truck is an impressive bike with strong climbing ability. This big-wheeled bike is handled like a trail bike and corners well under any heavy bike packing load. The bike can roll over most minor obstacles, including rocks, roots, and branches. Ice-Cream Track is resilient and can handle 2 to 3-foot drops under professional testing. Its Hydraulic Tektro disc brakes provide enough stopping power.

Advantages of the Surly- Ice Cream Truck Bike

The bike is heavy; therefore, a weight loss regimen is essential for big wheels or snow racing.


The rear through-axle is somehow clunky. 

Mongoose- Dolomite Bike

Mongoose is a very recognized brand in the bicycle industry and has been developing bikes for some time now. The Mongoose – Dolomite is quite affordable, especially for people who cannot buy other brands. Its steel frame has a comfortable geometry, and it comes with a cushioned saddle that provides comfort for the rider. Hence, the frame is a lightweight steel alloy suitable for commuting and exercising on snow and mud grounds. Even without expertise in mechanics, assembling the Dolomite is pretty straightforward.


1. Suitable for commuting through snow, ice, and mud

2. Budget-friendly

3. Easy to create a customized ride as there are numerous replacing parts


1. The weight of the bike’s wheels and tires may be disappointing for riders

2. The bike doe not come with grease, which leaves it up to the buyer to disassemble it and lubricate all the hums and bottom bracket. Hence presenting a challenge, especially to new riders.

Canyon- The Dude Bike

The Dude is a perfect bike for an expedition through sand and snow. It is a fast ride on the local singletrack and a laid-back cruise in the wood. Whatever you want to do with it, it will deliver. The bike is an ideal partner to explore backyard trails and foreign frontiers too. No matter the road conditions, The Dude will be your perfect companion.

Moreover, it has internal routing to keep your cables safe and out for the way. When cleaning the bike, you will enjoy how easy it is. Its carbon frame has clearance for wide 3.8″ types.

If you are fond of past Canyon- The Dude big-wheeled bikes, you will love how comfortable this one feels right from the start. Although there are numerous customizable options to get your perfect fit, you will feel pretty pleased the minute you hop on it.

The Dude is built to cater to riders who love taking chances and experiencing different terrains; even though the bike is suitable for summer rides instead of winter rides, there is still so much you can do with it. The Dude bike has a solid frame and is expected to hold up for a long time without damage to avoid major accidents and injuries.


1. It’s budget-friendly compared to other bikes in its class

2. The bike Provides a smooth ride

3. It has a soft feel and is very comfortable while riding regardless of the terrain.


1. It’s pretty heavy for some people

Co-op Cycles- DRT 4.1 Bike

 Co-op Cycles – DRT 4.1 has become very popular among riders who want to venture into sandy and snowy environments. During the wet weather, the Co-op Cycles – DRT 4.1 easily rolls through thick mud that other bikes cannot. The bike has 4.8-inch-thick tires and 26″ wheel sizes. This fat bike has no suspension and a rigid aluminum fork. The bike is ideal for off-road biking to places that other bikes cannot explore. The Co-op Cycles – DRT 4.1 is budget-friendly therefore, a fantastic value for money. The good thing is that you don’t have to upgrade any components on the bike after buying it.


1. Versatility- The bike is well suited to explore nature as a two-wheeled ride

2. It is tubeless-ready, meaning that it gets fewer punctures when you use the proper tire sealant.

3. It has a rack ready fork and frame

4. Solid and rigid aluminum frame

Advantages Of Big Wheeled Bikes

1. Big wheeled bikes have some great benefits, which have contributed to their widespread popularity. These bikes are versatile when riding on different terrains. They are easy to go with during winter, even when the roads are pretty rough and snowy. The bikes can also handle mud, sand, and rugged trail well.

2. Another advantage is that they are very comfortable when riding. Even in rough terrains, you will feel like you have the traction of a train and the comfort of a soft mattress. Their soft tires allow them to absorb any bump they come across, leaving the rider with a smooth ride.

3. Big wheeled bikes also increase the rider’s skill capacity when trailing in rough roads. Most people find it hard to handle challenging trails as their bikes can cause injuries and disasters after hitting a single rock. However, with the traction of the big-wheeled tires, a rider can take on a more challenging trail without worrying that a bump will make them lose focus.


Big wheeled tires have become quite popular in the past years. The bikes are a favorite among many because they can handle rough trails and terrains. Bikes such as Surly- Ice Cream Truck, Mongoose- Dolomite, Canyon – The Dude, Co-op Cycles – DRT 4.1 bikes, are easy to use when snow riding. Moreover, they are versatile and can handle all other types of trails easily.

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