Meijer Fishing License – The Guide To Get It Online

You can purchase your Meijer fishing license online through a licensed agent.  Please provide all the necessary documentation, download the PDF form license, and carry it on your mobile device or print it out. Everyone aged 17 and older must have a license while fishing in public waters in Michigan. Residents and non-residents can buy an annual, 72-hour, or 24-hour fishing license to grant them access to available fishing opportunities.

A fishing license (US), fishing license (UK), or fishing permit is a regulatory or legal mechanism to control fishing. Licensing is one mechanism of fisheries management required for either commercial or recreational fishing.

Michigan is all about serious game fishing on the borders of four of the five Great Lakes. You will have more than 11,000 seabeds, 3,000 rivers, and one of the longest known water coastline across the country – a nationwide tradition for families from Detroit to Mackinaw City. Highlighted below are some tips on how to obtain a Michigan fishing permit before you leave! 

Who Needs A Fishing License In Michigan?

Every angler over 17 must purchase a fishing license, whether on your own or a fishing charter. You’ve got to apply for separate permits, depending on whether you’re from Michigan or not. Anybody who resides in MI for six months or more is a resident. It is proven by your driver’s license issued by the state or social security identification number.

If you are looking forward to exploring fishing opportunities around the Gigantic Lakes or the smaller lakes and other numerous rivers that constituted Michigan’s productive waterways – one license fits all. When you buy a fishing license in Michigan, it gives you the right and the backing of the law to carry out fishing activities on any of the freshwaters in the state.

Michigan Fishing License Exceptions: 

1. Children aged 16 and under are not required to have a fishing license to fish in the state of Michigan. 

2. The adult who guides and helps the child without a license can help establish the fishing gear, hook, cast, and obtain a fishing license for other fishing activities. 

3. Michigan residents who are military personnel in active service do not need to have a fishing license if they can prove their military status. 

4. Resident veterans who have been rendered unemployable due to injuries or permanent disabilities can fish without a license. 

5. Non-resident Michigan stationed military personnel can obtain a license at resident prices. 

6. Registered blind people are eligible for senior fees to obtain their license.

Do You Need A Fishing License If I Go With A Friend Who Has One?

If you are fishing with them, then yes. If you are not fishing, then no. The process is the same as any other licensed activity. Being with someone who is licensed to drive does not permit you to drive. Being with someone licensed to carry a weapon does not permit you to do the same.

Some states allow you to fish on charter boats or certain privately owned bodies of water without a license. It is a state-by-state system of regulations, and you would have to check the state (or national if outside of the US) website. Charter boat captains should know the rules for their circumstances, so you can probably rely upon them if they are reputable.

Michigan Fishing License Cost                                                                           

Residents and non-residents of the state of Michigan may purchase 24-hour licenses at the same price. Prices for annual fishing permits are, however, different. 

 24 Hour LicenseAnnual License
Senior resident$10$11

The people residing in the state can benefit from the large discount provided by a yearly license. You can purchase a pass every year if you are a senior citizen living in Michigan for only $1 more than your 1-day license. The annual permit is still cheaper than a 3-day pass for those between 17 and 65. 

However, you will encounter a massive leap in price from outside the state and pay $76 for your annual license. All non-residents also must purchase a $1 Sportcard for the license when buying the fishing license of their choice. 

When Do Michigan Fishing Licenses Expire?                                                                     

Michigan’s fishing season takes place every year from March 31. But for your license, what does that mean? 

1. For that period, 24-hour licenses shall be valid. You will have the exact time to go fishing as soon as you buy them. You can choose the date you want your license to be valid if you purchase your license before you can and will continue to be valid for 24 hours. 

2. Each license runs until the next year, March 31. 

Can I Get A Lifetime License?                                                                                         

No, this is impossible. Although the national legislature has made several proposals to bring back life-long fishing licenses in Michigan, there is still no way to buy a lifetime permit. 

How To Buy A Michigan Fishing License                                                                                                        

The state of Michigan has made joint efforts to keep the technology up to date. It simply means that you can fish for your fishing license within minutes. Get the following license methods: 

1. Online. Both residents and non-residents have the right to apply for a fishing license online. It has never been easier! Please provide all the necessary documentation, and you can now download the form license in PDF format and save it on your mobile device or print it out to have a handy hard copy.

2. In-person. There are plenty of official fishing licensing stores throughout the state. There is one on your doorstep from bait and tackle shops to Walmart. 

Please ensure that when applying, you provide some evidence of residence and ensure that you have a form of identification and a license when you go fishing. 

What To Do If You Lose Your License

In case of losing your license, the Michigan DNR recommends that you contact their help desk at 517-284-6057. You will know what to do to obtain your permit and immediately get back on the water. 


1. You can buy your fishing license online, by a licensed agent, or at customer service centres in DNR. 

2. Every person aged 17 and over in public waters in Michigan must have a permit for fishing. Residents and non-residents may purchase an annual, 72-hour, or 24-hour fishing permit. 

3. The fishing license year runs from March 1 to March 31 of the next year. 

Fishing Other States With A MI Fishing License

Given the abundance of water available throughout Michigan State, you don’t have to go to another country to fish. But crossing over into Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and even into meaningless Canadian waters is straightforward. Fortunately, Michigan controls those states.


Both Michigan and Indiana residents can fish with only one license in the other’s interstate waters. A two-country agreement allows you to walk freely along the south basin of Lake Michigan and the state-run border and fish if you have a Michigan fishing license issued for your residents. 


You can take advantage of many of Wisconsin and Michigan’s rich and productive waters with the same fishing license. Suppose you fish any of the intrastate waters, including parts of Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. In that case, your fishing license in Michigan in Wisconsin is valid, and a license from Wisconsin in Michigan is valid, whether you are a resident or not! Find out the areas to which this applies. 

You must follow the regulations of each country if you catch a Sturgeon or a Musky. Anyone in Michigan who has a Wisconsin license must report where it has been caught to the county of MI authorities. You will need a WI Sturgeon Tag in advance if you are a Michigan-licensed angler in Wisconsin. Whilst MI residents will be able to pay $20; you will not have to pay $50 from Wisconsin and Michigan. 

Common Questions About MI Licenses

1. Can You Buy A Fishing License In Michigan Right Now?

Today for the season, starting April 1, new license sales start. The annual Michigan fishing license will be valid for the following year from March 1 of a given year to March 31. can be used for various licensing options online. 

2. Do I Need A Fishing Tag?

No, not so. You do not have to have a tag to catch protected species such as Sturgeon and Muskie. However, either on DNR or by phone at the 844-345-FISH, you need to report your catch. 

3. Do You Need A Separate License For Ice Fishing?

No. You need an identical freshwater fishing license during the rest of the year for ice fishing in Michigan. You should make sure your complete name, address, or license number is visible on each side if you are using an ice hut. 

4. Can A Non-Resident Get A Senior Discount?

No. Unfortunately, there are no discounts available for non-residents.

5. How Old Do I Need To Be To Get A Senior License?

65. Senior licenses are available for anyone aged 65 and above.

6. Do You Need A License To Fish On Private Property?

It depends. If the water you are fishing is enclosed by your land (such as a private pond), you don’t need a license. However, if it borders your land (such as a river), you do.

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