Merrell Select Dry Boot Review

Merrell M-Select Dry boot is an everyday waterproof outdoor footwear and apparel that keeps you dry. It has a waterproof technology that adds moisture-wicking properties to keep the wearer completely dry. Recommended for everyday use and featured on soft polyester materials, Merrell M-Select Dry outer layer is a waterproof safeguard when it rains and snow while at the same time blocking wind in more extreme situations. 

Water-resistant technologies can be significant in light precipitation, but Merrell M-Select Dry can withstand winter’s meanest storms. 

This article will focus on reviewing the selected models of Merrell M-Select Dry boot below base on real-time experience with my team;

Merrell Zion Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Price on Amazon$104.91 – $252.27

1. 100% Leather; The Zion found a bit hot, especially in the toe box with increased protection but limited ventilation for leather and rubber. 

2. Rubber sole; The Mega grip Vibram Sole provided the best traction, and the soft and flexible EVA moulded sole kept our feet light, as though we only wear running shoes

3. Shaft measures approximately Ankle from the arch; The high cuff lent confidence, even on trails in the Tetons strewn with loose, basketball-size rocks.

4. Boot opening measures approximately 4″ around

M Select DRY impermeable membrane disallows water from entering and lets moisture escape

Waterproof full-grain leather and mesh upper

1. Breathable mesh lining

2. Metal eyelets and webbing loops for secure lacing

3. Excellent grip; The upper was easy to tie to the perfect tightness, and, even when loose, the gusseted tongue kept trail debris out.                                                     

4. Comfortable for all-day use, this boot has real outdoor chops. We even stepping into a light jog while going downhill.

5. Great styling; It’s tough for a hiking boot to look cool, but the Zion manages with its sharp, sneaker-like styling.

Merrell MQM Flex 2 Gore-Tex

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Amazon Price: $140.00 – $160.00

1. Choose the MQM, which stands for “moving quickly through the mountain,” for light, fast and not too demanding missions. Thus the shoes are outstanding as light-duty riders and can even duplicate as trail runners. 

2. Merrell emphasizes comfort in a forgiving mesh top with a big toe box and a secure fit in the arch. It feels like a sneaker. The top was also one of the most attractive tests. Despite the humid and hot conditions, we never felt even slightly warm. 

3. There is no evidence of the fitness and feel of its waterproof capabilities. That is the aim of the Invisible Fit membrane from Gore-Tex, which is connected directly to the top of the boot. It kept our foot dry successfully in the face of a morning slurry, little puddles and tame streams, although the right boat was waterproof for one hour. And you run the risk of water and fog sneaking through the mango-like any low-cut walking shoe. 

4. We had a few unpleasant boots of muck on the trail when we were a bit careless about our foot placement. So if you plan on primarily or exclusively hiking in wet environments, the mid-height model (which also lends more ankle stability for rocky and technical trails) is likely a better fit.

Merrel Chameleon 7 Hiking Shoe

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Price on Amazon: $97.50 – $146.10

The new Chameleon 7 offers unique lightweight walking technology from an advanced mountain concept programme. 25% weight reduction, Chaméleon 7 pushes the limits of protective hiking and re-invents the way they made walking boats, as it did when they introduced it 16 years ago. 

1. 100% Leather

2. Imported

3. Vibram sole

4. Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

It has a removable Kinetic Fit Base contoured insole for balance and flexible support. 

1. Mile after mile, Vibram high-performance rubber soles take on rugged terrain with unmatched durability, stability, and slip resistance.

2. It has unparalleled traction on wet ice and slippery winter surfaces. It is featuring a thermochromatic lug that changes colors to signal icy conditions.

3. The feeling of Cool to the core is the idea behind the air-conditioned wear for adventure. In-air flow and body heat out are allowed by mesh fabrics. 

4. M-Select DRY is waterproof outdoor footwear and clothing to keep you dry every day. This moisture-winding technology uses waterproof footwear and apparel to keep you cool. 

5. M-Select WARM insulation creates reflective micro-spaces that trap your body heat to deliver efficient warmth without the bulk.

6. You can change your sport, but your outerwear will never have to change. GORE-TEX Performance Shell offers comfortable and respiratory waterproof protection for everything you’re doing. 

 7. It will protect you from the weather elements with the proprietary UPF-treated fabrics that shield your skin from harmful UV rays. 

8. M-Select WIND creates a lightweight barrier that is breathable, wind- and water-resistant and offers high mobility for enhanced freedom of movement.

9. M-Select WICK fabrics capture moisture, move it away from your skin, and redistribute it to accelerate the evaporation process and drying time.

10. M-Select GRIP outsoles deliver durable, highly slip-resistant stability on the wet and dry ground over mixed terrain.

Merrell Moab 2 Mid GTX Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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Experience the comfort of out-of-the-box walking boats. Since its founding, Moab has adorned the feet of almost 20 million people with sustainable leathers, a supportive footboard, and Vibram traction. 


Range: $52.73-$135.00
Weight1 lb 15 oz
SizesDifferent sizes of your choice
MaterialsDura leather and mesh upper, waterproof, Toe Cap and Heel Counter, synthetic leather 
PriceRange: $64.83-$130.00
Weight1 lb 13 oz
Sizes5 – 11 (Half Sizes)
MaterialsDura Leather Waterproof and Mesh Upper, Toe Cap Synthetic Leather and Heel Counter 

1. The boot is perfect for beginners and intermediate hikers. You could consider a heavier boot with a thicker sole if you go on more technical routes and mountain destinations. You feel tough? Then this is your choice. 

2. Given the quality of build, durability, and comfort of the Moab 2 GTX boots, I was amazed at the relatively low price. Some manufacturers are selling similar boots with similar capabilities and durability for upwards of £200 (257 dollars). It won’t be out of place if I say that they are ridiculously inexpensive – you can buy them for as low as £79.99 (about $103 for readers in the US).

3. The upper part of these boots is a suede and mesh combination. They’re lighter than I thought, which is why I was surprised at how light they felt when I first collected a pair of Moab 2s from Ellis Brigham. The upper part of the boot decently supports your knees. Boot snug when the laces are narrow is the ankle padding. 

4. The Vibram rubber sole is a perfect move on the part of Merrell because it is the same material as in the first models and, in my opinion, one of the best walking boat possibilities. The soil is rigid enough to support your feet and prevent feeling lost when you walk. By this, the sole offers the flexibility to give you an almost natural feeling. 

5. There is plenty of space for larger feet in the toe box of Moab 2. My toes do not feel uncomfortable or pinched even when I wear very thick socks. The fitness of the heel is comfortable and pleasant, holding the foot so that I do not lose my will to live. All in all, while walking, the boot allows a lot of flex. 

6. The lacing system consists of four hooks at the top of each boot and a combination of high nylon loops. I’m pretty happy with it, and I know a few people don’t like these types of systems, but I’ve used them for a very long time. The design and design make it easy to pull your boots on and fit well with only a few tugs. 

7. Extra padding and support are available on the Moab 2 GTX Merrell boots. A thick latex-like insert provided to the base, which absorbs much of the experienced shock while walking. I am using my Moab 2 GTX for a walking-speed mix that involves a lot of running or jogging in my boots. It is excellent to coat the soul, and almost like wearing a couple of running trainers or shoes. 

8. My walks and hikes took me to some pretty endless destinations, and I traveled to my Moabs. The piling has proved to be more than adequate in most fields. The padded tongue prevented discomfort when you tightened the laces. 

9. The Merrell Moab 2 boot is not an alternative to cross-country running shoes, but it is a good halfway house for all who want to speed up their walking and training. 

10. As I stated above, the souls of these boots are rubberized, but they don’t wear fast. I now use the axis of the GT, cross country walking, down and up hills, the entire road. I use this axis. As you expect, the souls begin to show a bit of consciousness, but not so close as I would have thought this stage. 

11. In these boots, I average between 20 and 30 miles a week. It might not seem like a big deal for some people, especially hikers. However, I work hard on my boots, but I put it in over average miles a week, and my GTXs still do. 

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