Can You Livestream With A GoPro While Riding A Bike? (GoPro Biking Tips)

Most people with a social media account love going live. It’s not an action for influencers, broadcasters, and famous people only but also the general public. Livestreaming is for everyone looking to share their experiences with their friends and loved ones in real-time and fun and collaborative ways. The good news is that GoPro now has these features, and cyclists can now share their cycling activities with their loved ones. GoPro is a compact and top-quality powerhouse that is ready to share your life, and you only need a GoPro app paired with your camera.

Which Is The Best GoPro For Biking (Mountain And Road Bikes)

Which Is The Best GoPro For Biking

There are numerous GoPros in the market; therefore, you may find it challenging to find the best one to buy. If you are a road cyclist or mountain biker, you should have a GoPro with excellent battery life. It should also be easy to mount in numerous places so you can Livestream from anywhere. Moreover, it should shoot in high resolution and at an incredible frame rate. One of the best GoPro for mountain biking is the Hero10 Black.

If you want to film some fast-paced biking action, the GoPro Hero10 Black model will do the job perfectly. This camera shoots a 5.3K video at 60fps. If you add the GoPro’s HyperSmooth 4.0, you will have extraordinarily stable and high-resolution footage. Therefore, if you would like smooth footage which you can slow down and not lose the quality, you should consider getting a Hero10.

If you are a road cyclist, the Hero10 Black is also a perfect choice for you as it has pretty impressive image stabilization. Shaking less in videos produces more professional videos. Even for those who do not cycle on bumpy roads, a slight shake can significantly affect the quality of your video.

GoPro Biking Tips To Ensure You Have Excellent Livestream

GoPro Biking Tips

Utilize Different Mounts

Bikers are not limited to the mounts they should use. Plenty of mounts and angles will help achieve excellent biking footage; therefore, there is no need to stick to one mount.

If your goal is to capture a point-of-view shot, you should consider using the head and chest mounts, although handlebar and seat post mount can get you unique angles too. The GoPro can also be put in an angle that allows you to capture how your bike parts move. Mixing up your shots makes the overall cycle video a bit more interesting.

Using a tripod on the ground is great for mountain bikers and helps to catch fascinating footage. This gives you a chance to zip past your GoPro while capturing the journey from a distanced perspective.

When Using The Chest Mount, Fix The GoPro Upside Down

Chest mounting is excellent for getting a classic point of view angle as the handlebars frame the picture. You must be careful because even with tight securing, your GoPro may flop downwards.

To solve this, you should mount the GoPro upside down so that it can fight against gravity, and you will not keep adjusting it after each bump. Remember to change the orientation in settings before you start your ride, or you can flip it after you edit the video.

Enjoy Biking With Your Friends

It’s always safe to bike with your friends, especially if you will be biking in tricky places. The problematic areas are good as you get more filming options. Therefore, if that is what you want to achieve you should consider doing it with your friends. With friends, you can take turns to film and capture footage from various angles.

You can get your friend to wear the chest mount on his back. Cycling in front of you so you can get good footage of you cycling towards your GoPro. Taking such shots will make your videos and Livestream quite impressive and professional.

Use Accessories To Stabilize

Every rider wants their footage to look smooth and stable, especially when cycling on bumpy roads. However, if you have the right accessories, you can get smooth videos even on uneven trails. One of the best accessories that can help you stabilize includes the GoPro Karma grip.

Capture Aerial Shots

You can add variety to your biking videos by using drones. Tricky routes require you to have both hands on the handlebars, and you may lack time to worry about angling the GoPro properly. Therefore, you can send your GoPro up to the sky using a trusty karma drone to get incredible footage without much effort. The good thing about using a drone is that it will follow you as you keep the camera locked on you while biking over mountainous trails.

Always Carry A Duct Tape

You should always have duct tape with you during your adventures, even if you have plenty of mounts to try out. Sometimes you may forget your GoPro screws or need to attach the GoPro somewhere without the mount. Therefore, you will need duct tape to solve such problems. Duct tape will stick your GoPro to almost anything, and it can even be used together with the other GoPro mounts to dampen the vibrations while reducing shake.

Utilize Sun Filters

Most people cycle when the sun is out and shining bright. Sunny weather makes for a perfect bicycle ride, although the glaringly bright light may interfere with your Livestream quality. You can use sun filters to prevent the glare from ruining your footage.

Utilize Waterproof Housing

Cyclists who don’t have a GoPro Hero5, Hero6, or Hero7, need waterproof housing to protect their GoPro. Even if you are cycling on sunny days, mountain bike trails can have mud and water splashes, and the last thing you want is to break your GoPro. Waterproof cases are excellent for mountain bike training.


GoPro is perfect for live streaming and taking incredible shots and videos. Most adrenaline fanatics have a GoPro camera with them at all times to ensure that they can share their experiences with others. Therefore, if you are a frequent cyclist, you should consider buying one as it will come in handy when you want to go live.

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